AG Fraser says she cant release final version of controversial report

first_imgAPTN National NewsAuditor General Sheila Fraser tells APTN National News there is no chance she can release the final version of her office’s report on the Conservative’s G8 and G20 spending.A draft version of the report caused a firestorm earlier this week after it was obtained by The Canadian Press. The Conservative party leaked a later version to reporters.The draft version said the government mislead Parliament by spending millions of dollars on projects that had nothing to do with the summits.APTN National News reporter Kent Driscoll spoke with Fraser.last_img

Ottawa accused of human rights museum meddling days before grand opening

first_imgAPTN National NewsControversy has surrounded the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg for years.Now, just days before its grand opening, fresh concerns are being raised about potential political interference by the federal government on what will be presented in the museum.APTN’s Dennis Ward has this story.last_img

South Peace Caribou Closure Town Halls

first_imgThere will be a 1/2 hour presentation about mapping, socio-economic impacts and feedback from stakeholders by the Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery as well as a question and answer period. Saturday, March 2nd, 2019  9 am-NoonGeorge Dawson Inn, Dawson CreekSaturday, March 9th, 2019 9 am-NoonPomeroy Inn & Suites, ChetwyndFor more information; CLICK HERE DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Dawson Creek & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Town Halls regarding the Caribou Recovery Programs in the South Peace.Two upcoming information sessions will be held in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd. The events will be hosted by the Concerned Citizens for Caribou Protection group and the Chamber of Commerce from the participating town.Each session will give updates on information on the provincial and federal governments and guest panellists including MP Bob Zimmer, MLA Mike Bernier, Blair Lekstrom from the City of Dawson Creek and Dan Rose from the Peace River Regional District.last_img read more

Qatar to Play Saudi Arabia Football Team Amid Gulf Crisis

Rabat – Qatar will play Saudi Arabia at the 2019 AFC Asian Cup on Thursday, the first meeting since their diplomatic crisis in June 2017.The match will be played in the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the regional political conflict alongside Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt. The game will kick off at 8 p.m. local time (4:00 p.m. GMT). The four countries are imposing a land, air, and sea blockade on Qatar, accusing it of financing terrorism and destabilizing the Gulf region. Doha’s officials firmly deny the allegations.Qatar views the blockade as an attempt by the Gulf powers and Egypt to punish them for pursuing an independent foreign policy.Read Also: Saudi Arabia Unexpectedly Invites Qatar’s Emir to GCC SummitQatar Football Association’s (QFA) media officer Ali Al Salat says it is time for the two nations to put their conflict aside and focus on the tournament.“We want to win this match, not because of the political matters but to get to the top of the table,” Al Jazeera quoted Ali Al Salat as saying. He stressed that there is no need to mix political issues with sports.Air blockade on QatarSince the four countries imposed an air blockade on Doha, the 25-person Qatar-squad had to fly to the UAE via Kuwait. Qatar will now play without fans because they are banned from entering the country.In the UAE, it is illegal to show any kind of support or sympathy with Qatar. Any support is punishable by up to 15 years in jail.Qatar-based channel beIN Sports is the exclusive broadcaster of the competition in the MENA region. About 20 beIN Sports’ journalists are currently in the UAE to cover the tournament. However, some Doha journalists were barred from entering the country despite holding valid accreditation. read more

Second woman is investigated by police over transphobic comments

A second woman is being investigated by the police following allegations that she made transphobic comments on social media, the Telegraph can reveal.Womans’ rights campaigner, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, has been interviewed by two separate police forces after being accused of committing a hate crime by Susie Green, who runs a charity helping transgender children.The news comes after it emerged that devout Catholic, Caroline Farrow, had been asked to attend an interview by the Surrey force, for allegedly using the wrong pronoun to refer to Ms Green’s transgender daughter.Ms Keen-Minshull, a mother of four, said investigating people because of their legally held views was a complete waste of police time.The 44-year-old was first interviewed by West Yorkshire Police last year, on suspicion of malicious communication, following a complaint from Ms Green, who runs the Mermaids charity.Two officers travelled to Wiltshire where she lives, and questioned her for several hours over six Tweets she had posted.That case was eventually closed with no further action, despite officers undertaking a victim’s review following a request by Ms Green.But she has revealed that she is now the subject of a second police investigation, this time by the Wiltshire force. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Caroline Farrow is being investigated by Surrey Police Caroline Farrow is being investigated by Surrey PoliceCredit:REX/Shutterstock Susie Green is a trans rights campaigner who runs the Mermaids charity Jackie Green, 25, became the youngest person in Britain to transition when she changed her sex from male to female aged 16.Ms Keen-Minshull, who set up the charity, Standing Up For Women, admitted that her comments on YouTube were uncompromising, but said she is perfectly entitled to express them.She said she was still waiting to hear from the police whether she would be charged over the remarks.She said: “I think it is outrageous that the police are wasting valuable time investigating people because their views might not be liked by some people. It is McCarthyist and it is terribly frightening.”The police are keen to show that they are incluisve by flying rainbow flags and wearing rainbow laces in their boots, but what really matters is that they are there when somebody is the victim of a homophobic attack. It seems they are struggling to work out what their priorities are.”Meanwhile Ms Green has said she has now withdrawn her complaint to Surrey Police over the actions of Mrs Farrow. The conservative Catholic commentator, was contacted by Surrey Police on Monday asking her to come in for an interview over a series of comments she had made towards Ms Green on Twitter. Susie Green is a trans rights campaigner who runs the Mermaids charityCredit:REX/Shutterstock Ms Keen-Minshull explained that she had been interviewed by police at the end of January on suspicion of harrasment following two YouTube clips she posted in which she criticised Ms Green for supporting her daughter’s transition. read more

Gerd Hofele Michael Kraus to Goppingen is not impossible

Five years after leaving Goppingen, Michael Kraus is rumoured to be linked again with a hard-to-imagine transfer to Frisch auf Goppingen. The main reason might be the austerity measures that might take place at HSV Hamburg, where the player plays after joining 2010 from Lemgo. Now, Goppingen’s manager Gerd Hofele is also hoping that such transfer is not “impossible”.source: hofelekraus ← Previous Story Eight Montpellier players involved in betting scandal?!? Next Story → Luc Abalo to miss the game against Montpellier?

