Vermont General Fund tax revenues down $5 million

first_imgSecretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding has released the July 2011 General Fund (GF) Revenue results. July is the first month of fiscal year 2012. General Fund revenues totaled $86.27 million for July 2011, and were -$4.89 million or -5.36 percent below the $91.16 million consensus revenue forecast for the month.Spaulding explained, ‘While we always prefer to meet or exceed our targets, I would caution anyone from using this one month’s performance as a barometer for the future. July is a notoriously bad predictor of how revenue will trend for the fiscal year in total. For example, July 2010 GF revenue was short of the monthly target by -1.6 percent, but the full year ended up12.9 percent above target.’‘One positive sign I would like to note is that although July 2011 General Fund revenues were below the monthly target, we were still ahead of last July by 4.9 percent – a continued sign of a slow, but steady recovery. The big question at this point is how the events playing out in Washington DC and global financial markets will affect that recovery,’ Spaulding commented.Current targets reflect the Fiscal Year 2012 Consensus Revenue Forecast adopted by the Emergency Board at their July 21, 2011 meeting. Statutorily, the State is required to revise the Consensus Revenue Forecast two times per year, in January and July; the Emergency Board may schedule interim revisions if deemed necessary.Personal Income Tax (PI) receipts are the largest single state revenue source providing approximately 50 percent of total GF revenue. PI Tax receipts are reported Net-of-Personal Income Tax refunds. Net Personal Income Tax is comprised of PI Withholding Tax, PI Estimated Payments, PI Refunds Paid, and PI Other. Net PI Receipts for July were recorded at $44.52 million, -$3.59 million or -7.46 percent short of the monthly target of $48.11 million.Corporate Income Taxes are also reported net-of refunds. July Corporate receipts of $1.97 million were -$0.41 million or -17.03 percent below the monthly target of $2.38 million. Since most Corporate Taxes are paid on a quarterly basis, the four largest months for Net Corporate Tax Receipts are September, December, March and June.Consumption tax results for July were ahead of target: Sales & Use Tax receipts of $21.32 million exceeded the monthly target by +$0.58 million (+2.78 percent) and were 7.2 percent ahead of what was collected for the month last year; Rooms & Meals Tax receipts of $10.37 million exceeded target by +$0.31 million (+3.06 percent) and were 3 percent ahead of what was collected for the month last year.The remaining non-major tax components include Insurance, Inheritance & Estate Tax, Real Property Transfer Tax, and ‘Other’ (which includes: Bank Franchise Tax, Telephone Tax, Liquor Tax, Beverage Tax, Fees, and Other Taxes). The results for the remaining non-major categories for July were as follows: Insurance Tax, $0.41 million (+54.65 percent); Inheritance & Estate Tax, $0.38 (-76.65 percent); Property Transfer Tax, $0.78 million (-8.16 percent); and ‘Other’, $6.51 million (-8.31 percent). ConclusionSecretary Spaulding concluded, ‘Vermont’s economy has slowly been recovering and July revenues do not contradict that trend. However, clearly, we are concerned about potential impacts from current global and national events. We will be keeping an especially close eye on our revenue performance and budgetary moves in Washington over the next month or so, in case quick action is needed by the Governor and Legislature.’ Transportation FundThe non-dedicated Transportation Fund Revenue for July was also reported on by Secretary Spaulding. Total non-dedicated Transportation Fund receipts of $15.26 million for the month fell below target by -$0.46 million (-2.92 percent), against the monthly target of $15.72 million.Individual Transportation Fund revenue receipts components for July were mixed: Gasoline Tax, $5.11 million or +0.73 percent ahead of target; Diesel Tax, $0.50 million or -36.15 percent below target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $3.28 million or -8.51 percent behind target; Motor Vehicle Fees, $5.05 million or -0.95 percent below target; and Other Fees, $1.31 million or +12.28 percent above the monthly target.Secretary Spaulding said, ‘Once again, July is not a good predictor of the overall Transportation Fund revenue trend. The specter of high fuel prices remains a concern for the T-Fund and our economic recovery, but if oil prices continue to abate somewhat from their recent highs and the economy stabilizes, revenues for the year may perform as or better than expected. Higher energy prices, particularly for gasoline can have a deleterious effect on the economy and the recovery.’The Secretary also reported on the results for the Transportation Infrastructure Bond Fund (’TIB’). TIB Fund Gas receipts for July were $1.60 million or +4.99 percent in excess of target. TIB Fund Diesel receipts were $0.06 million or -29.20 percent short of the monthly target. TIB Fund receipts are noted below the following table:center_img Education FundThe ‘non-Property Tax’ Education Fund revenues (which constitute approximately 12 percent of the total Education Fund sources) were released today by Secretary Spaulding. The non-Property Tax Education Fund receipts for July totaled $13.30 million, or +$0.14 million (+1.03 percent) above the $13.16 million target for the month. The individual Education Fund revenue component results for July were: Sales & Use Tax, $10.66 million, or +2.78 percent above target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $1.64 million or -8.51 percent; Lottery Transfer, $1.00 million – exactly on target; and Education Fund Interest, a loss under $0.01 million against a target of under $0.01 million.last_img read more

