WHO Tunisians Heaviest Alcohol Drinkers in the Region

Rabat – Tunisians are the heaviest drinkers in the Maghreb region, says a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO).With a consumption of approximately 26.2 liters per year, Tunisians’ intake of alcoholic beverages exceeds that of the Russians (22.30), the British (13.80), the Germans (14.70) and the Polish (24.20).According to the World Health Organization, men are the main consumers of alcohol in Tunisia, with an average of 35.1 liters of alcohol consumed per year. The same source added that Tunisian ladies, however, only consume one liter.Similar to their Moroccan counterparts, Tunisians prefer consuming beer (68%), followed by wine (28%) and spirits (4%).Tunisia’s alcohol consumption surpasses that of neighboring countries such as Morocco (17.10 liters), Algeria (10.90), Libya (2.5 liters) and Egypt (6 liters).The WHO report went on to add that the United Arab Emirates are the largest consumers of alcohol in the Middle East region, followed by Iran (24.80) and Lebanon (23.90 liters).In Africa, the biggest alcohol consumers are the Chadians with an estimated (33.90 liters), followed by Gambia (30.9) and Mali (29.30).

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