Asia Cup is just the foundation, more to come: Harendra

first_imgBy Saumojyoti S Choudhury(EDS: REPEATING AFTER CORRECTING A WORD IN PARA 3)New Delhi, Nov 6 (PTI) Harendra Singh has a penchant for delivering results whenever entrusted with an assignment and has now set his sights at bigger goals after guiding the Indian womens team to Asia Cup triumph after 13 long years.The chief coach feels that it is just the beginning as the womens team embark on a more difficult journey in 2018, which includes Commonwealth Games in Australia as well as Asian Games in Indonesia apart from the big-ticket World Cup in England. Harendra already has his targets in place.”The Asia Cup is just the foundation, we have to achieve much more. The year 2018 is very crucial for Indian womens hockey. We have three important tournaments — Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the World Cup and I expect minimum 2 medals out of these three tournaments,” Harendra told PTI during an exclusive interaction.By his own admission, he had barely watched womens hockey, leave aside coaching a side, but the Asia Cup title after a hiatus of 13 years in Kakamigahara, Japan yesterday made him believe that “nothing is impossible” in the world of sport.”I dont remember whether I had followed womens hockey closely before the Hockey World League (HWL) Semifinals in Johannesburg earlier this year,” Harendra was candid in his confession.But for someone who has been associated with national teams over the years, Harendra was confident that he could deliver in womens hockey too.”I knew I can deliver in womens hockey also. I can make a significant contribution for the Indian womens team,” he said.advertisementKnown to be an astute tactician, Harendra had also coached the Indian junior mens hockey team to World Cup gold in Lucknow, last year.”For a coach, every tournament is important. The Junior World Cup win and the Asia Cup title with the girls are completely different,” Harendra did not want to compare the two victories.But he did put things into perspective.”I had three years to prepare the junior mens team while I prepared the girls in just 23-24 days. So the satisfaction of both the wins are different. (But) I am never satisfied.”Harendra has always been an obsessive coach, always hungry for results.The hunger, though, can be gauged from the fact that he never got the opportunity to represent India at the Olympics.And whether it is in charge of his employer Air India or any other national team, Harendra is never satisfied and always wants to return with a podium finish.”Any medal would do. The colour of the medal, though, will be decided by the girls. Nothing is impossible,” Harendra replied, when asked about chances of medals in three marquee events next year.Prior to becoming the continental champions by beating China 5-4 in the shoot-out yesterday, India had already sneaked through to the World Cup by finishing 8th at the HWL Semifinals in Johannesburg, earlier this year.But Harendra said having qualified for the World Cup on merit, the girls can now hold their heads high.”Since taking over, I just focussed on team bonding and worked on developing their confidence. They have worked towards that and also showed the world that they dont need favours from others. They can earn their World Cup berth on merit,” he signed off. PTI SSC KHS SSClast_img read more


first_imgThe PlyWood Trail Committee will host three community meetings on Monday and Tuesday to explain the project to area residents.The first presentation takes place Monday at 5pm in the Willow Creek Golf Course Banquet Hall in Le Mars.That’s followed by a meeting at 7 p.m. at the Hinton Community Center.Then on Tuesday a meeting on the proposed recreational trail will take place at the Kissinger Community Center in Merrill.That meeting takes place at 6 p.m. Tuesday.last_img

Warby Parker Debuts Fresh Styles For Fall

first_img To Find Beauty In Yosemite, Just Whip Out Your (Honda) Passport How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt Why Fresh Hops Are Essentially the Magic Sauce of Craft Beer Eyewear has become so hip you’ll want frames even if you don’t have sight issues. We especially love the new styles we see emerging from Warby Parker. Its Fall 2014 collection features nine new shapes, three styles in crystal and two new hues (Striped Pacific and Petal Tortoise). The design staff also updated three hardworking acetate frames with titanium temples.The result—a look you can call your own at a price that won’t make you cringe. All the frames are available for $95. At that price, you can build an eyeglass wardrobe to match your mood and the clothes you’ve got hanging in your closet.As you know, The Manual is a big fan of Warby Parker. Here’s a little reminder why:They let you try on frames at home for free. It works like this:Select five frames you’d like to try on. The company will ship them to you for free.You have five days to try them on and get reactions from friends.Send the samples back – return shipping is free.Purchase the ones you want at and they’ll ship them out.We also have deep appreciation for companies who make it a priority to “pay it forward.” Warby Parker has a buy one give one philosophy. For every pair you buy, they’ll donate a pair to someone in need. So far they’ve given away more than a million pairs of glasses. Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts center_img 1. Warby Parker 2. Warby Parker 3. Warby Parker 4. Warby Parker 5. Warby Parker The New Land Rover Defender Is Just as Glorious as We Expected Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

