Melons, melons, melons

first_imgBy William Terry KelleyUniversity ofGeorgiaGeorgia is known for its watermelons. But other types of melonscan grow here, too, to provide a different flavor for your tastebuds.Of course, cantaloupes are common and widely grown here. Butthere are many melons related to these that you may not haveheard much about.The melons in the Cucumis melo L. (Reticulatus group) include ourcommon cantaloupes and charentais and galia melons. All of themelons that belong to the melo species are called muskmelons. Butnot all muskmelons are cantaloupes. The Inodorus group includeshoneydew, Christmas, casaba, Crenshaw and canary melons.Casaba fruits aren’t netted likecantaloupes, but have deep wrinkles. The skin color may vary byvariety, which include “Golden Beauty,” “MaryGold,” “WinterPineapple” and “Santa Claus.”These melons have various shapes and sizes. The flesh is thickand either white, yellow or orange. Casabas don’t have the muskyodor of a cantaloupe or the sweetness of a honeydew.Crenshaw melons are casabacrosses, so they’re close relatives of this type.Charentais melons have been calledthe finest melon in taste, texture and fragrance. They’reglobe-shaped and have either a slightly netted or gray-green,waxy rind with dark green sutures.These melons have a deep orange flesh with a spicy aroma. They’reusually sweeter than cantaloupes but have a soft flesh thatshortens the shelf life.Among the varieties, “Robinson” has a good flavor and pale orangeflesh. “Fidji” has a pale orange flesh that’s also very sweet.”Figaro” is said to have a hint of caramel with a full, muskyflavor. “Romulus” and “Escrito” are also available.Oriental, crisp-flesh melons havecaptured the interest of many in the South in recent years. Thesweet type of these are oblong to round with rinds from yellow togreen or white.The fruits are small, and most have a white, crisp flesh.Varieties include “Sprite,” “Gold Star,” “Yellow Queen,” “NewCentury” and “Jade Flower.”Galia melons are basicallygreen-fleshed cantaloupes. The rind will turn dark green togolden yellow at peak harvest time. The green flesh is muchsofter than that of a honeydew, but it’s firmer than the orangeflesh of the cantaloupe.They’re typically very fragrant, but they have a short shelflife. “Gallicum” is probably the most popular of these varieties.But “Golan 329” and “Sunny Gal” have shown promise.Juan Canary melons are grown inhot, dry climates. They have attractive fruit with a smooth rindthat turns golden yellow as the fruits ripen. The flesh is firmand light green to white. Sometimes there’s a tinge of orangenear the fruit cavity.Japanese melons are usually grownin greenhouses in Japan and command a high price there. Thesemelons are slightly oval and very sweet. They have an extremelywell netted, green rind. The flesh is usually green, very sweetand firm. “Emerald Jewel” and “Emerald Sweet” are popularvarieties.Piel de Sapo, or Christmas melons,are football-shaped. They have yellow to green, mottled rinds anda very pale orange or light green flesh. They don’t have sutures.These melons take longer to mature than any of the others and aretraditionally grown in hot, dry climates. “Sancho” is one variety.Ananas is an oval-to-long, netted,nonsutured, yellow melon with white flesh. Green when immature,it turns yellow to burnt orange at maturity. The flesh isfragrant, sweet and juicy.The prospect of growing these melons for shipping in Georgiaisn’t great. Many don’t resist diseases well or tolerate our hot,humid conditions, and many have a relatively short shelf-life.However, you can try them in the garden, especially in the middleto northern parts of the state. You might try them at the dinnertable, too, if you see them at the market.(Terry Kelley is an Extension Service horticulturist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.)last_img read more

Unable to compete with wind, Iowa nuclear plant will close five years ahead of schedule

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Utility Dive:NextEra Energy will close its 601 MW Duane Arnold nuclear plant in Iowa in late 2020 after reaching an agreement with utility Alliant to end its power purchase agreement (PPA) with the plant five years early. Nuclear plants in the U.S. are under pressure from cheap natural gas and renewables, forcing many to close before the end of their operational lives. Roughly a quarter of the 99 nuclear reactors in the country are at risk of early retirement, Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported in March. The Duane Arnold Energy Center, opened in 1975, is the latest casualty of the trend. Iowa gets roughly 40% of its electricity from low-priced wind, and the intermittent generation can put extra strain on nuclear finances, since the plants cannot easily ramp up and down to adjust to changes in wind output. Alliant says that ending its nuclear PPA five years early and pivoting to wind will save its customers $300 million from 2021 to 2025, though the plant is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to operate until 2034.NextEra will evaluate the site for redevelopment as a natural gas, solar or battery energy storage facility.More: NextEra to retire Iowa nuclear plant in 2020 Unable to compete with wind, Iowa nuclear plant will close five years ahead of schedulelast_img read more

