We are in the last 40days JeongSung Condition peri

first_imgWe are in the last 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo in 2016. So we are keep investing for searching young people who are searching Truth with their pure heart. This weekend we could see such a beautiful young people who attended 1 day and 2days Divine Principle Workshop. And we received a lot of hope and energy from them.We started these Workshops (on November 12-13, 2016) with joyful songs and family atmosphere through getting know each other. Afterwards we separated rooms for 1day workshop and 2days workshop. We organized lectures with ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’ in 1 Day Divine Principle Workshop. In 2 Days Divine Principle lectures were ‘Principle of Creation-section 1,2,3’, ‘Human Fall-section 1’ in the morning and in the afternoon ‘Human Fall- section 4’,‘Eschathology and Human History’ and ‘Resurrection’. Specially this time our national leader Mr.Jeong gave most of the lectures so even it was deeper contents and more information, all the participants were very focused on the lectures. We could feel that they came with strong determination to understand better Divine Principle. In the break time, they were asking questions in order to understand clearly and put in practice in their life.In the afternoon before starting the second part of Divine Principle lectures, we made small joyful time for participants. One of our SES member prepared games in order to understand how to practice True Love and how to create Unity and Harmony. Through this time, we could feel the love between brothers and sisters centered on same Parents, Heavenly Parent!In the evening, we organize ‘Family Sharing’. We all gather together as family and we made small game. And afterwards we had sharing centered on questions. Many questions were very deep about life so all of us could understand each other better. At same time, some of the questions were really funny so we could laugh all together. We could create such a family atmosphere with full of God’s Love.Second day of workshop we had lectures about ‘Principle of Restoration’ and ‘The purpose of Messiah’, ‘True Fathers life achievement’ and presentation about ‘CARP membership’. In this chance, we could share that who is True Parents. And all the participants were very curious about True Parents life so we suggested to read autobiography of True Father. Also, the presentation about CARP membership was good opportunity to share more practical things about us. And 3 participants became CARP members!We are sure that this workshop was new life experience for all of us with new vision and hope. We will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to discover Heavenly Parent’s heart through Divine Principle study and activities. ReflectionsPolihroniade Spiros: The workshop today and yesterday was very interesting, very insightful. I have learned more about God, Korean culture, friendship, responsibility and nonetheless love. When I first found you, I was looking exactly for an organization like this; for people, exactly like you. I wouldn’t change a thing about you or your activities. I still don’t know much about how to do it, how you manage to pull off every activity in such original ways, but I do want to learn that. Learn to be a leader, to accept others around me, maybe even love them, to find myself. I like how we all get the chance to get things of our chests, to unload and to realize that “Yes you are also right!” The chance to talk in public, to express sincere beliefs and ideas is very appealing to me, because in truth, I am changing a lot about me right now, and among this bad habits there is my attitude which used to be so negative and pessimistic. Now I smile every day, I am striving to get better to help all people, to fix relationships and so on. Coming to Romania CARP remains for me a beautiful experience which will transform my bad habits into good habits.Necea Titus: The atmosphere here is like in a big family, so you practice what you preach. The energy is the same, is one of a united family. This 2 Days Workshop deepened my understanding about God, His purpose, how He loves humanity, about harmony between mind and body and soul, and about Jesus. Jesus has dual characteristics he is human and he is God, but if we think of him as human and compare him with our self his true mission was to have the ideal family. This had me thinking. Thank you for this! I love your energy; Mr. Jeong you are like a true public speaker; you transmit a lot of good messages and I appreciate the time you spend with us. Thank you again!Terciu Dorel Alexandru: When I came at CARP I didn’t know anything about God and true love, true happiness but every time I come here I learn a lot of things and these things become more and more clear. Every day when I am with CARP member I learn something new and that makes me happy. Almost everything about religion makes sense now, because in school I never listen to the teacher much, because I didn’t understand the essence of religion. I didn’t catch the message so I lost interest and didn’t understand anything. When I lived in Brasov, I was not happy and I didn’t know why until now. I felt something good about you when you came in Moieciu for the workshop. I could see happiness in you that I didn’t see before in any other person. What do this people have that I don’t have? That was my first thought, so I decided to come to Bucharest, to start a new life, to change my way of thinking, because I suffered a lot in the past. I realized later that material things cannot give you everything. I felt a little bit lonely in the past, but I didn’t know why, somehow I felt people were ignoring me. I didn’t feel so good to meet people, I felt as if I am caring a heavy weight on my shoulders, I felt very pressured, but here at CARP it is a little bit better because people are open and I become more comfortable. I feel that here with you it’s easier to meet new people in a comfortable way.Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents! By CARP Romanialast_img read more