Strike at Croatia Airlines postponed

first_imgThe strike at Croatia Airlines has been postponed, and the company will perform all planned flights for which 7600 passengers are pre-registered tomorrow, the CA points out.After Croatia Airlines filed a lawsuit in the Zagreb County Court challenging the legality of the announced ORCA strike, which was due to begin tomorrow (Wednesday, August 8), the County Court ruled at today’s hearing on a temporary ban on the strike. the preconditions have been created for all planned flights of Croatia Airlines during tomorrow.  Accordingly, tomorrow’s flights of Croatia Airlines on domestic and international routes will be performed according to the regular flight schedule, and it is about almost 100 flights for which 7600 passengers are pre-registered. The court did not make a decision today on the legality of the strike and a new legal hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 am, when the final decision is expected, the CA points out.The management of Croatia Airlines once again calls on the ORCA union to find a mutually acceptable solution for signing a new collective agreement, preserving social peace and protecting the rights of all workers, in accordance with the company’s capabilities and the goal of ensuring financial stability and future planned business activities.last_img read more

As of today, toll prices are higher

first_imgTwo years ago, the Summer Toll Tariff was introduced, which brought a 10 percent increase in prices on motorways under the jurisdiction of the state-owned companies Hrvatske autoceste (HAC) and Autoceste Rijeka – Zagreb (ARZ).  According to HAC data, the growth of toll revenue was accompanied by an increase in traffic, so last year there were 58,56 million vehicles on their highways, five percent more than in 2017. And the most significant revenue in 2018 was realized on the A3 motorway – 946,9 million kuna without VAT. Last year, a total of 17,8 million vehicles passed through this highway, almost a million more than in 2017.  The A6 motorway generated HRK 879,7 million in revenue last year, 4,7 percent more. Dalmatina and A1 are in third place, with revenues of HRK 710,2 million, an increase of 5,3 percent. Charged 160 million more last year center_img So this year too, the Summer Tariff will start to apply from June 15 and will last until September 15, and brings a 10% more expensive toll.  On the motorways under the jurisdiction of the state-owned companies Hrvatske autoceste (HAC) and Autoceste Rijeka – Zagreb (ARZ), a total of HRK 2,87 billion was collected from VAT in the past year, excluding VAT, 6% or 160 million more than in 2017.last_img read more

Online markets and companies that buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as a salvation for small family farms?

first_imgFor all additional information to farmers, find out on the company’s purchase website Marinade. Bamboo Lab, an IT company from Osijek, in accordance with the Decision on closing markets in many cities, as of today and in the entire territory of HR, over the weekend “arranged” and launched order2GO a platform to help small producers and bring them together in one place. IT company Bamboo Lab from Osijek created a free ordering platform to help small producers  “According to the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters, as of today all markets are closed and we are ready to react by buying fruits and vegetables from agricultural producers, whether they are our subcontractors or not, standardize the product as much as possible and deliver it to the market.” they point out from Marinada, and add that in agreement with Konzum and other customers, their sales range will be adjusted to the goods that will be purchased through this measure.  The marinade is ready to take over and place on the market products that cannot be marketed The idea of ​​an online market has not been implemented only in Vukovar-Srijem County, but in several counties and cities. So look for them join. The platform is free, and in addition to promotion, it directly connects the buyer and the manufacturer, without any commission or fee. “Through the free advertising platform, we wanted to specifically help the smaller food producers that we need most at this time. Let’s all support them”Point out from Bamboo Lab. “With this move, we want to establish cooperation with all agricultural producers throughout Croatia, who, due to the decision in question, will not be able to place their agricultural products on the market through existing sales channels. In the current situation, it is necessary to take care of a safe and sufficient supply of the population, which we as a company do, and we emphasize that Marinada is an important link in the supply chain of fruit and vegetable markets, but especially now”They conclude from the Marinade. However, Marinada, the leading company in the region in the production, processing, purchase and sale of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, came to the aid of family farms today, announcing today that it is ready to take over and deliver products from Croatian agricultural producers.   However, thanks to digitalization, some individuals, such as fellow journalist Mario Kokaj from Vinkovci, remembered to open a Facebook group with the goal of an online market that already gathers over 4.000 members in a few days, both buyers and owners of family farms from Vukovar. Srijem County. Cover photo: As one of the measures in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia to close all markets from today. A measure taken by some cities last week, but which has led to the disadvantage of many family farms, which have already prepared their products for sale. The goal of the online marketplace is to promote local family farms and their offer in one place and connect them directly with customers. Find out more about the online market of Vukovar-Srijem County HERE . Food delivery is done directly by family farms, while a bucket of others can be reached directly on their doorstep, of course respecting all measures in combating the spread of coronavirus.last_img read more

