World Handball Players of 2010 voting – Bojana Popović finally among the

← Previous Story German Bundesliga (Round 14): The “Lions” finally broke wounded “Zebras” Next Story → EHF CL (Round 7): Barcelona held THW Kiel in crisis Who will be the successors of Slawomir Szmal (Poland) and Alison Pineau (France) as the World Handball Players of the Year 2010? For the first time ever all journalists have the opportunity to give their votes in the newly installed media section of the IHF website But also all handball fans around the world can cast their vote for one of the five nominees.An expert jury including famous and successful coaches like Lino Cervar, Heiner Brand, Ulrik Wilbek, Jewgeni Trefilow or Marit Breivik and IHF lecturers have made their proposals for this voting – and now it’s up to the media on the one hand and the fans on the other hand to vote for their favourites. All results – experts, fans and media – will be evaluated in the end. The voting starts on 1 December 2010 and ends on 1 January 2011.You can vote for the following male and female nominees:Men:Thierry Omeyer (France), Igor Vori (Croatia), Arpad Sterbik (Spain), Filip Jicha (Czech Republic), Nikola Karabatic (France)Women:Bojana Popovic (Montenegro), Katrine Lunde-Haraldsen (Norway), Grit Jurack (Germany), Liudmila Postnova (Russia) and Cristian Neagu (Romania)You will find the voting and short portraits of all nominees here The World Handball Players of the Year 2010 will be announced and awarded during the Men’s World Championship in Sweden.

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