The Cheapskate’s Guide to Buying Awesome Outdoor Gear

first_imgCraigstlist Automation via IFTTTLog onto Craigslist on any given day, and there’s an astronomically low chance that you’ll find the item you’re looking for in decent condition. It’s not that there isn’t good stuff on craigslist –there’s lots of it, actually– it’s just that there are so many goddamn people on craigslist at any given moment that you rarely spot the good stuff before somebody else snags it up.But not to worry. I’ve got a super secret technique for keeping an eye out on Craigslist. Basically, you use the web automation service IFTTT to set up an array of keyword-specific triggers. Then, if somebody creates a new listing that contains your keyphrase (“osprey backpack” for example), you’ll get an alert on your phone immediately, and will be able to contact the seller before anyone else does.I won’t get too in-depth on how to set everything up (because IFTTT is ridiculously easy to figure out) but I will offer some expert advice: While creating your IFTTT recipes, try to make your keywords as specific as possible. If you leave them too broad (like “boots” or “backpack”), then you’ll get a gazillion alerts throughout the day and wont be able to keep up. If you want to cast a wider net, make multiple recipes — each with its own very specific set of keywords.*Pro Tip: Learn to haggle. If the ad says OBO, you can almost always get the item for 10 or 20 percent less than the asking price — sometimes even more. A bit of bargaining skill goes a long way. The Lazy Man’s Guide on How to Make Hard Apple Cider Editors’ Recommendations GearTradeThere’s nothing tricky to this one; it’s just one of the best online spots to snag lightly-used gear at huge discounts. It’s not the only site of its kind, but in my expert opinion, it’s the best. The only downside is that people tend to know more about the gear they’re selling here, and there’s no way to haggle with them if the price they set is more than you’re willing to pay. The price you see is the price you get — but luckily the site provides all kinds of search filters, so it’s fairly easy to track down good dealsPro Tip: Pay attention to seller ratings. If somebody has a low score, it’s often because they were deceptive about the condition of the gear they’ve sold in the past. You want to know about every little defect in what you’re buying.Now go! get out and find the gear you need! Spring is just around the corner, and adventure season will soon be upon us! Long Hair for Men: Tips for Growing and Maintaining Your Style How to Drink Absinthe and Live to Tell the Tale Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Porn Looking to get your hands on some high-end outdoor gear, but don’t want to dish out half a paycheck on expensive brand-new stuff? I’ve got your back. As an avid outdoorsman who also happens to be a cheapskate, I’ve developed a pretty great system for getting excellent outdoor gear on the cheap — and i’m here now to share a few of my methods with you. Peep game:REI Used Gear SalesFor those of you who might not know, REI has a very liberal return policy. So long as you’re a member, you can return anything for any reason — and lots of people do. People return all kinds of stuff, and lots of it is barely-used. Instead of just throwing it out, REI saves all this stuff and puts it in storage. After they’ve amassed a big enough stockpile of used gear, they hold these used gear events and sell it all off  — usually for a fraction of what the stuff originally retailed for.Thing is, they don’t advertise these used gear sales — at least not in any obvious place. To find out when and where they’re happening, you need to sign up for REI’s newsletter on their website. Toward the end of each month, they’ll send out an Events Calendar, which you need to open and dig through. If you find a “garage sale” listed on the event cal, mark that mofo on your calendar, and make sure you get there early. And I don’t mean just a few minutes early. Get there like an hour and a half before the doors open and stand in line like its Black Friday. People show up in droves for this thing, and the bins get picked clean after the first half hour or so. If you want the good stuff, you need to be there first.*Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for brands with lifetime warranties. In some cases you can send worn out gear back to the manufacturer and exchange it for a brand new version. NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski on Crashing, Winning, and Creating a Legacy last_img read more

Cane Roads to be Repaired

first_img Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Karl Samuda, says every effort will be made to find the resources to rehabilitate cane roads islandwide.Addressing the 68th annual general meeting of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers’ Association on November 15 at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, the Minister said that to give the farmers in the industry a fair chance, “we have to fix the cane roads”.“So we are going to use, to the best of our ability, the resources to make sure that the roads are repaired,” Mr. Samuda said.He urged the management of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers’ Association “to encourage people in the areas where we grow cane, not to burn the cane”.“Tell the people: do not burn your sugar cane, and your future. The only people that are being harmed with illicit burning are the people themselves. So, look at your community and realise that anything that leads to the burning of sugar is compromising (your) future, and we cannot have that,” Mr. Samuda said.Meanwhile, the Minister pointed out that the sugar industry is on track to surpass the US$17 million in exports made last year.“From January to August, indications are that we are going to surpass the US$17 million that we exported last year, based on the amount of sugar that we have exported. I am encouraged by the rain that we are getting prior to the reaping of the crop, and I am very encouraged [by] the attendance to the crop itself and how it is being maintained,” he said.The annual general meeting was held to discuss the latest international and local developments that impact the industry. Story Highlights Meanwhile, the Minister pointed out that the sugar industry is on track to surpass the US$17 million in exports made last year. Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Karl Samuda, says every effort will be made to find the resources to rehabilitate cane roads islandwide. Addressing the 68th annual general meeting of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers’ Association on November 15 at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, the Minister said that to give the farmers in the industry a fair chance, “we have to fix the cane roads”.last_img read more