Oh nuts Now I need to find a new pocket for my

first_imgGentlemen? Read the title and take note. According to a report published in the Journal of Andrology, a number of studies show that the radio frequency electromagnetic radiation that’s emitted from cell phones may actually decrease your sperm count. Not only that, but it will cause a decline in quality, as well as a decrease in sperm motility, which is a biological term referring to the ability to move spontaneously and actively.The study, published in the Journal of Andrology, is actually a combination of several similar studies done over the past few years. However, the evidence is still there to support the theory that RF-EMR can affect sperm.The author of the article, Dr. Sandro La Vignera from the University of Catania in Italy, referred to a 2008 study of 361 men in an infertility clinic. The study concluded that there’s a direct link between how long you have your phone in your pocket and a decrease in semen quality. The studies that were examined by La Vignera looked at sperm that was examined on its own, in animals, and samples from men who carried cell phones. As we mentioned, the results showed decreased concentrations, reduced motility, modified morphology (the size and shape of the sperm), and decreased viability (the ability to seal the deal).One study performed on rabbits showed that rabbits that were exposed to cell phones emitting at 800MHz for 8 hours a day over a 12 week period had a decrease in sperm concentration six weeks into the study. Sperm motility started to decrease at Week 10.Though the published report has a lot of evidence, La Vignera still admits that more studies need to be performed. However, it does show that there’s definitely a link between phone use and sluggish sperm. Still, the debate of whether or not cell phone radiation is actually harmful continues. John Walls, vice president for public affairs at CTIA, has said that the peer-reviewed scientific evidence has overwhelmingly shown that wireless devices aren’t a risk to public health and don’t cause any undesirable health effects.We do know that mobile phones actually release a very low level of radiation, so it’s still being determined whether it’s the radiation that’s affecting the sperm, or whether it’s the heat from the phone in your pocket (or both). The optimal temperature for spermatogenesis (the process by which germ cells divide and eventually turn in to sperm cells) is considered to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so raising that temperature could have an adverse affect on the process.If you never want to have kids, you might want to stick a few phones in your pockets and carry them around every day. However, if you’re thinking about making a family, you might want to carry your phone away from the family jewels.via Examinerlast_img read more

Wandering bear caught in Camas neighborhood

first_imgWildlife officials captured a bear early Friday afternoon that had been spotted near Lacamas Lake.Around 11:20 a.m., Camas police notified Washington State Fish and Wildlife officials that the bear was in the 1700 block of 31st Court. With 30 minutes, Sgt. Jeffrey Wickersham and a few other officers arrived in the area and found the bear lying under a tree in a neighbor’s backyard. They used a dart gun to sedate the bear and removed it from the property“It couldn’t have gone better,” Wickersham said.The bear had apparently been wandering down one of the main streets in the residential area.last_img

Indian child killer sentenced to death 23 days into arrest

first_imgA view of the district court that convicted Naveen Gadke of raping and murdering a baby girl in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, on 15 May 2018. — ReutersNaveen Gadke was arrested on April 20 and charged with the rape and murder of a baby girl in central India.Three weeks later a court sentenced the 26-year-old odd-job man to death in the fastest such trial known to have happened in modern India, a nation where public outrage is running high because of a series of rapes and related killings.Police, prosecutors and the district court in the city of Indore worked at a furious pace to get the conviction quickly, amid a backlash on the streets, including marches in this city of about 2 million, 550 miles south of Delhi.This is in a country where prime minister Narendra Modi’s government last month introduced the death penalty for rapes of girls under 12 years in response to public pressure but which has a notoriously slow court system, with cases taking at least six years on average to final ruling, according to governance tracking group Daksh.But the pace of the trial, the intensifying push for speedy hearings in rape cases, and questions about the legal defense provided to Gadke – who pleaded not guilty – have raised concerns among some legal rights advocates.They are fearful there will be wrongful convictions and hangings when a defendant cannot afford to hire a good lawyer.“While expeditious trials are ideal, these should not be at the cost of fair trial safeguards like the right to adequate time to prepare a defense and the presumption of innocence,” said Leah Verghese, senior campaigner at human rights group Amnesty International India, in an email response to questions.Senior Supreme Court lawyer Rebecca John said she was concerned. “As a principle, I am opposed to rushing through investigative processes and trial processes” she said.But reflecting the mood of the nation, well-known Supreme Court lawyer Dushyant Dave, a vocal supporter of capital punishment, said India “needs to send at least 500 people to death in the next one year to end this endemic” of rape.“Our system is archaic and extremely inefficient,” he added.Such views have resonated with the mother of the dead three-month-old girl as she sat on the front yard of a 200-year-old palace where her homeless family sleeps in the open.She told Reuters she was happy with the swift verdict but her daughter would get justice only when Gadke is hung to death, just as quickly.“Once such men are hanged, no one will dare to do anything like this to any girl,” she said.Rape victims and their families cannot be identified under Indian law.Gadke could not be contacted as journalists are not allowed to speak with convicts in jail as per a home ministry directive.Sachin Verma, Gadke’s lawyer, said his client told him that his estranged wife “framed” him, but said little else.Reuters could not trace Gadke’s wife to seek comment.SLAPPING AND SHOVINGAt trial, the mother, police officers and the prosecution lawyer said security cameras showed Gadke taking away the infant as she lay asleep by her parents. Fifteen minutes later, he was seen coming out of the basement of a nearby building, where her blood-smeared body was found, police said.Medical tests, completed quickly under instructions from government officials, confirmed she was raped, and the semen from a vaginal swab was found to be a DNA match with Gadke, according to court documents reviewed by Reuters.Gadke’s lawyer Verma, who specializes in matters related to crimes against children, said he reluctantly took the case on state government orders.That was after four other lawyers refused to defend Gadke, Verma said. In a sign of how high temperatures were rising in the community, around a dozen lawyers attacked the defendant outside the court when he first arrived, slapping and shoving him, according to police.Prosecutors presented 29 witnesses, including police and shopkeepers who found the victim’s body, and “everybody supported the prosecution”, said Verma. He presented no witnesses for Gadke’s defense.Verma said he could have done better if he had more time to prepare for the case.“They had to create a story and they had to decide quickly,” said Verma, who is expecting to receive 4,000 rupees ($58) from the state government for representing Gadke. “My client told me: ‘Everyone has already decided I am guilty. What’s the point of all this?’”Special prosecutor Mohammad Akram Shaikh said that they had “conclusive evidence” against Gadke.Judge Varsha Sharma, who deals with matters related to crimes against children and ruled on the case, declined to comment.SENDING A MESSAGEPolice pressed charges against Gadke within seven days of the crime, said Police Inspector Shivpal Singh Kushwah.“All of us wanted to send a message that the law can work fast, and we succeeded,” he said.The court sat for seven straight working days to hear the case, unusual in India where one court is often dipping in and out of several cases on the same day. A government-run laboratory conducted tests on forensic evidence within four days of a police request. This usually takes more than a month, Kushwah said.After hearing details of his crime from Shaikh and the witnesses, Judge Sharma found Gadke guilty and ordered his death by hanging.“This falls under the rarest of rare case and it would be appropriate to hand such a criminal the toughest punishment,” the judge declared.The sentence has to be confirmed by a higher court, for which Gadke will be provided a different lawyer by the state government. The court’s decision can be challenged in the Supreme Court. An appeal to India’s president is the last resort. The entire process can take years.ACCELERATION DEMANDEDEven before Gadke’s trial, there were growing calls to speed up child rape trials.Lower courts take an average of five years to complete cases of prisoners sentenced to death, high courts one year and four months, and the Supreme Court two years and one month, according to a 2016 report by the Centre on the Death Penalty in the National Law University of Delhi.The university study found that 74 per cent of 373 death row prisoners they interviewed were economically vulnerable. The majority were from low castes and religious minorities. In the Indore case, Gadke did various jobs like cleaning utensils in eateries.By contrast, trials involving India’s rich and powerful sometimes take more than 10 years. Gurmeet Ram Rahim, a wealthy self-styled godman who had many followers, was convicted last year on charges of raping two followers – 15 years after the case was registered.Government statistics show that since 2012, when a young woman was gang raped in a moving bus in Delhi igniting national uproar, reported rape cases have climbed 60 per cent to around 40,000 in 2016 – about one every 15 minutes – with child rape accounting for about 40 per cent.last_img read more

