Financial Times Five Reasons Why You Should Live in Casablanca

Rabat – Financial Times has made a list on the reasons why people should live in Casablanca. Describing Casablanca as Africa’s ‘financial powerhouse,” the magazine recalled the Global Financial Centres Index, which listed Morocco as Africa’s leading financial center. According to the magazine Casablannca’s success “can be attributed in part” to Casablanca Finance City (CFC) being created in 2010.CFC is a Moroccan business hub, which has several partnerships with financial centers in Singapore, London, Paris, Montreal, and Busan. Its role is to attract and encourage international investors to expand in Africa by offering an integrated ecosystem. Managed by the Casablanca Finance City Authority (CFCA), the leading investment received the Economic Francophone Award in Brussels, as a Moroccan financial center with Pan-African vocation. Besides the business assets of the city, Casablanca’s architecture is one reason why people should choose it as a place of residence, according to Financial Times.The newspaper said that the city’s architecture and culture reflect the Casablanca’s rich history,  because it “has been governed by the Roman empire, the British, the Spanish and, more recently, the French, who left when Morocco gained independence in 1956.”Read Also: Morocco Officially Offers License to Heetch APP to Operate in CasablancaAdorned by large white buildings, the city has a “mixture of art deco and Moorish styles, wrote the Financial Times. The publication also mentioned the beautifully situated Hassan II mosque, which is the second largest in Africa.Culinary diversity is another reason to fall for the city, according to the magazine. “From fresh seafood and French cooking at the celebrated Taverne du Dauphin to traditional Moroccan cuisine at Le Cuisto Traditionnel and even the famous camel meat sandwiches at Ibil Snack on Rue Jura in the city’s Maarif district, you never need eat the same thing twice.”Cost of living in the city of Casablanca is also seductive. According to the magazine, the cost of living in Casablanca is 60 percent lower than in London.Last but not least, Casablanca is heaven for surfers. “With its warm summers, mild winters and long Atlantic coastline, Casablanca is a surfers’ paradise — so much so that Stab, a surfing magazine, named Casablanca one of the world’s top 10 cities for surfers,” according to the Financial Times.

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