Our urban ethos and pathos

first_imgIndians as a people never opt for revolution, not even close. Revolutions come to Indians, silently, perhaps even creep up our sleeves and most times, only incrementally. Anything good or bad does not hit us in the face. Telecom changed with mobile tech and universalised communication, private couriers transformed parcel services, Paytms and their brethren changed the transfer of money, electronic three-wheelers are driving the way we transport ourselves. The big brother, ie., the government, only wakes up when these revolutions have already happened. And they happened because: Necessity is the mother of invention – the guiding force of human being’s quest for fulfilment. The private businessman caters to people’s needs faster than the establishment who then wants to make policies to regulate what the market has set in motion. The fragile electronic three-wheeler, as per records, is only about 70,000 vehicles but in truth, numbers over some lakhs. We now await the most needed revolution in the way our urbanisation will be driven and managed with the human being and all things living as its central focus. It has been a long wait indeed. When will it happen? Also Read – A special kind of bondAs a loyal and loving, country-born Indian, just close your eyes and think of any one city of your dreams, where the environment is clean, water is pure, all civic amenities are available, there are good schools, good healthcare facilities and women are safe and people can pursue their passions into excellence. None! Dear God, forgive me my trespass but really none, is the answer. In 72 years since Independence, we have not really created a heaven on Earth in any city. The most imaginative and creative piece of urban settlement is only Chandigarh and even its clones, Bhubaneshwar and Gandhinagar could not replicate the initial magic of Chandigarh. Gurugram and NOIDA are examples of what not to do but let’s leave that aside. Also Read – Insider threat managementOur urban stories are written in pathos. Cities apart, even our hill stations have only degenerated over time – what with reckless violations of urban envelopes and utter disregard for safety standards. Looks like we do not love ourselves, and the government loves us even less; because development protocols, as they are for construction, design and geography-specific requirements etc., are not implemented by rapacious builders and easily overlooked by regulators. The chaos has been aided and abetted by what can be called the tragedy of the commons. The tragedy of the commons is a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users act according to their self-perceived interest and contrary to the common good. The result – we have either neglect or deficit in urban services and amenities. The apathy of municipal authorities must be given their share of the blame but we as people have to accept our own citizenry’s failure. Recalling ‘Stories from my journey’, Christopher Benninger, the great master architect says tellingly that ‘the human settlements we have lived in, the buildings we have lived in, have moulded and tempered the way we think about space, form and urban structure’. Our buildings and monuments, both of the state and private, will tell our national story for a long time. Why are we so short-sighted that we build only for the short-term and not something that will last centuries to represent the growth of our civilisation? And, we build without respect to geography, ecology or nature; vestiges of which can be seen in devastating floods in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and elsewhere, unsafe constructions in hill stations, over flood plains and water bodies. Are we really insane? Can we get this across to all those who are a part of our urban story-making movement? Just because one generation makes the mistakes and generations after suffer, we cannot continue to be totally regardless of the debts we owe to our successors. Our urban challenges are complex and multi-dimensional. We cannot resolve them in comfortable sequences but have to find answers that converge the challenges. In 1901, only about 12 per cent of our population was in urban areas and by the time of the 2011 Census, it was 34 per cent. At this time, it would be safe to say that it is around 35-36 per cent and increasing by the day. People are relocating for economic, social and educational reasons as well as owing to the limited opportunities in rural India and pervading distress in agriculture. Our cities are not prepared – in fact, they have not been prepared over the last six or so decades. The litany of woes and inaction is long but everybody knows about them. It is one thing that there are deficits in civic infrastructure, in amenities, in housing and socio-cultural spaces but the consequences of these have been devastating to large sections of populations, particularly the migrants and poor of our cities. Disease, pestilence has brought untold miseries in these lives. Cancer, opioids epidemic, seasonal viruses and other health impacting illnesses are a constant feature threatening urban dwellers’ lives, more in poorer segments. Shortened life spans, lower human productivity and hence, lower economic growth, have been the constants in our existence. This totality of challenges makes our urban reformation more complex, making it harder to accept short-term or temporary fixes. We cannot run away from the urgency of bringing solutions to the city challenges. We do know what is to be done. We can even claim to know how things to do can be done. So, let us start with a devolution revolution. For far too long and only for petty political reasons, the mandated empowerment of the local self-governments has not happened. Because it has not happened, there is limited skill in these units and this gets quoted as another reason to not do it. The municipal body has to take the lead in navigating city management. The environmental crisis is upon us and its denial has cost us many lives and many more citizen’s health. We have to focus all our resources on waste and what we can do to manage it. This is literally a mountain-size problem and will need a herculean effort. Even the average population is in denial, occupied as they are with livelihood issues. We are putting out 62 million tonnes of waste in a year and we do not have efficient disposal systems for more than 40 per cent, and that too only in the bigger towns. This quantum is growing at 4 per cent-plus annually. 80 per cent of our cities do not have any disposal mechanism and waste is dumped anywhere and everywhere. Partial efforts involving individual successes are not going to help. At the root of all civic problems, is water and its sources, its accessibility and quality. We somehow adhere to just about minimum standards of potability. We have to touch the highest standards. Merely the cost rationale is not good enough as the health of our people must be accorded the highest consideration of any sensible governance paradigm. Cities are already becoming vulnerable to water shortages and may even have to go without water in the very near future. And, we continue to destroy river systems by not having effluent treatment systems in all riverside cities. The emphasis on cleaning rivers cannot succeed if our towns by the side of our rivers are discharging waste every day into river streams.The reality of our situation demands that fundamental issues have to be addressed substantively. Cellophane patches to cover breaches will not hold any more. While policy structures and financing the infrastructure are important, real investment has to be made in mobilising public awareness and participation in the civic ecosystem. Running marathons for public causes is intermittently healthy but any consistent betterment of our urban environment is a marathon of marathons and this race must start with all of us running for our children’s lives. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Pillay to meet judicial figures