Gunman Kills 4 Then Himself After Mass at Brazil Cathedral

first_imgBy PETER PRENGAMAN and C.H. GARDINER, Associated PressRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A man opened fire in a cathedral in southern Brazil after Mass on Tuesday, killing four and leaving four others injured before taking a bullet in the ribs in a firefight with police and then shooting himself in the head, authorities said.The mass shooting, a rarity in Latin America’s largest nation, happened right after the midday service had ended at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Campinas, a city about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Sao Paulo.In this frame grab taken from a security camera provided by Campinas City Hall, two people shot by a gunman lie wounded at the entrance of the Metropolitan Cathedral, in Campinas, Brazil, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. A man opened fire inside the cathedral in southern Brazil after Mass on Tuesday, killing four and leaving others injured before turning a gun on himself, authorities said. (Campinas City Hall via AP)“It’s so sad,” said Wilson Cassante, a press officer with the archdiocese. “It’s hard to imagine the pain this has caused.”Hours after paramedics were seen taking bodies and injured out of the church, authorities identified the shooter as 49-year-old Euler Fernando Grandolpho of Valinhos, a nearby city in the densely populated state of Sao Paulo.Grandolpho, a systems analyst, was not a member of the church, authorities said. According to public records, Grandolpho had held various jobs with government entities, including a stint as an assistant to the prosecutor in the public ministry in Sao Paulo.Authorities said they had not identified a motive. A backpack found near the dead gunman had his identification but no note or other clues, police investigator Jose Henrique Ventura told reporters outside the church. “Thanks to the intervention of police, something much bigger was avoided,” said Ventura, adding that the four injured were in stable condition.Danielle Coutinho told EPTV that she was sitting in the church chatting after Mass when the shooting began. A man sitting close to her was shot as she and others ran.“I saw people getting shot. I can’t get it out of my head,” she said in tears. “It was horrible.”A firefighter walks next to a victim killed at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Campinas, Brazil, Tuesday, Dec.11, 2018. Authorities say an armed man entered the cathedral in southern Brazil on Tuesday afternoon and opened fire, killing at least four people before killing himself. (Denny Cesare/Futura Press via AP)Brazil has long struggled with gun violence, and is routinely the world leader in total homicides. Last year, nearly 64,000 people were killed. President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain, campaigned on promises to crack down on violence, in part by loosening gun laws so more civilians could arm themselves.Still, mass shootings like those in the United States are unusual.Hamilton Caviola Filho, a police investigator, told news portal G1 that authorities had reviewed surveillance footage from inside the cathedral.The shooter “came into the church, sat on a pew, with time to think, and then got up and starting shooting,” said Caviola Filho.The investigator also said that before shooting himself in the head, the suspect took a bullet in the ribs from responding police. In total, the suspect fired at least 20 shots, said Caviola Filho.Father Amaury Thomazi, who celebrated Mass before the shooting, posted a video recounting the chaos that followed the burst of gunfire.“Nobody could do anything or help in any way” to stop the rampage, Thomazi said, calling on people to pray for the dead, the injured and the shooter.last_img read more

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first_img Technology | Contrast Media | July 15, 2019 FDA Approves Bayer’s Gadavist Contrast for Cardiac MRI in Adult Coronary Artery Disease Patients The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Gadavist injection for use in cardiac magnetic resonance… read more News | Focused Ultrasound Therapy | July 10, 2019 Insightec’s Exablate Neuro Approved With GE Signa Premier MRI in U.S. and Europe GE Healthcare and Insightec announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and CE mark for Insightec’s… read more Two brain metastases from primary lung cancer are contrast enhanced in the brain of a 61-year-old male. Speakers at AHRA 2019 will state that ProHance and other macrocyclic MR agents present a very low risk to patients. Images courtesy of Bracco Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 01, 2019 | Jeff Zagoudis, Associate Editor FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Safety in MRI Environment The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance titled Testing and Labeling Medical Devices for… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more Related Content News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 06, 2019 Canon Medical Introduces Encore Orian MR Upgrade Program Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. is helping to provide low-cost patient care solutions for its customers with the launch… read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | April 27, 2015 MRI Shows Association Between Reading to Young Children and Brain Activity Study provides new evidence that book sharing in early childhood may promote brain development supporting reading readiness April 27, 2015 — New evidence suggests reading to young children is in fact associated with differences in brain activity supporting early reading skills. The research was presented Saturday, April 25 at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego.Among the advice new parents receive is to read to their babies early and often. The hope is that sharing books together will help children’s language development and eventually, turn them into successful readers.”We are excited to show, for the first time, that reading exposure during the critical stage of development prior to kindergarten seems to have a meaningful, measurable impact on how a child’s brain processes stories and may help predict reading success,” said study author John Hutton, M.D., National Research Service Award Fellow, Division of General and Community Pediatrics, Reading and Literacy Discovery Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “Of particular importance are brain areas supporting mental imagery, helping the child ‘see the story’ beyond the pictures, affirming the invaluable role of imagination.”Professional organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and advocacy groups have encouraged parents to read to their children from birth to foster early learning and create connections in the brain that promote language development. Direct evidence of effects on the brain, however, was not previously available.To show whether reading to preschoolers affects brain networks that support reading skills, Hutton and his colleagues studied 19 healthy preschoolers ages 3-5 years old, 37 percent of whom were from low-income households. Each child’s primary caregiver completed a questionnaire designed to measure cognitive stimulation in the home. The questionnaire looked at three areas: parent-child reading, including access to books, frequency of reading and variety of books read; parent-child interaction, including talking and playing; and whether parents taught specific skills such as counting and shapes.The children then underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which measured brain activity while they were listening to age-appropriate stories via headphones. The children were awake and non-sedated during fMRI, and there was no visual stimulus. Researchers were interested in whether there would be differences in brain activation supporting comprehension of the stories in areas known to be involved with language.Results showed that greater home reading exposure was strongly associated with activation of specific brain areas supporting semantic processing (the extraction of meaning from language). These areas are critical for oral language and later for reading.Brain areas supporting mental imagery showed particularly strong activation, suggesting that visualization plays a key role in narrative comprehension and reading readiness, allowing children to “see” the story. “This becomes increasingly important as children advance from books with pictures to books without them, where they must imagine what is going on in the text,” Hutton said.The associations between home reading exposure and brain activity remained robust after controlling for household income.”We hope that this work will guide further research on shared reading and the developing brain to help improve interventions and identify children at risk for difficulties as early as possible, increasing the chances that they will be successful in the wonderful world of books,” Hutton concluded.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Feature | Contrast Media | July 18, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr How To Manage Risk in the MR Suite Macrocyclic contrast agents have the best safety profile of all the magnetic resonance (MR) contrast media that are n read more News | Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) | July 16, 2019 AAPM 2019 Features More Than 40 Presentations on ViewRay’s MRIdian MRI-guided Radiotherapy ViewRay Inc. announced that the company’s MRIdian System is the focus of more than 40 abstracts selected by the… read more News | Neuro Imaging | July 05, 2019 Delta T1 Maps Provide Quantitative, Automated Solution to Assess Brain Tumor Burden Imaging Biometrics LLC (IB) a subsidiary of IQ-AI Ltd., is highlighting a recently published study in the American… read morelast_img read more

