Former Reagan Administrations Official Endorses Hillary Clinton

Washington – Former Ambassador Robert H. Tuttle who served in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations called Donald Trump unqualified and not competent while endorsing Hillary Clinton.In a statement, former Ambassador Tuttle said, “The Republican nominee for President has no government experience and has done nothing in his career to demonstrate that he is competent to be President. He has made repeated misstatements and inaccurate statements”.Robert Tuttle, who served as an assistant to the president and director of presidential personnel in Reagan’s administration and who was also a U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom under George W. Bush, said he will vote for a Democrat for the first time in his life next November. Several Republicans have broken with the party to back Clinton.Richard Armitage, who held top national security positions under Bush and Reagan, endorsed Clinton in June.And earlier this week Frank Lavin, Reagan’s political director from 1987 to 1989, endorsed Clinton.With MAP

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