Watch These Movies Before Good Boys

first_img For good or for ill, the current dominance of nerd nostalgia blockbusters has a lot of adults acting like children. So as the summer winds down maybe mix it up and see a movie about children trying their hardest to act like adults. Good Boys might as well be about three boys who stand on each other in a trenchcoat to go sneak into an R-rated movie, an R-rated movie like Good Boys. But if you’re already old enough to kiss girls, here’s how to get back in that edge of puberty mindset.Watch these movies before Good Boys. Stay on target SuperbadSuperbad may be about awkward horny nerdy high school seniors instead of ignorant twelve-year-olds, but both films are part of the modern raunchy coming of age tradition. Superbad was also written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are producing Good Boys. You’re gonna McLove it.BooksmartBooksmart is this year’s other heir to Superbad. It just flips the script by starring dorky high school girls instead of boys. Jonah Hill’s literal real-life sister plays the role Jonah Hill might have played. But by all accounts this cast, along with first-time director Olivia Wilde, did a great job bringing this underlooked perspective to the screen.Revenge of the NerdsSex comedies always have a tricky time aging well because they’re wedded to the social standards of their time, social standards that thankfully improve as society gets more progressive. So rewatching bits of Revenge of the Nerds may be… tough, especially in today’s climate of fake nerd victimhood. But it is a part of the canon.RoomPart of what’s wild about Good Boys is the chance to see child star Jacob Tremblay act his age for once. Yeah it’s R-rated but at least it’s a movie about kids being kids. Compared that to his breakthrough role in Room, a movie about him and his mother being trapped in a room for the first five years of his life before he gets to see the outside world. It’s really good, but a real bummer.It: Chapter OneStephen King gets a lot of credit for the brutal surreal horror of his novels and their various adaptations, but he’s also great at just showing kids being kids. Children experience fear on a different level than adults, their discovery of bad things in the adult world and the resultant loss of innocence is a different type of terror. This all comes together in It: Chapter One, a movie about how trauma complicates childhood nostalgia and how clowns in the sewer are waiting to eat you.DeadpoolDeadpool is the ultimate little boy movie, even though it’s rated R, especially because it’s rated R. Wade Wilson is a perpetually juvenile walking cartoon who swears and has sex and makes poop jokes and cuts up all the bad guys. It’s the perfect movie to sneak into while no one is looking. In the sequel they even gave him a troubled little mutant boy to nurture, which is just sweet.Mid90sMid90s, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, is a certainly more dramatic look at boyhood than the pure romp of Good Boys. But they share similar vibes of kids trying their hardest to grow up too fast. It just feels more tragic here because of how much tougher Hill’s world is. Come for the kid from God of War, stay for the 90s LA skaters.center_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ last_img read more