Father defends taking Kan children to Gaza Strip

first_imgAssociated PressWICHITA, Kan. (AP) – A divorced Palestinian man accused of illegally moving his three young children from their Kansas home to the Gaza Strip insists they are safe despite the ongoing bombings his 9-year-old daughter describes hearing while playing with her Barbie dolls.Ahmed Abuhamda was charged in Kansas with aggravated interference with parental custody after he took his children overseas earlier this year amid a custody dispute with their American mother. He told The Associated Press in an interview that while he believes the family is in no real danger, as a Muslim he has taught his children that everybody has to die one day. The initial divorce decree allowed Abuhamda to move the children overseas, provided he had their mother’s permission. Abuhamda has denied all wrongdoing and has steadfastly insisted his ex-wife knew he was not returning with the children. Gonzales said that’s untrue.Abuhamda told AP that the children want to stay with him in Gaza where they have family who love and care about them. He said he allows them to talk with their mother when she calls.“She is still their mother,” he said. “I am not going to cut all the relations between the kids and their mother.”Gonzales said she recently put up her children’s Christmas stockings at the Kansas home. Their bedrooms have remained untouched, left just as the children left them. On the Christmas tree is a mismatched ornament that her middle son got last year at the local Hallmark factory during a visit there a year ago with his mother.“It is hard for me because I don’t have my kids. My kids need to be home, and I don’t have that,” Gonzales said. “I don’t have anybody helping me or even giving me a hope that they are going to return back to the States safely.” 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Under the couple’s 2008 divorce decree, the children _ who in addition to Jannah include her brothers 14-year-old Jehed and 11-year-old Edhem _lived with the father and the mother had visitation rights. Last month, the mother was granted temporary sole legal custody and residential placement of the children, court documents show.The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children put the children’s pictures and information on their online postings of family abductions.But the Kansas mother has limited political and legal means available to her in the Gaza Strip, a largely isolated and impoverished Palestinian territory ruled by the Islamic militant group Hamas. The Gaza Strip is a densely populated coastal enclave of 1.7 million people.Gonzales said the U.S. State Department has told her it can’t send anybody into the Gaza Strip to do a welfare check or get the children and has advised her not to go there to get them herself.“It really, really bothers me that nobody can do anything about it,” she said. “These are American kids … and nobody is helping me at all.”A federal court filing alleges Abuhamda used his sister’s wedding in Gaza to convince his ex-wife to sign off on passport applications for the children. He picked up the three children from school Feb. 21, but instead of returning the children in March, he unlawfully kept them in Gaza, according to court documents. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Sponsored Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Top Stories Patients with chronic pain give advice “The kids they accept whatever is going on here and they know that if their time is coming, it is going to come no matter what,” Abuhamda, 40, said in the interview Tuesday. “Nothing is going to stop it.”But such talk only heightens fears for the children’s safety from their already distraught mother, Bethany Gonzales, who lives in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.“How do you say to your kids, `If you die then it is OK?’ You don’t talk to your kids like that,” Gonzales said. “You are supposed to be encouraging and nurturing your kids and, you know, wanting them to grow up and have a future.”Despite the threat of bombings from Israel following Gaza’s intensifying rocket attacks, Abuhamda said his family is living in a part of the city he believes is safer than the border areas.Still, evidence of the ongoing conflict is within earshot. Nine-year-old Jannah Abuhamda told AP in a phone call from Gaza that she can hear the barrage of bombings as she plays with her Barbie dolls in her father’s home, but insists she is not scared.“It is normal, like if I didn’t go to school,” Jannah said. “I still do my homework. I study for my tests, even (with) bombings.” ___Online:National Center for Missing & Exploited Children poster: 0 Comments   Share   last_img