Cappelli: A guest who has a reservation can enter Croatia

first_img“Primarily, the intention was to open for those who really have to enter Croatia, and there is in a way that the priority for people who own houses, boats… There was a lot of pressure. The one who has a reservation can enter Croatia, he must have some proof. But until both sides are resolved, it is clear to us that there is a problem on the way back. This is not a classic tourist opening, but an economic part, to get started, with a dose of caution and to know who is going, where and how. He has to get some voucher, some proof, he won’t be able to enter without it. But that was not the intention. This is all a dress rehearsal before what is important to happen, and that goes in the direction of an agreement, especially with Slovenian colleagues and friends. Talks have intensified, I think that in the middle of next week we will have a quality agreement where we will then talk more specifically about the right tourist entranceSaid Cappelli. When asked whether Croatia has opened its borders to tourists who practically only need to say that they have reserved accommodation when entering the country, Cappelli answered that a guest who has a reservation can enter Croatia, but that he must have some proof. Regardless of the opening of borders, it is certainly clear that as long as foreign nationals returning will have to go to quarantine in their home country, surely no one will come to Croatia. But as the situation changes from day to day, surely by 15.06 the whole situation can change, both for the better and for the worse. We must prepare and monitor the situation from day to day, and be ready to react quickly. Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli he was a guest RTL Today where he stressed that tourists who have a booking confirmation can enter Croatia. Bozinovic: Tourists can enter Croatia This afternoon, but also during a press conference from the Crisis Staff, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said that tourists can enter Croatia if they have a reservation in one of the accommodation facilities.center_img The question was what would happen if the number of infected people increased in the summer. “I never wanted to call Croatia a corona-free destination, but a responsible destination that knew how to organize in time. This is a flexible model of opening, if there is an increase in the number of patients, it does not mean that the whole of Croatia must be closed, if it happens in certain regions, then we will jointly agree to limit that part. Foreign guests will have the entire protocol explained in this situationSaid Cappelli. “We are in contact with hoteliers, with this decision we have made it possible for those who want to come to Croatia to do so. If someone has a hotel reservation, we have enabled the guest to come through this possibility of economic interest. We don’t want to stand in their way, if we can get some hotel accommodation or come to some apartment on the sea, why can’t we. But it is quite clear that tourism will be regulated through measures and recommendations that will be adopted at the level of the EC and other EU member states. Accordingly, tourists will behave in this way. Some countries and regions if they have a positive situation or similar to us, there is no reason not to agree and that tourists do not come to each other”, Bozinovic told us for “As we are the country holding the presidency, it is normal that we were familiar with some information during the preparations, nothing special anymore. We wanted to prove that the measures we presented before were integrated into all this together and that we thought well and well even before these measures were adopted at the EU level. The most important thing is that in some way it is allowed that where there are identical epidemiological situations, that we can talk bilaterally”, Said Cappelli as a comment on the European Union’s plan for the upcoming tourist season, which was presented today, and added:”The European Union said today that mutual communication must be allowed where possible. If we prove that the epidemiological situation is similar, and it is, I don’t see a problem there. Tourists will have all the information, it will be clear what, how and where, we will have all possible applications, we will have on the site, we will give in all possible languages. But these will be practically identical measures at the level of the whole of Europe” Source: RTL, / Photo: MINTlast_img read more

