Clarification Regarding Preschooler Immunization

first_imgNova Scotia has not asked doctors to delay preschool vaccinationsfor four- to six-year-old children until next year, Dr. JeffScott, chief medical officer of Health for the province saidtoday, Aug. 20. “We are not asking doctors in Nova Scotia to delay the preschoolvaccine,” said Dr. Scott. “We’re actually telling doctors tocontinue providing preschool vaccinations as long as they havevaccine in stock. However, some doctors may run out sooner thanothers, so parents should call ahead to their doctor to ensurethey have vaccine in stock before booking an appointment to havetheir child vaccinated.” The statement is intended to clarify media reports suggestingthat the province is delaying the preschool vaccine until newsupply arrives in November, or as late as 2005. Dr. Scott said that information received from physiciansindicates that there should be enough supply overall in theprovince to last until late October, and the manufacturer hasindicated that new supply will be available in early November. “In situations where doctors have run out of the preschoolbooster, we are asking them to record the names of children whoneed the vaccine so that they can receive it promptly once newsupplies are available,” he said. “It’s important to note that itis perfectly safe for children to get the preschool boosteranywhere between four and six years of age, which are therecommended guidelines.” Agreement has been reached by Health Canada and all provinces andterritories to ensure that all babies receive their vaccinationson schedule.last_img

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