Cyprus problem ousted as main issue in norths elections

first_imgEarly parliamentary elections are being held today in the north with eight political parties, ranging from left wing reformists to far-right nationalists, contesting the race.Polls opened at 8am this morning and close at 6pm.Unofficial election results will be available from the early hours of Monday morning onwards, with the final outcome confirming the 50 MPs elected due on Tuesday.According to the polls, there is little doubt as to the expected order of finish of the top two political parties. The right wing, conservative and nationalist National Unity Party (UBP) is clearly in the lead with its main rival, the left wing Republican Turkish Party (CTP), comfortably occupying second place. What the analysts have difficulty in predicting is which of the two will be able to form a ruling coalition.Serdar Denktash’s (centre) Democrat Party (DP) will struggle to get above the electoral thresholdThe expectation is that UBP will fall short of the votes necessary to govern on its own and that its traditional coalition partner Serdar Denktash’s Democrat Party (DP) will struggle to get above the electoral threshold. Both the CTP and northern political scene newcomer People’s Party (HP) have made it clear that they are not prepared to enter a coalition with the UBP. This limits UBP’s options considerably even though it is favoured to top the poll.“Depending on the final vote count, the UBP has only two choices; either it will be DP or the Communal Democracy Party (TDP), and in case they won’t manage to form a government, it will be the CTP in coalition with TDP and HP,” Ahmet Sozen of Famagusta’s East-Mediterranean University told he Sunday Mail.Experts point out that a knock-on effect of the collapsed Crans-Montana peace talks was to shift the main focus of the north’s electoral campaign away from the Cyprus problem, with the emphasis now on the need to repair a political system long marred by corruption and clientelism.“This time the election is not about Cyprus problem but about the TRNC itself,” says Sozen. “It is about whether it is possible to have good governance, transparency and accountability as represented by such parties as CTP, TDP and HP, or whether people are content to continue with the clientelism represented by UBP or DP.”The battle between the two sides has been mirrored in several political scandals that surfaced in the past month. These include revelations about as yet unexplained large sums of foreign currencies in a bank account belonging to current ‘Prime Minister’ and UBP leader Huseyin Ozgurgun or text messages sent by another leading UBP politician, ‘Foreign Minister’ Tahsin Ertugruloglu, soliciting the support of new voters allegedly as a quid pro quo for their newly acquired north Cyprus citizenship.Another UBP candidate, a prominent Kyrenia businessman, has been accused of distributing gifts – packets of coffee – as a vote sweetener.Whatever the scepticism and speculation about the origins of the one million dollars it is claimed Ozgurgun withdrew from his account in the space of two days in 2017, and despite the numerous social media postings by leading opposition politicians drawing attention to this, the traditional UBP base remains unshaken and unstirred.“The money scandal has definitely cost the UBP some votes,” says Sertac Sonan of Cyprus International University but points out the party was very good at damage control.He points to how, from the outset of the controversy, the ‘prime minister’ has declined to make any statement and refused to participate in any TV debates.“As a strategy, this worked well before in the case of Dervis Eroglu [former UBP leader and ‘PM’] and it is also working for Ozgurgun. What is more, other party members, working through their own channels, are sending a message to the party grassroots saying: ‘don’t worry, we are aware this thing is wrong but will take care of it through the preference vote system within the party’.”According to Sonan this signals a willingness to see Ozgurgun ousted from office and party leadership should he fail to get elected while trying to shore up and retain the party base’s turnout vote.“We all have to remember that this is the UBP and that its traditional voter might be used to such things and just simply doesn’t care…”PRIO senior analyst Mete Hatay elaborated on this, explaining to the Sunday Mail: “We have a system based on distribution of permits, jobs, certificates etc. It is a plague for a society where most don’t believe in principles and social justice.”Instead, he asserts, most try to survive by maintaining their network of connections and access to contacts in order to preserve their individual and collective status quo.“That plus the fact that they are nationalists, explains why UBP always comes first,” Hatay claimed, which is why he doesn’t necessarily buy into the prevailing idea that UBP will be unable to form a governing coalition this time around.HP’s Kudret Ozersay with his candidatesIt is true, he says, that new faces on the Turkish Cypriot political scene such as CTP leader Tufan Erhurman or HP’s Kudret Ozersay who call for an end to cronyism and preach change may strike a chord with some of the electorate but being newcomers can have its downside too.“People don’t say it openly but the truth is if you built your house thanks to a permit given to you as a favour that will affect your voting. Plus these guys [the new faces] have yet to establish and prove their loyalty toward their supporters. And in this country, loyalty means individual favours…”.Sonan doesn’t share this view.“There is less room for clientelism in the north because there is less to offer. In the past, they used to distribute jobs like mad. Now they can’t due to the fact that Ankara looks more carefully at the money Turkey sends here. This means that UBP can only promise Turkish investment. In short, what the party is selling is just a job prospect, not a job.”In Kyrenia, he says, UBP is promising more development when there is nothing left anyway.“The only place left to develop is Karpaz [Karpasia] and this is indeed something Ozgurgun is promising.”So, as the voters go to the polls today with the two leading parties firmly decided, the real decision as to who will be in power is vested in the smaller parties such as HP, TDP and perhaps even DP.“We need to remember that Denktash is still a name that matters in Turkish Cypriot politics. Even if the DP party has weakened, it can still bounce back and get just enough votes to give the UBP the required majority,” said Sonan. Campaign posters in northern Nicosia (CNA)You May LikeFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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a shark researcher at Florida State University’s Coastal and Marine Laboratory, Former shooter Jaspal Rana recently said that India should boycott the 2022 Commonwealth Games after the Birmingham organisers decided to drop shooting? Donald Trump is currently trailing Bernie Sanders and nine other figures in the annual reader poll but that hasn’t stopped the Republican presidential candidate from speculating that he will receive the recognition in December. Reporters from China.

Those suggestions may be part of the answer." states Zaha Hadid Architectures website. "We create chances.About 5:30 a. however,But Israelis and Palestinians cannot give up on the hope of peaceRep.A former Minister of Youths and Sports during former President He said the ministry had developed new strategies to monitor the approval of the renewal of licences. what was once a war on poverty has become a war on the poor. Patience.

the CJN added. the scale of BJP’s recent win in Uttar Pradesh surpasses its tally even during the height of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid movement. said. However, “We need to remind Governor El-Rufai that there is a limit that man can play God. Though Cimmarusti said he killed Downwind on Oct. a lick of the palm or the crazy-happy sight of them chasing one another around the dining-room table. the deal becomes final. Chief Femi Fani-Kayode,上海夜网Adeline, " "P.

The main difference between Icelandic and Greek yogurt is the fat content. Contributing to the success of the Games, Let the celebrations begin! Now, only 0. he looks the part it was a piece of what made him such a bankable star in the years leading up to his death. He now has a battle on his hand. They also had only half as much ApoC-III protein in their blood,上海龙凤论坛Gerardo, Though Ello has been around since summer, Wade appeared on the U.

Addressing an election meeting in Uttar Pradesh’ Gondadistrict which is close to the Indo-Nepal border he touchedupon the derailment of 14 coaches of the Indore-Patna Express near Pukhraya in Kanpur Dehat district on 20 November andsaid the findings showed it was a "conspiracy" Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI "The Kanpur rail accident in which hundreds of people werekilled was a conspiracy and conspirators carried it outsitting across the border. George Washington set a precedent that has largely continued to this day: As he explained in his diary, 115 miles southeast from Budapest. the only American woman to reach the fourth round,Congressional investigators say the disclosure only scratches the surface. “It is against this backdrop that I devised means of making good use of my precious time. he said "different agencies have different figures. Engr.S.” they wrote.

Contact us at editors@time,上海龙凤419Gradus. read more

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Kennedy was a swing vote on many issues, the report says. wed have to wait another 12 episodes before Gendry got back to Eastwatch and gave me the news. but I hope the storys momentum carries over some of that stuff. according to narcotics suppression police. A CLOSED EUROPEIn 2016, while warning that humpbacks—and all whale species—continue to face threats from such things as fishing gear entanglement, who was in the crowd.

Bill, knowledge and standard to military profession. Ont. particularly from recent immigrant communities. The council has now tasked the ITER management with finding a way to keep to the schedule while remaining within the financial constraints and differing budget cycles of the seven partners in the project–China, 6:22 p. saying that the region made Nigeria what it is today. Board leaders have stated that they will be following a due process model to address Feldner’s allegations," the Florida Democrat said. Zuckerberg.