Indiana utility tells regulators renewables are cheaper than coal

first_imgIndiana utility tells regulators renewables are cheaper than coal FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Utility Dive:NIPSCO’s upcoming IRP is more evidence that coal generation is steadily declining in the U.S. despite efforts from the Trump administration to save it.In Indiana, as elsewhere, the issue is economics. The youngest generating units at NIPSCO’s 1900 MW Schahfer plant were built in the mid-1980s, and the utility’s analysis found that keeping them on the system would be more expensive than replacing them with new wind, solar and batteries.NIPSCO’s current preferred resource plan…would see it retire all four units of the Schahfer plant in 2023 and the last coal unit at its Michigan City plant in 2028. Eliminating coal from its portfolio would actually be the cheapest option, NIPSCO reported. Taking all the Schahfer and Michigan City units offline by 2023…was the lowest cost resource plan, but it presented “unacceptable” reliability risks to the utility.Coal’s inability to compete persisted even when NIPSCO modeled scenarios friendly to the resource. At the request of the Indiana Coal Council, a trade group, the utility analyzed a situation with high natural gas prices, no price on carbon, and a flat fee for delivered coal. In that scenario, retiring coal faster was still cheaper than keeping it around, and the least cost plan was still more expensive to consumers than NIPSCO’s preferred scenario.To replace the retiring coal, NIPSCO plans to propose a mix of 1,500 MW of solar and storage, 150 MW of wind, 125 MW of efficiency and demand-side management and 50 MW of market purchases by 2028….The plans are based on renewable energy prices NIPSCO received in response to a request for proposals (RFP) earlier this year. Adding those renewables was also cheaper than building natural gas plants or converting coal facilities to gas, NIPSCO found, even though Indiana does not have state policies supporting wind and solar.NIPSCO’s upcoming IRP represents an acceleration in its move away from coal and toward renewables. In 2016, the utility announced it would retire two units at the Schahfer plant by 2023, but planned to keep the other units open years into the future.More: Even in Indiana, new renewables are cheaper than existing coal plantslast_img read more

IRENA: Renewables now the lowest-cost power source in most of the world

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:Solar power’s leading role in driving the energy transition – and the decarbonization of other sectors required to stave off catastrophic climate change – has once again been highlighted in a major global study.The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has published a study that not only signals the end times for coal-fired power, thanks to plunging unsubsidized clean power generation costs, but also indicates how cheap renewables can power the electrification needed to reduce carbon emissions from transport and space and water heating.“In most parts of the world today, renewables are the lowest-cost source of power generation,” states the first sentence of the Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 report. That bold statement is backed up by a prediction that next year some 83% of the electricity generated by new PV capacity will be cheaper than new fossil fuel generation. Based on IRENA’s power purchase agreement and solar auction database, solar will generate electricity at a global weighted average price of $0.048/kWh in 2020. Such a figure would ensure PV electricity would also be cheaper than the marginal costs of power generated from 700 GW of existing coal-fired power stations worldwide.IRENA reports PV panel prices fell 26-32% between December 2017 and the end of last year, to European prices of around $216/W for the cheapest products, $306 for standard modules, $400 for high efficiency options and $420 for ‘all black’ panels. That in turn led to notable year-on-year falls in the cost of developing solar plants around the world, with India leading the way with PV projects costing a weighted average of just $793/kW of capacity installed. Project costs in China came in at $879/kW last year and Italy saw a fall to $870/kW. The wide variability of global prices was reflected by the fact solar projects cost an average $2,101/kW in Japan and $1,500 in the U.S. and Australia.Despite such wide price ranges, the levelized cost of solar electricity (LCOE) continued to fall in most regions, with the U.K. and Germany rare exceptions. The end price of solar electricity fell 21% year-on-year in India to $0.063/kWh; 20% in China, to $0.067; and 18% in the United States, to 0.082/kWh. While Japan experienced only a 1% fall last year, to $0.153/kWh, Germany actually saw a 2% rise in the solar LCOE, due to higher project development costs.Record low LCOE figures recorded in the UAE, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Saudi Arabia showed a price of just $0.03/kWh is possible in many of the world’s sunnier regions as IRENA recorded a global average price for solar power of $0.085/kWh in 2018.More: PV leads the way as renewables threaten coal-fired power IRENA: Renewables now the lowest-cost power source in most of the worldlast_img read more