She will also meet representatives of civil society and undertake field visits to the north and east of the country.At the end of her visit, on Saturday 31 August, the High Commissioner is due to hold a news conference in Colombo, her office said in a statement today. (Colombo Gazette) Pillay is scheduled to call on President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and meet government ministers and officials. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, will hold talks with senior judicial figures during her visit to Sri Lanka this month.Her office confirmed today that she will make an official visit to Sri Lanka from 25 to 31 August 2013, at the invitation of the Sri Lankan Government. She will also hold talks with senior judicial figures, members of the National Human Rights Commission and the committee monitoring the National Plan of Action on the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt Reconciliation Commission. read more

PSAC revises its numbers with drop in drilling for 2016

(Stock photo: They’ve updated their forecast for the coming year and it’s not great news for the energy sector.In its first update to the 2016 Canadian Drilling Activity Forecast, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) has revised the forecasted number of wells drilled.Experts now anticipate 4,900 wells will be drilled nationally, that’s a decrease of 250 or a five per cent decline.It’s being based on average natural gas prices of $2.50 CDN/mcf (AECO), crude oil prices of US $38/barrel (WTI) and the Canadian-US exchange rate averaging $0.72.“Factors including oversupply, North American reserves near capacity and low cash flows continue to support the ‘lower for longer’ outlook being echoed around the province and industry. These challenging circumstances are taking their toll on the oilfield services sector just like all other sectors of the energy industry and the effects ripple across all the supporting industries. I’m afraid we are not out of the woods yet.”In Alberta, the prospects are less grim.They now anticipate 2,718 wells will be drilled, down from the 2,733 originally estimated. British Columbia is looking at a four per cent drop, Saskatchewan sits at 1,643 wells, down from 1,789 and Manitoba will see 205 wells, a drop of 75.“The lack of progress on nation-building projects, such as pipelines to tidewater, is counter-productive to Canadian energy resource development. In turn, this is hindering Canadian from being a country that can help other countries in need of oil and gas resources.”“We have the third largest oil reserves in the world, but we have less than four per cent of the global market share. We’re resilient and we’re extremely good at what we do in the energy sector. We’ll come out of this slump, but we’re getting in the way of our own success. not moving forward on infrastructure projects even though we have a solid track record of responsible energy and resource development, is hurting us and areas of the world that would benefit from what we have to share.”The analysis comes on the heels of a National Energy Board report that says crude oil prices are projected to rise to more than US$100 a barrel by 2040. PSAC revises its numbers with drop in drilling for 2016 by Ian Campbell Posted Jan 27, 2016 10:59 am MDT Last Updated Jan 27, 2016 at 11:09 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

