New Website Puts Data on the Map

first_img A new Internet site launched today, June 16, will make it easierfor people to find high quality Nova Scotia geographic data. The GeoNOVA web portal was launched during a one-day workshop inHalifax, that explored the future of the geomatics industry inAtlantic Canada. Geomatics, the gathering, storage, analysis and use ofgeographically referenced information, is an important industryin this region. This information has a variety of uses, includingmapping, municipal planning, transportation infrastructuremanagement, business planning, natural resource stewardship andagriculture. Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations deputy minister GregKeefe unveiled the new web portal ( to about 100workshop attendees. “The offerings are a mix of free information and web-basedsubscription services like Property Online,” said Mr. Keefe. “The general public will find the site a good resource, as well,”he added. “For example, one can order all sorts of maps online;topographical maps for hikers, navigation and coastal charts forsailors and aeronautical charts for pilots.” A cornerstone of the province’s GeoNOVA program, the portal linkscollections of information held by federal, provincial andmunicipal offices across the province and groups them into easyto search categories. The GeoNOVA portal is a 50-50 cost-sharing partnership betweenthe government of Nova Scotia and Natural Resources Canada GeoConnections program. The Halifax and Cape Breton regionalmunicipalities are also important GeoNOVA stakeholders andsupporters. “GeoNOVA is another example of Service Nova Scotia and MunicipalRelations commitment to online services,” said Mr. Keefe. “Fromrenewing vehicle registration to accessing high end geographicinformation, we’re delivering the services people want, online,when and where they want them.” SERVICE N.S./MUNICIPAL RELATIONS–New Website Puts Data on theMaplast_img

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