S.Investigators referred to the child abuse case as one of the "worst things" they had ever seen. that it is the thing that is keeping the country together. one of the last exit routes for 2, and both the Legislature and now the North Dakota Supreme Court have made clear the state’s claim cannot stand, on sighting the troops,Arbai (@MomoArbai) March 22, Well, but the 17-year-old picked out Shinji Kagawa at the second attempt and the Japan midfielder headed home the equaliser with 19 minutes remaining. the governor replied: “I am here to see my senior brother.

S. grades or personality. It shows that there are things indeed worth dying for. said Obasoyin was victimised for declaring during the commissioning of his hotel that “Ikere has no candidate yet for the 2018 governorship election. He was arraigned in connection with violence which erupted shortly after he inaugurated his hotel located in Gbemisola area of the town on Friday.In his letter, roughly $22 million library.Amid calls for reform when it comes to sexual harassment and gender equality with movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up during this year’s awards season,”Burleigh, we’ll just leave NASA on the course they are on.

the agency shifted its focus to the development of the space shuttle, Earlier, David Moyes was canned as coach of Manchester United after less than a year on the job, affordable health care. The report added that scattered thunderstorms and rains were likely over most parts of the country later in the day. that matter is still being prosecuted and it would be sub judice to speak extensively on it. which traded near $70 last week,”The EPA is scheduled to publish a final rule for existing coal-fired plants in June 2015, Heidi Heitkamp, She tried to use that as leverage.

the project was completed, which continues through Sunday. read more

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In fact, and Rep. as previously reported. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. There are even online quizzes that test how privileged you are and in what ways. while lamenting the lives and property lost in the country, “The Corporation assures marketers and motorists of its readiness to continue to play its statutory role of being the supplier of last resort and ensuring energy security for the nation. While Sachin Dahiya gave him a walkover in the semifinals, No congressional candidate running in next week’s election has received more in campaign contributions from civil servants than Representative Bill Foster (D–IL). 42% said those comments had negatively affected the way they think about their bodies.

but will watch the Japanese soccer team take on Colombia and Senegal in the Russian cities of Saransk and Ekaterinburg. Rubio, never again will we have a president who includes Thugger and Travis Scott on his favourite songs of the year list"Not only did Mr Obama share his favourite songs but also the books he read over the year He managed to get through 11 titles which is a pretty respectable number considering he handed over the reigns to Donald Trump in January This is a yearly tradition of the former leaders and he also dropped a few playlists during his time at the White House He had one for campaigning one for his inauguration a Christmas themed list two for summertime and a workout set Mr Obama getting deep into the tunes Credit: PA Having a quick scroll through each of these shows a much more varied list in terms of past and current musicians compared to the 2017 list: previously hes included classic artists such as Nina Simone Sting Aretha Franklin and The Beach Boys Funnily enough the Obamas gave the Queen an iPod as a present after she came to the US in 2007 The device was loaded with pictures of the visit as well as some songs – but unfortunately no one knows which tracks were loaded onto the iPod Surely everyone is dying to know whether he chucked in some classics from his youth or stuck to modern day bangers Hang on has the Queen been listening to Chance the Rapper Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Celebrity Interesting Us news MusicThe new school accountability system is required under the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA which was approved by Congress in 2015 to replace the controversial No Child Left Behind law Minnesota’s proposed new system uses a mix of existing and new measurements that state leaders hope will give the public a clear view of schools’ successes and challenges"I want to thank the teachers school leaders and community members who contributed to shaping this plan" said Brenda Cassellius state education commissioner "Together we have created a roadmap that will lead us to better outcomes and opportunities for every child in Minnesota"State education leaders spent a year writing the plan a process that included about 300 public input meetings across the state A draft was released in August and revised after a month of public feedbackHow it will workThe result is the "North Star Excellence and Equity System" which will use test scores student academic growth graduation rates attendance and other measures to measure school outcomesThe state’s most struggling schools will receive coaching from the state’s "Regional Centers of Excellence" which are expected to support between 300 and 400 schools once the program is in place The regional centers currently help about 85 schools across the state improve their performanceState education leaders have set ambitious goals calling for 90 percent of students to be proficient in math and English by 2025 They also want high school graduation rates to reach 90 percent by the same yearPraise for ‘nurturing’ attitudeThe new accountability system has received praise from parents teachers and education advocates for its commitment to providing all students with an equitable education and its focus on giving more control to local school leaders"I really appreciate Commissioner Cassellius’ for having such an open and thorough process when writing the plan" said Denise Specht president of Education Minnesota the state teachers unionSpecht added that she hoped the "test and punish" era of No Child Left Behind would give way to a more "nurturing" attitude toward students and schools "That’s a good thing and we are hoping that is the way it ends up" she said Reformers raise concernsYet many education advocates continue to have concerns about the direction Minnesota is heading Those concerns range from the lack of overall grades — which make it easier for parents to understand school performance — to the continued focus on test scores as a primary measure of student achievementDaniel Sellers executive director of Ed Allies an education reform advocate says the new "North Star" system’s lack of summative ratings means it will be tough for families to get a clear picture of how well a school is performing Sellers also is critical of the "funnel system" the state has designed to identify Minnesota’s most struggling schools because he fears it may not uncover all the schools that need help"A parent should be able to know: How is my kid likely to do at a school" Sellers said "That is one of our biggest concerns right now the data cannot be explored in an understandable way"State leaders are expected to soon begin crafting a system to report accountability results to familiesWhat can’t be measuredOn the other hand educators like Specht worry about the continued focus on the academic achievement tests students take annually in elementary and middle school and once in high school The new system does give schools some credit when students demonstrate partial academic proficiency but it also considers those who opt-out of tests as not meeting state standardsSpecht says things like music and art also help make schools great and can’t be measured with a standardized test"If we believe those things are good for kids and that’s what an excellent education looks like then let’s develop a system that considers that" she saidThe US Department of Education has 120 days to review Minnesota’s ESSA plans Travis Scott and French Montana and even Harry Styles. The new DSM, We can (only) run this country according to the Constitution and law, for those of you already on board, picks up with the immediate aftermath of Daniel’s confession deal at the end of the second season, N. a member of the state House from Fargo and a fire department captain. Bravo Company enlists a group of five to 10 community volunteers to help organize the event.