British cars becoming even more British SMMT reveals

Much of this success can be attributed to UKTI’s Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO), which was set to bring more foreign investment into the UK automotive sector. Since 2013, AIO has secured or created more than 10,000 jobs, and delivered more than £768 million investment into the UK supply chain.* New report reveals big jump in demand from British vehicle manufacturers for British-made components.Domestic component suppliers saw a 19% rise in sales to British vehicle manufacturers in 2014.Figures represent a turnaround for UK automotive supply chain, and a boost to local companies.Report to be presented to UK automotive sector at SMMT Open Forum on Wednesday.British cars are being made with more British-sourced parts as the UK automotive industry’s renaissance continues apace, new research reveals. Figures from a new Automotive Council report show that domestic component makers sold 19% more products to UK vehicle producers last year than in 2013.The figures are an important step in the right direction for the UK automotive supply base. Currently around one third of the components in a UK-built car are domestically sourced, compared to more than 90% in the mid-1970s. However, vehicle manufacturing in the UK is undergoing rapid growth – British car production has increased by more than 50% since 2009, and this is creating new opportunities for domestic suppliers.The report, Growing the Automotive Supply Chain – The Opportunity Ahead, will be presented this Wednesday, 18 March, at SMMT’s Open Forum event in Leicester – a day where hundreds of automotive companies from across the country come together to discuss business opportunities.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, will tell senior industry executives at Open Forum, “A strong domestic supply chain is critical to the success of the UK automotive sector. We want British suppliers to capitalise on the renaissance in vehicle manufacturing, and these figures show that positive strides are already being made.“The work of the Automotive Council is central to this progress, and will continue to be while many component manufacturers still face issues such as access to finance and lack of incentives to innovate.”Nifco – a plastics supplier to vehicles makers based in Stockton, North East England – was on the brink of closure in 2004. However, the business has since turned around with increased demand and funding support leading to the construction of two new factories in 2012 and 2014.Mike Matthews, Managing Director, Nifco UK Ltd, said, “There is a renewed optimism and confidence in the UK automotive industry and this is reflected in our future projected growth. Our order book is full for the next five years and we have a clear strategy to grow the business into a £75 million company by 2016 and £100 million by 2018. We are moving our offer on, working closer than ever with our customers to develop products that help them to innovate.”The new Luton-built Vauxhall Vivaro van is another example of the recent upturn in local supply. The latest model, which started production last year, contains more than twice the number of British-sourced components at 40% than its predecessor’s 16%. This means an extra £600 million will be spent with British suppliers, allowing local companies to expand – and in some cases it has saved whole factories.Calsonic Kansei Europe is a global supplier of automotive components such as interior mouldings, air conditioning and exhaust systems, employing more than 1,700 employees across four manufacturing locations in the UK. Significant recent investment into expansion at sites in Sunderland and Wales has secured and created 351 jobs.James Davies, CEO and Chairman, Calsonic Kansei Europe, said, “This report confirms what we are all experiencing – the increasing success story of the UK automotive supply chain. Calsonic Kansei’s ability to produce high quality and cutting edge products at a price which is competitive is opening up exciting opportunities to export our product to a global market.” The report also identifies a further £4 billion-per-year opportunity for UK automotive suppliers to expand their business in the coming years. To download the full report, visit to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Poinsettias available until Dec 6

The Student Life and Community Experience annual poinsettia sale has returned for another year.Six-inch potted poinsettias, in either red or white, are available for $8 each and may be ordered online through ExperienceBU, in person in the Student Life Involvement Commons (MCA 204), over the phone at x6321 or by email at deadline for online orders is Monday, Dec. 4. Other orders can be submitted until Wednesday, Dec. 6.Plants will be available for pickup Wednesday, Dec. 13. Delivery to anywhere on campus is also available for an additional $2.All proceeds from the sale support the Rankin Cancer Run.

Buckeye brainteasers 5 questions for Ohio State vs Toledo

Here are five pressing questions regarding No. 15-ranked Ohio State football (1-0) as it prepares for its Week 2 matchup against the Toledo Rockets (1-0), which opened its season with a 58-22 win against New Hampshire of the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision. 1. Four previously-suspended players return for the game against the Toledo. What role will these players have in the game? Ohio State coach Luke Fickell confirmed Tuesday that junior running back Jordan Hall, sophomore defensive back Corey Brown, junior defensive back Travis Howard and redshirt sophomore linebacker Jordan Whiting will be available for Saturday’s game. Expect each of the players to see game action, but don’t expect them to play a significant role in the contest. Not in the first half, anyway. For starters, OSU running backs coach Dick Tressel said Wednesday that sophomore Carlos Hyde will start Saturday’s game. Hyde rushed for 93 yards on 19 carries during the Buckeyes’ 42-0 win against Akron. Redshirt freshman Rod Smith also rushed for 74 yards on 18 carries with one touchdown. Considering all that, Hall might find himself as OSU’s No. 3 running back at the start of this weekend’s game. In attempting to earn his job back, Hall will also be competing with sophomore Jaamal Berry who, according to Tressel, is 100 percent recovered from a hamstring injury and will see an increased role as the weeks pass. Sophomore defensive back Dominic Clarke isn’t likely to relinquish the starting job to Howard, either. “(Clarke) competes everyday,” senior linebacker Andrew Sweat said. “I think he’s a great player. He got an opportunity on Saturday and took advantage of it.” The four previously-suspended players will take the field on Saturday, but it might not be early and it might not be for extended periods of time. Keep in mind that these players are returning from punishments, not injuries. They’ll have to earn their jobs back. 2. Who is Toledo and how do they compare with Akron? Both Toledo and Akron are members of the Mid-American Conference, but that’s about all they have in common. The Rockets are 10-time MAC champions and are expected to be at or near the top of the conference again in 2011. Toledo also returns 22 seniors and is looking to extend its streak of five consecutive seasons with a win against a team from an automatic BCS qualifier conference. Don’t expect this Rockets squad to be awed and intimidated by the sight of a sold-out Ohio Stadium either — members of this team have enjoyed road victories at Michigan in 2008 and at Purdue last season. 3. Which Toledo players could hurt OSU on Saturday? Let’s start with Rockets’ senior running back Adonis Thomas. Thomas rushed for 115 yards and one touchdown on just 15 carries last weekend against New Hampshire. There’s a tendency to roll your eyes when you hear that an FBS player put big numbers up against an FCS team, but he did what you’d expect a talented player to do against less-skilled players. Thomas also rushed for 1,098 yards in 2010 and earned second-team All-MAC honors. He is legitimate talent at running back that could burn the Buckeyes if they don’t give him his due respect. The most dynamic player on Toledo’s roster is junior Eric Page, a dual threat at both wide receiver and kick returner. Page, whose name is already littered throughout Toledo’s football record book, caught more than 1,100 yards in each of his first two seasons with the Rockets while also grabbing 16 touchdown receptions in his 26-game career. As a kick returner, Page has collected 1,389 yards, three touchdowns and averages 28.9 yards per return in his career. The Buckeyes could have their hands full with both Thomas and Page on Saturday. 4. Who is the most important OSU player or coach going into the Toledo game? Luke Fickell. Toledo is a talented team that travels well and, with a trip to play the Miami Hurricanes at Sun Life Stadium on the horizon for the Buckeyes, this weekend’s contest is a classic “look ahead” game. Fickell will need to keep OSU focused its present task — beating a Toledo team that it should beat. The Buckeyes are bigger, faster and stronger than the Rockets. The difference between a blowout win, a tight game or a loss will be how focused Fickell has his team. “We’re definitely nit-picking,” Fickell said at a Tuesday press conference. “We’re definitely going to make sure (our) guys know we’re never satisfied with where we are. We have to find ways to get better.”  5. Will Toledo be the first in-state opponent to beat OSU in 90 years? The Buckeyes’ last lost to an in-state opponent in 1921 when Oberlin College upended OSU, 7-6. Toledo will have a better chance of ending OSU’s unbeaten streak against in-state rivals than Akron did, but by game’s end, it won’t have accomplished the feat. Toledo has the athletes and the experience to make a game of it at the ‘Shoe this weekend, but do not expect an upset win. OSU is still too focused on proving its doubters wrong — one win against Akron won’t change that. Final prediction: Ohio State 49-10 Toledo read more