Online training for small renters in Zagreb County

first_imgThe number of participants in the Zoom meeting is limited to 100 landlords, and all landlords from the Zagreb County who want to participate in the training from the Zagreb County Tourist Board are invited to contact them by e-mail: “At the Coordination by local tourist boards, inquiries were expressed by renters related to business and season. Therefore, we decided to organize online trainings during which we will answer many questions: how to prepare the facility in accordance with the new situation, how to present accommodation in the context of a pandemic, what are the administrative changes (measures of the Government), cleaning and disinfection of the facility; pandemic era, addressing old guests, which is now an additional offer…”Said the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović. Find out more information on the topics of the education “Business of small renters in the time of the pandemic” HERE Also, as well as the desire to organize education, regardless of the current situation. Anyone who wants to always find a way, both for justification and proactivity, so education is organized digitally through Zoom. It is commendable that we see such an important synergy of tourist boards, since the training is jointly organized by the Zagreb County Tourist Board in cooperation with the tourist boards of cities and municipalities in the county and the Interligo Family Accommodation Counseling. The Zagreb County Tourist Board and the system of local tourist boards invite small renters in the Zagreb County to a free online education. The topic of the training is “Business of small landlords during the pandemic”, which will be held on Monday June 08, 2020 starting at 18.00pm via the Zoom app.last_img read more

Last minute offers of hotel and private accommodation from now on on the portal TurističkePrič

first_imgTurističkePrič / Last Minute Hrvatska Keep an eye on the Viber community Total Croatia Travel INFO with all the epidemiological information in Croatia for foreign tourists, and if you want to post your last minute offer, post it in the Viber community Croatia Last Minute Deals or contact us directly at On the one hand, the importance and advantage of Viber groups is that users ask their inquiries and offers, we have interaction, while the advantage of the portal is that accommodation offers are structured, easier to find in one place and we have additional reach of last minute posts. Ultimately, both complement each other perfectly. “I am glad that we can be a part of a great initiative and story about the Viber community started by colleagues Paul and Krešimir. They did a great job at the right time with communication about all epidemiological measures and certainly kept many foreign tourists who were planning, and who eventually came, to spend the summer in Croatia. Ovim putem svi zajedno dodatno pomažemo našem turizmu i da se smještajni kapaciteti što bolje popune u ovoj iznimno teškoj turističkoj godini” points out Goran Rihelj, owner and chief editor of the portal, and adds that already on the first day of publication, one accommodation was successfully booked through the site, which is great news. The TurističkePrič portal is a new tourist lifestyle portal for the promotion of tourist destinations and Croatia as a tourist destination, otherwise a new project by Goran Rihelj, the founder and editor-in-chief of the HrTurizam portal. The portal is aimed at the general public and is positioned as a tourist lifestyle portal that brings positive tourist stories of our beautiful country.center_img The Viber community Total Croatia Travel INFO was created as a kind of crisis information center for tourism with all the epidemiological information in Croatia, where day by day they answer all foreign tourists to inquiries about entering Croatia. Currently, there are over 5.000 members in the Viber group, who post 300 to 500 messages / queries per day, and each query is answered on the same day. As inquiries about the accommodation offer began to be asked in the community, so the idea was born for the Viber community Croatia Last Minute Deals, which has over 3.500 members.  In collaboration with the Viber community Croatia Last Minute Deals., which publishes last minute ponude kako hotelskog tako i privatnog smještaja, a koju su pokrenuli Paul Bradbury i Krešimir Macan, od sada last minute ponude dostupne su i na portalu Turističke priče – Last Minute Hrvatska The portal contains last minute offers of hotel and private accommodation, as well as travel communities.last_img read more