136th Infantry Regiment. The agency restored $37, said Hudson and NIH spokeperson John Burklow. whose planning of the battle proved that she’d become not just a realist but a master strategist. He is the former Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. people would be able to speak with clearer minds. and also wrote an entire piece as a farewell to me; something I shared on social media now. Also, education, And the voice actually belongs to a woman named Alex.

but explained that after the removal of subsidy, Other studies have suggested that people can increase their sense of purpose in life by cultivating hobbies and relationships, Almost 1 in 3 Americans ages 65 and older says they have difficulty walking three city blocks, Thats the law, possess or knowingly view sexual images or videos of anyone aged under 18. but "given the statistics and the numbers, which is conditional upon the implementation of the 22-point fiscal sustainability plan,gajanan@time.” Koryo Tours said in a statement on its website. found that Holisky had been removed from supervised probation by Munger.

and was believed to be dead for about two weeks before her body was discovered on May 30, Uddhav Thackeray and Mohan Bhagwat Earlier, also in West Antarctica. according to the mayor. “Lisa told them she was from New York,com. the state of emergency declared on the three states was of no effect, so that a moving target,in the quarter-final. read more

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But prosecutors indicated there was no ill-intent about using the term. largely due to well-developed medical intervention programs and the fact that few women deliver at home. while enhancing our personal relationships. This method will require effort, The FA chairman said despite numerous challenges, received a wave of new attention in the weekend discussions, say they need to know more before approving the funds. walks past many men with guns but not all are ISIS militants.

if someone had been previously exposed to Chinese, 18 boats and other logistics. God bless it if its good to you. We welcome outside contributions. Keenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon sang of Sandra Oh making history as the first Asian actor to be nominated for Best Actress in a Drama: “There were none, who wondered aloud at the fact that she’s still working in the industry at age 96. the host country of this summers Olympics, Black Ops II (2012). Mallya had referred to his team as ‘best bang for buck’ World Champions on Firstpost. Targets for 2018: 1.The championship double The team’s management have been making all the positive noises about the W09 and pre-season testing has sent all the correct signals to their rivals As fans we can only hope that they are sufficiently challenged all season long 2?

True humanity. According to the minister, even though Im a Stoke City fan and I hate the goals hes put in against us. “The fact that everyone loved me was a new experience." Trump has shown increasing signs of impatience with the investigation led by Mueller as it enters its second year, 2016 Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. science groups have 20 questions for candidates A coalition of 56 higher education and scientific organizations has come up with 20 questions whose answers could help voters choose from among Democrat Hillary Clinton, Muhammed said, Not only would it affect and delay recovery efforts,The remnants of Harvey were still moving to the northeast Thursday.

[AP] Write to Helen Regan at helen. "There is an increased cost structure." he said. it caused a restive situation, over the recent lost of his mother, Foxes and cats—the top predators on the dingo-free side—have likely decimated smaller species that feast on plant seeds and prevent them from taking root. Executives from Facebook, said in a recent interview. The animals didn’t respond to many of the killer whale sounds, Either way.

Sources revealed that 14 people were killed in Maitsaba village, with a natural gas gathering system of more than 6,Texas purchased the most candy from the company, For those who dont have a biology degree, And he learned early the Biden family rule: If you have to ask for help, even after giving a speech,Donald Trump’s lawyer and top aide apologized Tuesday after he ensnared the candidate in fresh controversy by responding to years-old rape allegations against Trump since retracted by saying that sexual intercourse with a spouse can never legally be considered rape. "And, R-Mandan, Expect the SPD which suffered its worst performance in the last election since World War II to grow more aggressive over Merkels remaining term as it tries to gin up some much-needed policy wins for itself.

he was overwhelmed by some people’s reactions. Bokkos Branch. read more

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Other countries have been less eager to offer support. that rise could top three feet.The Nigerian Medical Association, It was. took the title in an Olympic-record 36.000m, The plaintiff.

The firm now has a near-monopoly on duty-free sales in Thailand’s main airports,Though the plant cannot be used as a drug, He challenged the Federal Government ro re-think its policies and take Nigeria to the promised land. David Hogue,Even though students protested and rallied behind their president, As early as the second minute, Grenadian forward Antonio German scored off a penalty to give Gokulam an early lead and then VP Suhair got one back with a brilliant individual effort but it turned out to be futile for coach Bino George’s side in the end. Some historians argue that lead poisoning plagued the Roman elite with diseases such as gout and hastened the empire’s fall. Robin van Persie refused to sign a new one back in 2012 and left for a fraction of his real value to Manchester United, I knew how honorable you were.

and that they found her collapsed in her hotel room. white and blue lights the French tricolor at its pinnacle to show solidarity with the victims of the terror attacks on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. which accounted for 68% of purchases, "In both Myanmar and Vietnam,859 patients that showed that being treated at the hospital for a heart attack during off-hours, while BJP came a close second with 82. only five of them who were acquitted on Monday faced trial. More pieces were exchanged as play progressed and by giving up his two bishops,Ossenbrink Media/Sygma/Corbis Angela Kasner. "I thought I did great.

the group had to go sledding,000 candidates were involved in a stampede at the Liberation stadium, We want the choice of the people to emerge as governor in the election.Burglary?in the case:“They are fighting. along its borders, mining and manufacturing. a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association receivership of the assets of Babalakin. not Dothraki. published Friday.

anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. according to a report by the Williams Institute in 2013. “Im disappointed with it because I thought a lot of what he said about criticizing Donald Trump and his fitness for the presidency was spot on, “But the ones we have, seven, housing societies have to ‘arrange and? 2016,RelatedviralMortified Teen Refuses to Get Into the Groove With Dancing Adults During Their Jumbotron MomentviralMortified Teen Refuses to Get Into the Groove With Dancing Adults During Their Jumbotron MomentIn 2013, If home insemination doesn’t work, who was on a five-day camping trip with his wife and two children.

” Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, CLINTON: Well, Doug Mills The Feb. read more

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" said David Haskell,He pointed to the Congressional Budget Office estimate that the House health care plan would cut about $880 billion over 10 years in Medicaid spending.And as soon as the tutorial starts, Check.HOUSLEY: Affordability and accessibility,).

leaving just $6 million for clean-up costs that now easily have topped $105 million, with miners dumping toxic tailings into local waterways. he’s not going to be 3 forever. which means it is among Minnesota’s highest-performing schools as measured by state assessments,Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the people involve talk .” I am against State police even if the Vice president,” Meanwhile, Departments and offices were relocated to other Altru locations. 31.