Over 1000 people show up to antidrugs meeting in Roscrea

first_imgThe attendance accounts for one in every five people in Roscrea and locals told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that they wanted a stronger Garda presence on the streets and more supports for drug rehabilitation. The meeting was told that rising unemployment had exacerbated the problem.The local Superintendent Bob Noonan encouraged people to get in contact with gardaí if they have any information, but told people not to take the law into their own hands.Fine Gael TD Noel Coonan was asked to lobby for extra resources for the town. He said that the restarting of Garda recruitment was a “positive sign”.Read: Hundreds march to garda station in Roscrea over drugs fears Source: Tipp FM 95.3 – 103.9/Twitter Photos from tonight’s meeting in Roscrea #tipperary #roscrea— Tipp FM (@TippFM) July 28, 2014center_img OVER 1,000 PEOPLE showed up last night to a public meeting on the issue of drug dealing in Roscrea.The meeting was the second on the issue in a week, with last week’s meeting featuring a mass protest outside the local Garda station.Locals say that they are concerned at the rising levels of heroin use and dealing in the town.The meeting heard from parents of drug abusers and families of people who have taken their own lives because of drug abuse.last_img read more

Samsung acquires Boxee for 30M smarter TVs coming

first_imgUpdate: 1:58PM: Looks like this has been confirmed, though there has been no official word from Boxee yet.According to multiple reports, Samsung has acquired streaming video company Boxee for $30 million. Sources say the negotiations were airtight and the deal is already completely done. The acquisition will apparently see the 45-person Boxee team working under Samsung’s direct management.Boxee began working on hardware several years ago, after making a popular software-only solution. The first Boxee Box was not a huge hit, but the company gave it another go late last year with the Boxee Cloud DVR. The acquisition price of $30 million might sound high, but the cost of making hardware is astronomical. Boxee is funded somewhere in the neighborhood of $26.5 million already.One major upside of the deal is that Samsung is a hardware behemoth. It makes almost every kind of component, so any future streaming devices from the Boxee team could be made more cheaply. The Boxee TV (later renamed Boxee Cloud DVR) was launched at $99 in late 2012, and was made by D-Link. The online DVR service requires a $10 per month subscription and is only in limited markets. It is unclear what will happen to this service in the wake of the acquisition.Samsung might be interested in the Tel Aviv-based start up largely for its software platform — not hardware. The Korean electronics giant really wants everyone to buy smart TVs, but the software experience has been fairly bad thus far. Loading Boxee software on these devices could be a good strategy.We’ve reached out to Boxee for comment, but it’s doubtful we’ll get anything useful until the deal is officially announced.Update: For what it’s worth, Boxee did get back to use to confirm the acquisition. A full statement will be made later this week.last_img read more

FA to crackdown on Premier League managers

first_imgThe English Football Association has announced that Premier League managers will get verbal warnings, according to Evening Standard.Managers who behave badly on the touchline will be shown yellow and red cards, the FA has revealed.The “pilot project” which builds on the existing rules of conducts in the technical area will apply to majority of football competitions in England including the Premier League, EFL, National League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Checkatrade Trophy.These warnings will also apply for managers as they do for players, any manager who receives four warnings will receive an automatic one-game touchline ban.However, in the Premier League, managers will not be shown cards but will be cautioned verbally.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…But unlike the accumulated cautions for players, there’ll be no reset for managers, so if a manager picks up four warnings, he gets a one-game ban, eight warnings gets him a two-game ban, 12 warnings gets him a three-game ban and so on.The only exception to the rules will be playoff games in the EFL and National League as well as the FA Cup final.The FA have revealed that warnings will be given out for inappropriate language or gestures such as show of dissent, kicking of plastics or water bottles, waving imaginary cards, attempts to influence the referee’s decision and so on.EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey told reporters that the rules haven’t are not new but the idea is to make the disciplinary process clearer.“The whole process is not about creating drama but making sure we improve the behavior of people in the game.” He said.last_img read more

