Gorgeous mini arcade created using a Neo Geo arcade board

first_imgIf you were a gamer back in the day and frequented arcades, then you know that the Neo Geo system provided the most authentic arcade experience out there. How could it not, considering that the system was basically a portable arcade cabinet? It’s been many years since the release of the system, but those who want to experience (or re-experience) those classic games will be able to thanks to a sweet mini arcade system that someone built.The Starforce Neo is an all-in-one system that will let you play old Neo Geo cartridges. The system, which was created by Marcel J de Haan of the SFP Development Team, contains an original SNK MV-1B motherboard that is housed inside of a converted 1982 Minitel 1 case. Games can be played using the authentic Seimitsu buttons and joystick found at the front of the system. The internal monitor is an eight-inch LCD screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio that is behind a glossy protective window. The system sends its SCART signal through a scanline generator that displays 480p resolution graphics on the internal display.The back of the machine has two Neo Geo-compatible controller ports so others can join in on the fun. There is also an HDMI port hidden on the bottom that lets users plug the system up to their televisions. Having the HDMI port is a smart move considering how difficult it would be for two people to play on the same eight-inch screen.The Starforce Neo comes with a Neo Geo controller and the SFNeo MVS MultiCart in AES shell, which has 97 classic original Neo Geo titles on it. Like the original Neo Geo system, this machine won’t be cheap, and will run you $680 (€600). That’s for the core system itself. If you want the full bundle (with controller and games included), it will be an additional $170 (€150).The creator of this system is also working on a Raspberry Pi, though there aren’t more details on that one at the time of writing. A Kickstarter campaign for the Starforce Neo will launch this September. so make sure to check out the Starforce PI website for more details.Below are the full specs of the Starforce Neo:Authentic SNK Neo Geo MV-1B hardwareNeo Geo MVS Cartridge Compatible2x Neo Geo Controller Inputs (Player 1 & 2)Integrated SEIMITSU Joystick & 6 buttons (Player 1)Integrated 8” 480p LCD Screen (4:3) + HDMI OutputSmallCab SuperGun SCART-to-HDMISGL3000 Scanline GeneratorLogitech Z120 Internal 1.2Watt Stereo Speakers3.5mm Headphone Stereo JackBeQuiet! Silent PSU SFW Power 2 400WVintage 1982 Minitel 1 Converted CaseDimensions: 23 x 25 x 26 cm, Weight: 10kg (22lbs, without cart)last_img read more