Paco Buyo: “That title is ours and UEFA must recognize it”

first_img-They had several days of travel.-Yes, the club took the opportunity to set us up for a Tour. First we played a friendly match in Chile and, if memory serves me right, after the game with Boca we also met River Plate before returning to Spain. And I do not forget the atmosphere of the Bombonera. For them it was like playing the Champions League final.-Did they take it seriously?-It was enough to see the faces of the players and Menotti’s protests to the referee to condition him. La Bombonera was almost bursting and they didn’t stop singing. When they went 2-0, which at the time gave them the title, they celebrated it like crazy. Fortunately, Luis Milla scored a great goal after a corner and the Cup was for us. We have that pride. There was only one edition but it was for Madrid.-Boca made them suffer.-Do not believe it. What happens is that Menotti’s famous bilge of spaces had an ally with the line judges. I remember up to three or four heads-up with their goalkeeper who invalidated us for non-existent playing. With the VAR we would have surely won that return game as well.-Well, that title is not officialized by UEFA.-Well, UEFA will watch the video of the Buenos Aires match and you will see that it was serious. Boca gave up his life because winning an international title against Real Madrid gives much international prestige. And they did not succeed because we were better, that title is ours and they must recognize it. What is not understood is that Barça recognize the Fair Cups, which at the beginning were a selection of the city with mixed Barça and Spanish players. This Ibero-American Cup must be recorded in the minutes for a sense of sports justice. We earned it on the field against a great rival.-And the following year, with Valdano as coach, they won the League after four years of drought-Yes, and we put Cruyff’s Dream Team 5-0. That League is the one we enjoy the most. Madrid should never be considered finished … Francisco Buyo (Betanzos, 13-1-1958) It was an institution in Real Madrid’s goal. With him came four of the five leagues in a row won by the Quinta del Buitre team. The start of the 90s was more complicated, but He wanted to remember with AS that Ibero-American Cup won at Boca Juniors de Menotti. -What memories do you have of that title won by Madrid?-Well, these were not easy times for us. We had already lost that League and from the Recopa we had eliminated the PSG of Ginola and Weah. We had also had the change of coach, after the dismissal of Benito Floro for that defeat in Lérida.-Uff, the one that was mounted was very famous.-Yes, it was hard for everyone. The coach paid for the broken dishes but it is clear that we had a more quality squad than the results said. Del Bosque arrived and we were comfortable working with him, but we knew he was interim because in the newspapers it had already been reported several times that the president (Ramón Mendoza) was negotiating for Jorge Valdano to be our coach for the following season.-And suddenly they are told that you have to face Boca de Menotti for a trophy called the Ibero-American Cup.-Yes, and although it was new and lacked tradition, we understood that it was an opportunity to give them a joy at the end of the course. It was May and our only chance of winning anything was that Cup. And beware, it was Boca Juniors that came from winning the Libertadores and being the best team in South America. And Menotti, with all his fame behind.-In the first leg of the Bernabéu they won 3-1 but the atmosphere was soulless.-It had rained all day and the fans were discouraged by the latest results. But when a player puts on the Real Madrid shirt all the games are transcendent. In fact we got 3-0 playing very well, with the entry of several youth players in the second half such as Morales or Fernando. But a redhead of them (MacAllister) scored a goal near the end and that made it a little difficult for us when we returned in Buenos Aires.last_img read more