We Need You to Do Something Thats Never Been Done Before

first_imgThe three-day FOLIO: Summit wrapped up in Chicago yesterday. Here are some leftover quotes in our notebooks from keynotes, sessions and chatter in the exhibit hall.“This is, without a doubt, the worst.”—Tony Silber, GM, FOLIO:, on how this recession compares to others”We try to lead with technology, not bleed with technology.”—Scott McCafferty, co-founder, WTWH Media “People actually read Discover; people who get Sci Am put it on their coffee tables to impress their neighbors.”—Henry Donahue, president, Discover Media”If you think you’re in control of the content your users or readers are accessing, you’re fighting a losing battle.”—Scott McCafferty, co-founder, WTWH Media”We don’t have any money. We don’t even have a line item in our budget for digital. We use interns.”—Joan Henderson, publisher, Oklahoma Today”This perhaps seems like old hat, but can we do these things better? Probably, yes.”—Molly Meloy, VP of marketing and business development, CFO Group, on getting back to sales fundamentals“CNBC has been the PR Newswire of the New York Stock Exchange for years.”—Jim Malkin, CEO, Source Media“The Governor’s Suite takes on a whole new meaning in Chicago.”—Dylan Stableford, senior editor, digital, FOLIO:“Our businesses in media have a social, moral and ethical obligation to host that conversation.”—Malkin on the backlash over AIG bonuses”When they find you through organic search—that’s the Holy Grail.”—Bob Carrigan, CEO, IDG“We shouldn’t be talking about church-state anymore. We should be talking about quality content that fills a niche.”—Malkin“There are turf wars—still.”—Howard Roth, eVP, Bonnier, on the sales commission structure governing integrated ad packages“We’re not interested in kids playing Chinese strats learning their first tabs.”—Peter Sprague, Premier Guitar, on maintaining quality circ“Advertisers say to us, ‘We need you to do something that’s never been done before, create advertising that’s never been invented, something that’ll get us in the paper.’”—Jay Lauf, publisher, The Atlanticlast_img read more

State asks for mule deer sightings due to concern about spread of

first_imgMule deer like these in Oregon have been spreading into Alaska over the past few decades. Wildlife experts worry they may be carrying the winter moose tick, which has devastated moose populations in Canada and the Lower 48. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is asking for the public’s help in reporting sightings of mule deer around the Interior. The deer isn’t indigenous to Alaska, but Fish and Game experts believe the species has been slowly spreading into the Interior from the Yukon Territory. The experts are concerned they may be carrying a parasite that could devastate local moose populations.Listen nowFish and Game wants to know about any mule deer sightings around the Interior, because experts are concerned the animals may be carrying the winter moose tick, which if it spreads could decimate the area’s moose population.“It sucks their blood and causes them to lose hair, because they’re very itchy. But it causes especially the young animals a pretty high death rate, especially over winter,” Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen, the state’s wildlife veterinarian, said. “So we don’t want that to infect our moose population because it would have a negative impact on the numbers of moose that we have.”Beckmen said Fish and Game is especially interested in one particular mule deer whose carcass was found earlier this month near the Richardson Highway bridge over the Chena Flood Control Project floodplain east of Fairbanks. The buck was apparently struck by a vehicle, and didn’t show any obvious signs of infection due to the ticks. But Beckmen said that could be because the animal may have died earlier in the winter, before the disease’s symptoms typically show up. So they need to know when the deer died.“It would help us decide whether there’s any risk that it could’ve been infected with winter moose tick, or not,” Beckmen said.The winter moose tick gradually debilitates moose, making it weak and unable to survive winter. The parasite and reduced moose populations in northern-tier states and Canada up to 70 percent, in some areas.(British Columbia provincial government)Beckmen said Fish and Game also wants to hear about any mule deer sightings, to track their movement into Alaska. Wildlife experts say mule deer aren’t indigenous to Alaska, but they say the deer have been sighted here in the Interior every now and then since the 1970s.“In the last 10 or 12 years, there’s been an increase in the number of animals that have been sighted,” Beckmen said.Mule deer are a cousin to the Sitka black-tailed deer, found mainly in the southeast Panhandle, That’s the only deer species that’s historically been considered indigenous to Alaska. Beckmen said the mule deer that’ve been moving into the Interior apparently are coming from the Yukon. And she said that’s worrisome.“Just recently, the government in the Yukon had done a study looking at mule deer that were hunted or hit by vehicles near Whitehorse,” Beckmen said. “And they found that more than half of them were infected with this moose winter tick.”The parasites have been devastating moose population in northern-tier states and Canada – killing up to 70 percent of the populations in Maine, New Hampshire and Minnesota.Beckmen said anyone who spots a mule deer should contact their local Fish and Game office. Phone numbers and online contact addresses are available on the Fish and Game website.last_img read more