Nicaragua Will Create Four New Divisions to Support the National Police

first_imgBy Dialogo May 10, 2012 Nicaragua will create four police units specialized in counterintelligence, border security, rural policing, and tourism, one of which will focus on security along the country’s borders with Costa Rica and Honduras, the head of the National Police, Aminta Granera, announced on May 8. The new units will combat drug trafficking, the trafficking of rare timber, youth violence, and domestic violence, according to Granera. President Daniel Ortega swore in the new directors of these units at an event in the capital city of Managua, on the evening of May 8. The border patrol will watch over the areas bordering Honduras and Costa Rica, the rural unit will protect harvests and combat criminal gangs in the countryside, and the tourism unit will look after this flourishing sector of the economy, Granera specified. At the same time, the counterintelligence unit will ensure “that all operations are conducted in the best way” and will seek to prevent officers from becoming involved in illicit activities. Counterintelligence operations have been the Army’s exclusive preserve, and the new units will reinforce the National Police. Granera said that the restructuring aims to more effectively confront “the public-safety problems” in the municipalities, primarily due to drug and alcohol use.last_img read more

MS-13 Member Included in FBI’s Most Wanted List

first_img The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) ‘marero’ (gang member) Edwin Ernesto Rivera, accused of murder and allegedly hiding in El Salvador, has been included on its 10 most wanted list on March 14. Rivera, who is between the ages of 29 and 33, is accused of having stabbed a 69-year-old man to death in Denver, Colorado, in August 2011, before escaping to Los Angeles, from where the FBI believes he might have fled back to his country of origin. “We request collaboration from the media and the public to arrest this dangerous fugitive,” the FBI report said, offering a $100,000 reward for his capture. By Dialogo March 18, 2013last_img

Dix Hills Crash Leaves Woman Dead

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 26-year-old Babylon woman killed in a two-vehicle crash in Dix Hills that resulted in the other driver being charged with driving without a license on Tuesday morning.Suffolk County police said Cassandra Walter was driving a Saturn northbound on Commack Road near Euclid Avenue when she lost control of the vehicle, crossed over the double yellow line and struck a southbound Honda minivan at 7 a.m.Walter was pronounced dead at the scene. The Honda driver, 35-year-old Alex Dario Oliva Rodriguez of Hempstead, was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip, where he was treated and released.Rodriguez was later arrested for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.Second Squad detectives impounded both vehicles, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on the crash to call them at 631-854-8252.last_img read more

China retreats online to weather coronavirus storm

first_img“We just helped an art education school open online painting classes, and are also helping another music school to open virtual classes,” Yang said.”More kids in third- and fourth-tier cities are increasingly taking our online courses because of the outbreak. In the past, most users came from first-tier cities [such as Beijing and Shanghai].”The online migration received an implicit endorsement from President Xi Jinping, who on Monday was shown on the nightly state television news broadcast watched by tens of millions giving a pep talk to medical staff in the contagion epicenter city of Wuhan via Huawei WeLink.The virus, which has killed more than 1,100 people and infected nearly 45,000, has shuttered factories across the country and is forecast to cut Chinese economic growth.But China’s highly developed online sector and population of more than 850 million mobile internet consumers may soften the blow.The similar Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome of 2003 is widely credited with helping to kickstart e-commerce development in China, and the coronavirus also is expected to “further the long-term structural shift” to an online economy, said S&P Global Ratings.Hospitals, overwhelmed by people seeking a virus test at the first sign of sniffles, have pivoted to online telemedicine to help sort through the patients, with tens of millions of consultations taking place, state media said.Countless museums and cultural sites have been closed, but many including Beijing’s Forbidden City and the terracotta warriors in Xi’an have put exhibits online or created new virtual tours, and animal lovers can watch the Beijing Zoo’s pandas on social media.Even China’s foreign ministry briefing – the government’s primary daily interface with the outside world – has been converted into an online Q&A.With schools nationwide shut until March, online learning has received a particular jolt. Institutions are scrambling to comply with an Education Ministry order to “stop classes, but don’t stop learning.”Grace Wu, whose nine-year-old daughter Charlotte attends the now-shuttered Shanghai American School, had faced the prospect of a lengthy learning break with the family “self-quarantining” at home.”It’s like kind of a double worry. We worry first about the virus…  the second worry is about learning,” Wu said.But the school last week re-launched lessons online until normality returns.Charlotte and her classmates have embraced the situation, even organizing a virtual birthday party on video-conferencing platform Zoom.”It’s a birthday party in the cloud,” said Wu, a 37-year-old blogger.Alibaba said that as of Monday, schools in more than 300 cities across 30 provinces were utilizing a classroom function, with participating students totaling 50 million.It has not all been smooth.Users across the country complained last week that major Chinese platforms were glitch-prone or crashed frequently due to heavy traffic, sending providers scrambling to shore up their networks.Alibaba told state media it had installed more than 10,000 new cloud servers in response.Some providers were creating new features such as allowing users to blur their backgrounds to avoid looking “unprofessional” by logging in from their living rooms.Chinese already are deeply connected to their mobile phones, going online to shop, order meals, find partners, pay bills and express themselves.Wang Guanxin, an instructor with iTutorGroup, said this would only grow as a result of the virus.Speaking after a video-conference training session he gave to a wall-length bank of 36 Chinese-language instructors on screen at the company’s Shanghai offices – including one woman who lay in bed in red pajamas – Wang said the virus was a “turning point” for his industry.”Objectively speaking, it will allow people who didn’t really trust or rely on online learning to change their views,” he said.Topics : Virus-phobia has sent hundreds of millions of Chinese flocking to online working options, with schools, businesses, government departments, medical facilities – even museums and zoos – wrapping themselves in the digital cloud for protection.China remains in crisis mode weeks after the epidemic exploded, with much of the country shut down and the government pushing work-from-home policies to prevent people gathering together.That has been a boon for telecommuting platforms developed by Chinese tech giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei, which have suddenly leapt to the ranks of China’s most-downloaded apps, leaving them scrambling to cope with the increased demand. Tencent said its office collaboration app WeChat Work has seen a year-on-year tenfold increase in service volume since February 10, when much of the country officially came back from a virus-extended Lunar New Year holiday.Alibaba’s DingTalk has observed the highest traffic in its five-year existence, company officials told state media, with around 200 million people using it to work from home.Huawei said its WeLink platform is experiencing a fiftyfold increase, with more than one million new daily users coming on board.Eric Yang, chief executive of Shanghai-based iTutorGroup, which operates a range of online courses, said his company’s business has surged 215 percent.last_img read more

