Filmmaking Tutorial: Create a Film Noir Look

first_imgNothing drips with atmosphere quite like film noir. Learn how to create a stark low-key film noir look in this helpful video tutorial.Identified by high contrast and emotional dialogue, film noir is an iconic style that can be used to add a level of retro-drama to your project. However, the style is very different from what one might call modern three-point film lighting.Instead of soft lighting, Film Noir is characterized by very direct harsh lighting. In the following tutorial, filmmaker Tom Antos will show us how to create a film noir effect using a single light source. The tutorial covers:One-Point LightingCreating CookiesFlagging LightsDesaturating Footage in PostSelective Color EffectsIn this filmmaking tutorial, Mr. Antos uses Premiere Pro to achieve his film noir style effect. However, you can use any popular NLE to get a similar look.This video was first shared by Tom Antos. Thanks for sharing, Tom!Want to learn more about lighting your film? Check out a few of the following posts:Add Drama to Your Lighting Setup with Negative FillSofter than Softboxes: How to Create Book LightingLighting Tips for Film NoirHave any tips for creating a moody film noir style effect? Share in the comments below.last_img

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