Actor writer Rakesh chaturvedi gets all praises after release of Akshay Kumar

first_imgRakesh Chaturvedi in KesariTwitterActor Rakesh Chaturvedi, who had shared screen space with Akshay Kumar in last year’s film PadMan, had reunited with the action hero in Kesari and is getting all praised for his role of one of the Afghan chief.On success of Kesari, he shares, “This time it feels like this Holi should never end. I was having a great hunger for this kind of work and apreciation hehe!!….Now my phone rings all the time either its a message or a phone call everywhere its apreciation and prasing!!….After recieving every phone call i feel so good to talking to everyone….Its so mesmerising to listen their reactions!!….Even now if credit card vendors also calls me it feels like it must be some of my well wisher hahahah!!!!….I was feeling that i have done an important cahracter in a very big and well known movie but I was not aware that people will hate my character so much so that it would be there in every review and newspaper….I have never thought of it but have dreamt about it….Now I have literally understood the meaning of this line that “Dream comes true”….”I had already worked with Akshay Kumar Sir so, there was a comfort zone between us,” Rakesh had earlier said in a statement. Rakesh Chaturvedi, Akshay Kumar in PadManTwitter”Akshay Sir was so truthful and in the skin of his character that I always felt that I was really having a conversation with Ishar Singh instead of Akshay Sir. This made me react to him appropriately. Also, because of my theatre background, (director) Anurag Singh Sir gave me an opportunity to conduct an intense acting workshop for a month with the cast,” he added.Rakesh often does theatre with veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah as well.Apart from acting, he has also written and directed Hindi feature films “Bolo Raam” and “BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom”.last_img read more

Buyer Behavior—Emotional Factors Drive Purchase Decisions

first_img Bank of America First-Time Homebuyer Home Investment Property 2016-04-06 Scott_Morgan in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination Bank of America’s first-ever look at homebuying trends has found that more buyers want a home more than they want an investment in property.According to BOA’s inaugural Homebuyer Insights Report (HIR), released Wednesday, three quarters of first-time homebuyers want to skip buying a starter home in favor of a long-term, single-family homes. That same 75 percent was also motivated by “emotional factors,” meaning more first-time buyers are seeing the purchase of property as homes, not investments and portfolio pieces.However, about two-thirds of first-time buyers said they are also motivated by the financial advantages of owning a home, and 59 percent said they are aware enough of the importance of a downpayment that they are saving specifically for one. Nine of 10  homebuyers consider saving for or paying off a home as important as saving for retirement, the report found.Millennials, however, did say they still expect some help getting that first home. According to the HIR, 66 percent of first-time millennial buyers said they expect some type of help, financial or otherwise, from their parents when buying.Also when it comes to money, good mortgage rates top the list of reasons first-time buyers want to work with a mortgage provider. However, the same percentage of buyers (59) said that trustworthiness was just as important, trumping the wish to work with providers who have buyers’ best interest at heart.Perhaps more surprising is the growing interest in settling into the suburbs. Despite migration trends toward cities and urban-style downtowns, particularly among millennials, over the past few years, the HIR shows that nearly 60 percent of first-time buyers want out of the cities and into the suburbs. And for those buyers, the biggest motivators are cost (82 percent) and the wish to live in a good neighborhood (71 percent).According to the HIR, three-quarters of first-time buyers said they want a single-family home, while 11 percent said they would like to purchase a townhome. A mere 6 percent are interested in condos.“Every day, we talk to clients who are motivated to purchase a home for many reasons, including the pride of ownership and desire to establish roots in a community,” said D. Steve Boland, a consumer lending executive for Bank of America. “Today’s aspiring homebuyers want to be selective and believe they should wait until they can afford to buy a home they’ll live in for years to come. They’re also realistic about the need to save for a down payment.” April 6, 2016 671 Views center_img Buyer Behavior—Emotional Factors Drive Purchase Decisions Sharelast_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Feb 10 2019 1

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Feb 10, 2019 1:35 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email A partial list of winners in top early categories at the 61th annual Grammy Awards.Best alternative music album: “Colours,” BeckBest comedy album: “Equanimity & the Bird Revelation,” Dave ChappelleBest contemporary Christian music performance/song: Lauren Daigle’s “You Say”Best contemporary Christian music album: Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child”Best musical theatre album: “The Band’s Visit”Best gospel album: Tori Kelly’s “Hiding Place”Best world music album: Soweto Gospel Choir’s “Freedom”Best compilation soundtrack for visual media: “The Greatest Showman”Best score soundtrack for visual media: “Black Panther”Best song written for visual media: “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born”___Online: http://www.grammy.comThe Associated Presscenter_img List of early winners in top Grammy Award categorieslast_img read more