Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEYEWITNESS: Looking back…February 1, 2018In “EYEWITNESS”Eyewitness…Concerns …by IMF about oil moneyJuly 13, 2018In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Déjà vu…July 11, 2017In “EYEWITNESS” …in oilLike they say, “mout’ open and story jump out!”. This time, it might’ve been from the mouth of babes, but it sure exposed the Government’s real take on the oil Exxon found off our shores. The headline in the official State mouthpiece, said it all, “Medgar Evers buys into the hype – sells Guyana as the next big oil producer in the Western hemisphere.” Medgers Evers is a Community College in Brooklyn that has a lot of West Indians in its student body.Yep!! That’s what they said… now we all know when you talk about “the hype” what’s going on, don’t we? It’s to “big up” something that’s really mediocre. Like saying we have “West Indian” beaches!! The dictionary says, “to intensify (advertising, promotion, or publicity) by ingenious or questionable claims, methods, etc,” and also “to trick; gull.” And that’s exactly what the Government’s been doing the moment they sneaked into office, just after the oil find was announced – “tricking and gulling!!”Completely clueless on how to run a government in this modern, globalised world, the APNU/AFC coalition has managed to perform the remarkable feat of turning the most consistently top performing economy in the Region into one staring into the abyss. The stake was nailed into sugar’s heart; rice is on tenterhooks after the Government refused to re-engage Venezuela on its lucrative markets; timber and forestry has dried up and bauxite in on life support.So for now, the Government touts gold, which has rebounded on the world markets and for the future we get the “hype” on oil!! Gold has very little effect on the man in the “South” minibus so, like the white bible thumping missionaries of yore pushing “heaven”, the Guyanese public’s supposed to bear their chafe and wait for the “good life” to arrive with oil, manana! But not before Trotman, the hapless Government’s point man on oil, tried to convince god-knows-who that he could get money from Exxon “up front”!! The only thing “up front” was the bum’s rush he got from the Texas oil company!!The next hype was an “oil refinery”. But that was soon laughed out of polite discussion after Exxon and every other expert in the world, said it just wasn’t feasible. Ditto with an “oil facility” at Crab Island. Maybe Trotman was thinking about a “crab facility”? Well, for sure, he gotten his old friend Chris Ram “crabby” enough to declare that Trotman was a “liability” to Guyana!!The “liability” hadn’t realised he revealed his incompetence when he revealed he’d renegotiated the Exxon contract to the latter’s benefit when he’d claimed the contract was immutable.But evidently only when Guyana could’ve benefited!!…for HeffThe passing of Hugh Heffner marks the passing of an age. Everyone over 60 knows the Dark Ages extant before Heff finally arrived on the scene. And those googling all sorts of natural images on the Internet should thank the man who freed up the western world from its prudish ways. In case you’re still living under a rock, Hugh Heffner’s the fella who brought out the Magazine “Playboy” back in the day, and made it OK for churchgoers to ogle nubile, young, naked women!!When Jimmy Carter confessed as to how he’d “lusted in his heart” he was probably referring to what happened when he peeked at the Playboy centrefold during his White House days!! Now there was always porn circulating before Heff…but they were always done surreptitiously and ILLEGALLY! By combining well-written articles on all manner of subjects – including politics, in Playboy, respectable men could with a straight face, pretend they were ogling the fine print!!It’s a sign of the times that Heff’s daughter succeeded him at the helm of the Playboy empire!…on the bridge scam continuesIt’s not OK to have a prequalification procedure for pharma for the GPHC and the Public Health Ministry, but it’s OK to have one for the Demerara Harbour Bridge?Something’s not OK!!

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