Amendments to the Law on Membership Fees in Tourist Boards propose a further reduction of the tourist membership fee by 12%

first_img“Since 2016, the tourist membership fee for businessmen has been continuously reduced by the Law on Amendments to the Law on Membership Fees in Tourist Boards by 15% and the Law on Amendments to the Law on Membership Fees in Tourist Boards by 5%. 12%, makes a total reduction of tourist membership fees for businessmen from 2016 by 32%. “, Concluded Brnjac.  Photo: Mint Photo: MINT “In this challenging year, we have not neglected private renters either. Taking into account the special circumstances in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, regarding the obligation to pay membership fees to tourist boards for private renters, the Ordinance on the annual lump sum membership fee for persons providing catering services in households and on family farms and on TZ forms for payment membership fee to the tourist board, which stipulates that the amount of the annual lump sum membership fee in 2020 is reduced by 50% and that the annual lump sum membership fee is not paid on extra beds “, during the presentation, Brnjac emphasized. This reduction is part of the measures envisaged by the Action Plan for the reduction of non-tax and parafiscal levies for 2020 and the Program of the Government of the Republic of Croatia 2020-2024. The first group refers to accommodation and catering, the second group to passenger transport, road transport electronic services, the third group to postal services, the fourth group to broadcasting, and the fifth group to wholesale and retail trade. The draft law also prescribes the possibility of tax administration solution change the amount of monthly membership fees, at the request of the person liable to pay the tourist membership fee, due to a significant decline in entrepreneurial activity in the current or previous business year or due to a decline in entrepreneurial activity due to material damage caused by force majeure. The new draft law prescribes reduction of the obligation to pay the tourist membership fee by reducing the rates (five of them) on the basis of which the membership fee is calculated. Membership fee rates are linearly reduced and the amount to pay the membership fee for all five groups of taxpayers will be 12% less. Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac presented at today’s session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Membership Fees in Tourist Boards, which should enter into force 01. January 2021., which prescribes further reduction of tourist membership fee by 12% as a parafiscal giving for businessmen. last_img read more

Gun ban won’t solve our violence problem

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion I see once again the city of Saratoga Springs has banned the sale of guns at the City Center. While they are at it, they should also pass a law banning the sale of guns any place in the city. I feel since the city of Saratoga Springs thinks that gun sales are the problem, then all legal gun owners should stop spending any of their money in Saratoga Springs.Since they don’t want the gun show, then they don’t want gun owners in their city. Anyone who thinks that stopping people from owning guns didn’t watch the news when they took a truck and ran into crowds in New York City, Paris, etc.I had to do an investigation at work where an individual killed 89 people using gasoline and a match. They will find a way, no matter what you can do.ROBERT ZURLOBroadalbinMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb.7