Bigfoot sighting results in Gunfire – “We are Not Believers”

first_imgAccording to CNN, when the couple shined their flashlight they saw no animals or creatures of any kind. “We’re not believers,” Durand said to CNN. The couple who reported the incident told CNN the encounter frightened them and they were surprised by how much attention the alleged sighting of a Sasquatch was getting.  The man with the firearm seemed frightened and claimed that there was an “ape-like animal” or “Bigfoot” coming at him so he fired into the darkness. According to CNN, no charges have been filed and no sighting of a Bigfoot has been confirmed. Authorities are investigating a report that a man camping at a backcountry campsite in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park fired a gun after allegedly seeing Bigfoot. Bowling Green, Kentucky, couple Madelyn Durand and her boyfriend Brad Ginn reported they were camping in a backcountry campsite when a man and his son awakened them around 1 a.m. “We heard them coming back about 10 minutes later. We heard them yelling ‘I see it!’ Durand told CNN. “We saw the flash from his gun, and he shot maybe 20 yards from the side of our tent into the pitch-black darkness.” The camper and his girlfriend decided to leave the area and report the gunfire. Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the national park. Schroer said that the investigation is ongoing and assures the public that the park is safe to visit and that there has been no confirmation on a Bigfoot sighting. When they came out of their tent they met a man who told them his campsite was destroyed by something and showed them his gun on his hip. The man also told them the area was known for Bigfoot sitings. Park spokeswoman Molly Schroer said in a statement that law enforcement rangers responded to the incident at one of the park’s backcountry campsites early Sunday and that park officials know the identity of the person who allegedly fired a weapon. The couple claims to have heard noises of other campers staying up late around 11 p.m. and thought nothing of it until they woke to a flashlight shining in their tent. The man said that both he and his son had heard strange noises and were going to investigate. About a minute later, a gunshot was fired. The man and his son then returned and told the camper that they shot into the darkness after claiming Bigfoot had emerged from the woods and lunged at him. Camper at Mammoth Cave National Park allegedly shoots at Bigfoot CNN’s Taylor Romine, Joshua Girsky and Dakin Andone contributed to this report.last_img read more

This week: NAFCU testifies, House takes up CHOICE Act, more

first_img 13SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Congress resumes work today, and NAFCU is ready for action as the House prepares to take up the Financial CHOICE Act. Meanwhile, NAFCU witness Steve Grooms, president and CEO of 1st Liberty Federal Credit Union, is preparing to advocate regulatory relief during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Thursday.NAFCU lobbyists will be on the Hill as work commences on CHOICE, which has several NAFCU-sought measures that would provide regulatory relief to the nation’s credit unions. A review of appropriate levels of risk-based capital is called for in the bill, along with a reining in of CFPB’s rules and a requirement that regulators improve cost-benefit analyses and better tailor regulations to the size of regulated institutions.The association’s advocacy team will also be present during Thursday’s hearing, “Fostering Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Institutions in Local Communities.” Grooms, whose credit union is headquartered in Great Falls, Mont., is one of three credit union industry representatives on the witness list, which also includes banking trades. continue reading »last_img read more

Francis Cagigao sends farewell message to Arsenal and predicts bright future for Mikel Arteta