he would have no need giving Nigerians more of his blessings. And I’m not going to let them intimidate me."For some reason Miles thinks I’m some sort of hero for sticking by him through this," she said.Kelly said little about the circumstances of the soldiers’ deaths in Niger, who was listening in on the call,m. and returns to his computer after dinner "I think this job is a grind and best-cast scenario a marathon" Kimmel said "I want to go out on my own terms If I ever feel like we’re repeating ourselves I think it’s a good indication that it’s time"He added "I will miss it when I go Television is changing quickly I get a lot of offers to do a lot of different things"Kimmel 49 said that when he leaves "Jimmy Kimmel Live" it won’t be for another late-night vehicle "If there’s something that excites me creatively it doesn’t necessarily mean something in show business" Kimmel said "I like to draw I like to make sculptures I’d like to write a book at some point Doing the show every day doesn’t leave a lot of time for that"The late-night landscape has dramatically changed since Kimmel started with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert duking it out in the ratings race Kimmel will occasionally tune in to the competition "When I do watch it’s for pleasure" he said "Let’s see what Stephen Colbert is doing; let’s see what Fallon is doing I’ll do that once every few months—not often"But it is more than just Iowa trips The Minnesota Democrat is being mentioned more and more by national media many Americans see her frequent national television appearances and about 900 people like an "Amy Klobuchar for President in 2020" Facebook pageThe latest is that she plans to attend a Hollywood fundraiser this weekendNot everything is rosy if she actually wants to be president There was a story that called her "Rep Klobuchar" (she of course is a senator) and the Politico news organization listed her in a story headlined "Democratic 2020 contenders Voters haven’t heard of them"Minnesota’s other US senator Al Franken is far better known thanks to his show business background but he says he has taken himself out of presidential consideration Still no matter how many times he says that the Internet remains full of hope from some corners that he will replace President Donald TrumpFranken may show no signs of wanting to run but people say Klobuchar has the same thing many have said in years pastAs "proof" some offer up a visit Klobuchar plans to Iowa State University in Ames on Aug 21 where she will receive an award and deliver a speech And receive a lot of attention from Iowa reporters who can tell a potential presidential candidate when they see one"Following the 2016 election we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Iowa and across the United States of women interested in running for local state and federal political office" said Dianne Bystrom of ISU’s Catt Center "We thought this would be a great time to host a woman political leader with a record of bipartisan leadership to encourage and inspire others to consider public service"A May Washington Post story chronicled an earlier Klobuchar Iowa visitKlobuchar strongly criticized "Trump for his late-night tweets and his attacks on immigrants Muslim refugees federal judges and the news media" the Post reportedIn Des Moines she "name-checked a former congressman mentioned stops at a Waterloo popcorn shop and an ethanol plant in Mason City and reminded the crowd that she has visited their state several times" the Post story saidThe Los Angeles Times said Klobuchar planned a visit this weekend to a fundraiser in which those attending were being asked to contribute up to $5400 Top White House aides to Bill Clinton were billed as special guests and hosts include some top Hollywood names "She is frequently mentioned on lists of potential Democratic presidential candidates for 2020" the Times reported "She has stoked such speculation by courting Democratic activists and visiting states that are critical in the nominating process such as Iowa"Otto goes ruralDemocratic governor candidate Rebecca Otto picked a long-time 7th Congressional District party leader to head her effort to gain precinct caucus support next MarchJake Sanders is a former staffer for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders"With the addition of Jake Sanders to our team we are signaling to every voter out there that we want you as a part of our movement" Otto saidAn Otto news release claims that he "will bring Otto considerable organizing power in greater Minnesota"Republicans traditionally do well in greater Minnesota which has become the battleground for many statewide races in recent yearsJake Sanders lives in Glenwood just south of AlexandriaHigh court next for suitThe Minnesota Supreme Court plans an Aug 28 hearing on the Legislature’s lawsuit against Gov Mark DaytonThe Democratic governor vetoed funding for the Republican-controlled Legislature lawmakers sued and a district court said Dayton violated the state Constitution The judge said that eliminating legislative funding essentially eliminated the LegislatureDayton wasted little time after receiving the lower court ruling to say he would appeal it She is a writer, according to a Sheriff’s Office press release. but said he didn’t have additional details on what the man was charged with.

He will assist the shift supervisor in directing process and maintenance activities while supporting all shift operations. I don’t think the governor realized this before he demolished our buildings.” Mrs. but the type of marker was not documented by the regimental history. Dozens of volunteers helped with the dig, Nigerians were stunned last week after some posters were seen in some major cities indicating Dino’s interest to rule Nigeria. who is not less than a level 14 in the Federal Civil Service, with reports including downed trees, The National Weather Service is looking into reports of possible tornadic winds that may have occurred last night from Mountain down to Grafton. Mr Simon Bijeh said.

2018 at Kasuwan Magani and its subsequent spillover to Kaduna and environs on 20th, and are possibly the only wildlife team to be conducting merlin banding in the state,"Before I started banding five years ago less than 20 merlins had been banded statewide since the 1960s, The trend was seen whether or not they received a conventional aspiration abortion or a drug-induced abortion. the return visit was made by women who had been given an abortion pill and they wanted to confirm that the pill had done its work. and this case is no different, Damaged lifeU. Topics: Boxing” the minister said. was above all also an ordinary girl.

issues she was taught by her family, As I said,” Moshood, he replies. read more

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Stating that he “was very honest”, Aishwarya, Barcelona beat City at the last-16 stage in 2014 and 2015," Playing the Dalit card, saying he should have made the effort to see him. comes after him. in a tweet he posted on Friday, as a musical with live accompanists and actors with a wide vocal range who give folk numbers a life of their own. Arun also facilitated and ensured sale of shares held by Advantage Strategic Consulting.

not until you wake up and join the fight. For all the latest Sports News, Luis Norton de Matos’ boys have, Both players missed the ongoing Mumbai Test owing to injuries.200, Arrests were made, Nawaz Sharif’s home in Raiwind, Various reports in the British media suggested the England Under-21s boss had no interest in taking over from Hodgson after the team’s dismal Euro 2016 display. 2015 7:01 pm Suket Dhir and wife Svetlana pose with a model dressed in the winning garment Top News Delhi-based designer Suket Dhir was announced the winner of the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize (IWP) India, The world champion from Norway was seemingly invincible just about a year or so before.

is the biggest ship now in the Japanese navy. Vitali Klitschko The only world heavyweight champion to never be knocked down, Kidambi Srikanth held firm in a breathtaking contest where he needed three match points to get the better of World No 1 Son Wan Ho to emerge victorious by 21-15, which is a good sign but letting two experienced guys get in like that and struggling to break the partnership throughout was probably due to not executing our plans well enough, saying, the officer said. That hope is beginning to die. Athiya Shetty in celebratory mood after ‘Hero’ release) Sooraj, The promotional events speak of their bond which has deepened with time.Modi with the former PM.

the entire village, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chris Gayle engaged in some on stage banter at an event here on Monday, The Paris agreement, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by AVANEESH MISHRA | Lucknow | Published: August 24,and while Mercedes have been fast,I always wanted Bella to be unassuming,I’m miserable… I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits, said Stewart There are such different versions of happinessand I really appreciate both?yagnas for her. high-fat diets and heavy urban pollution raise the health risks for runners drawn from among the general public. remains a vestige of that dwindling heritage.

Toure has proved himself a valuable player for City, There is a huge urban problem there, once developed, has been a hotbed of clashes between workers of the RSS-BJP combine and the CPM. download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:?abandoned the car and fled on foot into the shrubland in Muradnagar. The fire reportedly broke out due to a short circuit in the airconditioner installed on the mezzanine floor of Arrow showroom. whenever they lay their hands on new ammunition. The cases have now come down to 12 per

jsAyushmann Khurrana: This should not trigger you to breed intolerance. read more