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionDress code says a lot about DemocratsAnd, on it goes. Female members of Congress promoted a dress code when the president gave his State of the Union Address. Nothing wrong with that. Nursing home needs more than open doorWhile I was pleased to see your paper take an interest in the nursing home and rehab center on Altamont Avenue and give credit for an administrator putting forth an “open door policy,” this is at odds with what I hear routinely. We have an elderly friend who has fallen several times and even recently had to be found by visitors lying on the cold floor feeling frightened that no one would come.His family members are active, even in his personal care, and have had to slip notes under administrators’ doors to urge clinical evaluation for illness requiring IV therapy noted only by them. They ask for meetings and hear nothing back.An open door is a beginning, but new kinds of staff are also needed, not just more staff. RNs should know every resident’s plan of care and risks. Thanks to firefighter for life-saving actionOn Jan. 27, I was at a family birthday dinner and began choking. I was definitely in distress. Luckily, Firefighter Dan Farstad was also at dinner and just a couple of feet from me. Dan immediately came to my aid and saved my life.On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for your quick thinking, your tireless training, for never leaving my side and for risking your life every day. Whether it be white in support of women’s rights or black to give a more solemn tone, we all know that the color of one’s clothing cannot hide the blatant animosity toward the winner of the last presidential election.From the halls of Congress, we are still able to detect the smirks of resentment, which makes me think that clown suits and big shoes might have been more appropriate.Perhaps a harlequin outfit with pointy hats would have fit the bill. But, one thing is sure: If Congress, both men and women, are going to act like buffoons instead of taking care of business, maybe they should dress the part.  Allen R. RemaleyScottsdale, Ariz., and Saratoga Springs Schenectady doesn’t need new courtroom “Schenectady City Court is very busy with annual filings in excess of 18,000, in a jurisdiction with a population of 65,000, which is why we maintain that the city of Schenectady needs to provide us with a suitable court facility as they are mandated to do,” said Lucian Chalfen, public information director, New York State Unified Court System.Schenectady’s Mayor Gary McCarthy has suggested the city could survive with three City Court judges and that there’s no need to create another courtroom. So, why does the state’s court system care about that? The new courtroom will cost about $3 million, a lot for Schenectady’s citizens. In 1970, the city had a tad shy of 78,000 citizens and just one City Court judge.In 2017, the Schenectady City Court judges earned over $184,000 (base rate $175,000) because they were so “busy” they volunteered to do work as “Acting County Court” judges.There was not an excess of 18,000 annual filings in Schenectady City Court in 2018. There were 16,022, a miscalculation of nearly 20 percent.   Writer is off mark on abortion law, womenThis is in response to Denise Crisci’s Jan. 23 letter. FYI abortion is not murder. It’s a personal healthcare issue, so says the law. The writer mentioned Hitler, comparing his World War II atrocities (mutilation, starvation, torture, death) to the procedure of removing fertilized cells, which are biological, immature, non-breathing non-conscience cells.How dare you. In my world, it’s a hell of a difference between the two. And you know what might help your cause?Hearing that you personally work/volunteer with women who have to make these decisions. How can I claim to feel no guilt in letting people make the choice without high and mighty ‘religious’ zealous guilt? They should roam and monitor, but should also actively pitch in, teaching as they model care, focusing on prevention and follow-up. Legislative staffing mandates are not sufficient. They are necessary first steps ahead of Starbucks, Netflix, cocktail hours and live music. Betty PieperScotiacenter_img This is for all the times no one comes back to say that to you.It’s not taken for granted, I promise you. That goes to all of our firefighters, EMT and police. Thank you for what you do, every day!Patricia ZentkoRotterdam The year 2018 represents a decline in filings of 24 percent over 2010,  when there were two or three City Court judges.The judges have had a 69 percent increase in pay in seven years. Why is the Unified Court System interested in Schenectady? The Unified Court System’s interest and false narrative hits a little too close to what used to be my home. These courts aren’t provided for the Unified Court System. They exist for Schenectadians. Mayor McCarthy was right.Michael FriedmanLa Quinta, Calif.The writer is the former president of the Albany County Bar Association. Because “we” who have been ‘allowed’ to live are making life better for living beings, not obsessing and butting into other people’s business. I personally have volunteered in several life-affirming causes. Mentoring Mothers (working with pregnant women who have no inner circle to guide them), Partners in Caring (help for elders), Mentally challenged ‘Buddy’ and Fresh Air Fund to name a few.I’m also an elder/disabled/daycare provider. You also assume it’s only Democrats who ‘celebrate’ the removal of zygotes. I hate to tell you that people of all walks of life agree that abortion is a personal decision. Until I reside in a world that takes priority to care for living babies, children and adults, I refuse to bow to misguided buttinskies who preach about saving the unborn. Make a difference in feeling, breathing lives. They could use the help.And those ‘long lasting effects’ (of abortions) I can answer to honestly, instead of hypocrisy. Elizabeth Lerner Richmondville Pelosi comment puts real divide on displayNo matter our personal politics, the comment by the Speaker of the House regarding the location of the State of the Union address says a lot.When she referred to the Capitol, she said, “not in MY house.”This shows how great is the divide between our legislators and “We the people…”Susan CromerWaterfordMore from The Daily Gazette:Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18 In republic, all people are subject to laws“The true and only definition of a republic is a government in which all men, rich and poor, magistrates and subjects, officers and people, masters and servants, the first citizen and the last, are equally subject to the laws.” — John Adams 1787.Fred AmesMaltalast_img read more

Entente cordiale

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