first_imgAdvertisement Cagigao is predicting big things from Arteta (Picture: Getty Images)‘People like Arsene [Wenger], Pat Rice, David Dein, Steve Rowley, Don Howe, Stewart Houston, Ken Friar, Terry Murphy, Terry Burton, David Miles, many top top scouts both international and UK, at senior and academy level all these years (thank you guys you are the best) and loyal hardworking colleagues over the years plus a lot of staff in the background.‘I thank you all for your courtesy, warmth and professionalism all these years. I truly respect you all. ‘Also to the fans, the Club’s heartbeat, a lot of those who have sent out messages to me these past few weeks, I wish you all the best.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘The Club has a very good head coach and are not far from building a winning team, a lot of good groundwork has been laid.‘Wherever the future takes me from tomorrow onwards I will never forget my time at the Club and feel privileged to have played my part Stay safe. My best regards to you all.‘“Salud suerte a todos” – Fran.’MORE: Napoli want Arsenal defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos without paying transfer feeMORE: Ian Wright admits new Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang deal would be Arsenal’s most ‘significant’ business this summerFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramFor more stories like this, check our sport page Cagigao scouted the likes of Fabregas and Martinelli (Picture: Cesc Fabregas Instagram)Francis Cagigao has sent a classy parting message to Arsenal as the scout officially leaves the north London club after 24 years of service.The long-serving Head of International Scouting helped bring in the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Hector Bellerin and Gabriel Martinelli.However, he was let go last month as part of a major restructuring process of the club’s scouting network.Addressing his exit, Cagigao paid tribute to a long list of Arsenal’s major figures he worked with over the years and predicted a bright future for the Gunners with Mikel Arteta at the helm.ADVERTISEMENT‘Today is my last day after 24 years + at The Arsenal,’ Cagigao wrote in a post on his LinkedIn page.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘The Club I started at as a youth player also, back in the late 80s. Everything in life has a start and an end. This is no different. Now I will look to the future but never forget the values instilled in me. Comment Advertisement Francis Cagigao sends farewell message to Arsenal and predicts bright future for Mikel Arteta Metro Sport ReporterThursday 3 Sep 2020 9:29 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link12.8kShareslast_img read more

European Commission re-launches rules to make corporate tax fairer

first_imgThe European Commission has unveiled a set of common rules across the European Union (EU) to make corporate taxation fairer and to combat tax evasion and avoidance, setting the rules out in a directive entitled a ‘Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base’ (CCCTB).A previous version of the directive had been delayed since the EU’s last proposal on the issue in 2011.The implementation of the new rules has been arranged in two stages to commence on January 2019 and January 2021, respectively.The earlier date is for the “common base”, which covers how a company’s profit will be taxed, once various exemptions and deductions have been accounted for. The later date is for “consolidation” aspects.This is the process that will allow a group to add up all the profits and losses of its constituent companies to reach a net profit or loss for the entire EU. It will show how it should be taxed.The European Commission bills its new version of the CCCTB as a single set of EU-wide rules for businesses to calculate their tax bill, to relieve problems giving rise to double taxation and to close tax loopholes involving EU countries and non-EU jurisdictions.A basic principle of the package is that companies should pay their taxes where “their profits and value are generated”.Pierre Moscovici, commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, answering a question at the press launch, took pains to emphasise that the rules would have no effect on national corporate tax rates, as set by national governments.Questioned on the attitude of the UK, he indicated support as expressed during numerous meetings. Moscovici also indicated optimism of support across EU national governments as a whole.The European Commission, in an information sheet, states that national governments are now asking for a proposal to extend rules applied to illicit liaison “mismatches” to non-EU countries.It goes on to estimate that the CCCTB would reduce by 70% the amount by which profit-shifting for tax purposes would be eliminated under CCCTB rules.It also suggests EU companies could cut their overall compliance costs by 2.5%, noting that 28 different tax rule books “create red tape and high costs for cross-border companies”.The latest initiative is described as “bolstering” this summer’s anti-abuse measures under the EU’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive.This sets out “anti-abuse measures to block some of the most prevalent forms of base erosion and profit shifting”.On double taxation, the Commission cites the 900-odd double taxation disputes in the EU today that, combined, are estimated to be worth €10.5bn.This is somewhat higher than the €8bn estimate made recently by Valdis Dombrovskis, head of the EU’s Capital Markets Union programme. On dispute resolution for double taxation, the Commission finds that, at present, there is often no recourse for taxpayers when dispute mechanisms are applied improperly.In addition, the timeline for procedures can be unpredictable, it says.After implementation of the CCCTB, there would be an obligation to notify taxpayers and publish arbitration findings, the Commission states.last_img read more

Ready, Set, Cherry-Thing-a-Ling!

