Simple Geeks Guide to Digital Radio

first_imgStay on target The Most Addictive Mobile Clicker GamesSimple Geek’s Guide to…Streaming Services You watch HBO’s Silicon Valley right? How much do you love to hate Russ Hanneman? You know, the guy who “put radio on the internet”. Considering that I live in San Francisco, I feel like I know 20 guys just like that. Like this jerk… oh wait, that’s a photo of me.Regardless, I am glad that someone put radio on the internet because now we can listen to radio from anywhere in the world just by using our phones. Below is a guide on just how to do it.Local Internet Radio StationsIt’s very likely that wherever you live there are some really cool internet radio stations in your area. We have a ton in San Francisco. One of my favorites is Even though I just recently started recording my podcast there, I’ve been a fan ever since they launched because they’re a community radio station that broadcasts 24/7 and plays interesting and eclectic music. You can find out what’s in your area by googling “internet radio” and the name of the biggest city near you. You’ll discover some awesome stuff.Radio GardenRadio Garden might be the coolest of all your options. When you go to their site, you can spin the globe and see little green dots representing radio stations that are broadcasting all over the world. There are over 8,000 of them! Then you can click on the dot and listen in. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to a really cool radio station in Nairobi!Spotify/PandoraYou’re probably already using on or both of these in your life but I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t mention them. Spotify offers lots of ways to explore music, one of them being radio stations centered around particular artists, genres, or moods. Pandora has a more sophisticated algorithm for choose music for your radio station, but they have WAY too many live versions of songs. I mean come on Pandora, nobody wants to hear a live version of a Flock of Seagulls song. PS. I miss Rdio.BBC iPlayer RadioThe venerable Beeb has been on the forefront of radio since your grandparents were kids. Considering how it’s a corporate/state run mash-up I’ve always been surprised at the diversity of its stations. That’s what makes BBC iPlayer Radio cool. You can stream any one of their stations, from talk radio to breaking music, right on your phone. Plus it all comes along with very posh British accents. I like how they pronounce “schedule.”TuneInTuneIn is pretty rad. You can listen to millions of podcasts and over 100,000 radio stations from around the world. Plus it’s social, so you can interact with other users sharing suggestions and making lists. It’s perfect for radio lovers of any level of level of obsession.EarbitsThis is great if you wanna get turned on to music you’ve never heard before. They don’t play any mainstream stuff so you can get hip to what’s happening way before your friends. Yes, finally you get to be the one crossing your arms, rolling your eyes, and saying “You mean you don’t know who Richie Cunning is?”Sirius XMYou know about Sirius XM. Your mom probably has it in the car. There are hundreds of stations ranging from ranty talk radio to classic soul music. There aren’t commercials, but it’s not often you‘re gonna hear rare and undiscovered stuff.Xtend FM RadioThe coolest part about Xtend FM Radio is its interface. It looks just like an old school (ha! Like seven years ago old school) digital radio tuner that you would have in your car. The options aren’t particularly plentiful compared to something like TuneIn or Radio Garden but what they do have is packed with good content. And you can assign preset channels like you do with a car radio, so you can easily toggle between your favorite stations.Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a travel writer, TV host and poet. Follow him at Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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