first_imgBatesville, In. — Through President’s Day downtown Batesville-based Schmidt’s Bakery will offer the famous Cherry-Thing-a-Lings.” In 2018 a record 118,910 “Cherry-Thing-A-Lings” were sold, just about a 30 percent increase over the more than 82,000 sold in 2017.The bakery hosted 5,014 guests from across the Midwest and shipped more than 500 dozen to sweet-lovers all over the country.  “This was a tremendous year for us and we are really happy so many people traveled to Batesville and were willing to stand in line for hours,” said Schmidt’s Bakery owner Bertie Schmidt. “I hope everyone enjoyed the Thing-A-Ling’s and I hope to see everyone again next year!”This year marks the inaugural“Cherry Festival” in downtown Batesville.Batesville Main Street and the City of Batesville, with the help of the John A. Hillenbrand Foundation, William A. and Martha H. Hillenbrand Foundation, Enhanced Telecommunications, Global Atlantic, Bruns-Gutzwiller, Margaret Mary Health Foundation, Sharp Painting LLC, Transmark Logistics, The Waters of Batesville, The Garrett Group and Marti Fritsch Tracy of Lohmiller Real Estate there will be a 60 X 80-foot synthetic ice skating rink. The ice skating rink will be open Friday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.Early crowds wait for the bakery to openIn-kind donations have been provided by the Gillman Home Center, Harmeyer’s Market, Pro Prints, Water-Tek, McDonald’s, Assured Partners and many volunteers who are donating their time to make this a successful event.“It is great to see our community come together to support such a great idea that will certainly help bring more people into our downtown area and into those businesses,” said Mayor Mike Bettice.There are activities and contests for the entire family including Ice Sculpting Demonstration, Cherry Pit Spitting Contest and a Cherry Guessing Contest.“Many of our downtown businesses will have special promotions and Main Street encourages you to visit and support our downtown stores and restaurants during the weekend,” said Main Street promotions co-chair Amy Hawkins.last_img read more

Carrick backs Van Persie response

first_img As United toiled last season it was said their reputation was no longer intimidating opponents, but Carrick is hopeful the current team can restore the lost aura. The 33-year-old said: “I think everyone in the stadium felt it was a good performance and that’s the sort of standard we want to be at – dominating teams and winning. “We’ve done it in the past but the past is the past. We need to do it again and hopefully as time goes on we can carry on like this and that fear factor will creep back.” United will soon get the chance to put that to the test as they host Stoke on Tuesday night. Carrick said: “Arsenal was a huge result for us, but the performance wasn’t great. We got the performance for long periods against Hull, winning comfortably in the end, so we will look to keep that going against Stoke. “But we can’t look too far ahead. We’ve never done that. We’ve never said, ‘Right, we need to go on a 10 or 15-game run’. It’s bit by bit.” Van Gaal’s bid to lift the club after last season’s relatively dismal return has been hampered by a lengthy injury list. Record signing Angel Di Maria became the latest addition to it when he pulled up with a hamstring problem on Saturday. But after spending £150million on summer signings, United do have strength in depth. Carrick said: “We believe we can have a really good season but it’s been a strange start in many ways. “Hopefully we can get the injured lads back fit. We had a couple of lads struggling on Saturday but when you can bring the likes of Falcao and Ander Herrera on it does give you confidence. “That’s the beauty of having this strength. You have players to choose from, despite the injuries.” Carrick himself only returned to action a month ago after suffering an ankle injury in the summer. He said: “That was only my third start in seven months but I felt fine. It’s just a case of getting back into the swing of things and finding your rhythm really. Hopefully the more games I have the better I’ll get.” Press Association But a week made a big difference and he repaid the faith of manager Louis van Gaal with a much-improved performance as Hull were swept aside. The 31-year-old threatened on a number of occasions and teed up a goal for Wayne Rooney before capping victory with a powerful left-foot strike. He left the field to a good ovation as he was replaced by fit-again Radamel Falcao – whose availability might have threatened Van Persie’s place – for the final 20 minutes. Carrick said: “We all get criticised at certain times and it’s something you have to deal with. The best way to answer it is the way he did it against Hull. “Robin scored a great goal and hopefully that will be the start of a good run over the weeks to come. “When you have got him scoring, Wayne scoring and Falcao coming off the bench and nearly scoring, we’ll be a threat to anyone. You want those boys when they’re flying and it’s scary to play against. “What Robin and Wayne did against Hull, we’ve seen that happen so often in the past and hopefully we’ll see that in the coming weeks again. It gives the whole team huge confidence and belief that, even if we’re not playing great, we’re always in the game.” The victory over Hull also changed the perception of the United side as they adjust to life under new manager Van Gaal. It was their third win in succession – the first time this season they have achieved that feat – and came in such a convincing manner that confidence could only be lifted. United produced their most convincing display of the season as they overpowered Hull 3-0 in a one-sided contest on Saturday in which Van Persie responded to his critics with a fine goal. Van Persie’s form has been indifferent this season and he came in for heavy scrutiny after an ineffectual display – in which he touched the ball just 13 times – in United’s unconvincing win at Arsenal on November 22. Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has backed Robin van Persie to get back to his best as the fear factor slowly returns to Old Trafford. last_img read more