NHL playoffs 2019: Braden Holtby talks Capitals’ statement win

first_imgCapitals goalie Braden Holtby — who stopped 30 shots in the shutout win — believed the victory was a statement for his own team as much as for the masses.”To ourselves, I think, to show that when we play that way we’re going to be real tough to beat,” Holtby told reporters after the game, via the Associated Press. Related News This is a win the Capitals may not have needed, but it’s one they desperately wanted.Washington took down the Hurricanes 6-0 in Game 5 on Saturday to grab a 3-2 series lead in the first round of the playoffs. Braden Holtby, asked if this was a statement win by Caps: “”To ourselves, I think, to show that when we play that way we’re going to be real tough to beat.”— Stephen Whyno (@SWhyno) April 21, 2019Washington was down a bit after a 2-1 Game 4 loss in which the Capitals allowed a goal barely after the first faceoff.With that following a 5-0 loss in Game 3 the Capitals may not have absolutely needed a big win in Game 5, but a victory like this could go a long way not only in this series, but for potential ones down the road as well. NHL playoffs 2019: Does Barry Trotz want to play and beat the Capitals? ‘Absolutely, 100 percent’center_img As for Holtby, this shutout was his seventh as a member of the Capitals in the playoffs which passes Olie Kolzig’s record for the most in Washington’s franchise history.With his seventh career shutout in the playoffs, Braden Holtby passed Olie Kolzig (6) for the most playoff shutouts franchise history.— CapitalsPR (@CapitalsPR) April 21, 2019The Capitals now have to travel back to North Carolina where they will try to get their first road win of the series.In the team’s last game there they lost T.J. Oshie indefinitely when he was injured crashing into the boards after a shove from Warren Foegele. NHL playoffs 2019: Alex Ovechkin asked for fight, says concussed Andrei Svechnikovlast_img read more

Cut Rate Auto Parts Iron Man 100 A Great One

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Grays Harbor RacewayFans at the Grays Harbor Raceway were treated to an awesome night of racing on Saturday June 8th.  The 3/8-mile clay oval facility had a large car count on hand in the pit area that produced some wonderful action on the track.  The headline event was the Cut Rate Auto Parts 100 for the Street Stock division which had them compete in a marathon one-hundred lap feature.  Other classes on hand included the 360 Sprints, Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, and Hornets.Walking away with the cool $650.00 check at the end of the Cut Rate Auto Parts 100 was defending track champion Jason Tole.  The Hoquiam driver showed the field the way for ninety-eight total laps.  Tole, who originally planned on taking the night off, would take the lead on lap three getting past the Sam’s Auto Repair/Desperado Express #40 Camaro of Mike Knox from Tacoma.As Tole would pace the field several cautions would occur a total including a total of eleven taking place by race’s end.  After the fourth caution happened yellow flag laps started to be counted up until lap ninety.  After the fuel stop at the midway point it started to become a race of attrition as drivers pushed their machines to the limit.Lapped traffic came into play especially with only a couple of laps to go and it looked like Brian Harding of Oakville was going to make the pass.  The Northwest Mountain Winery/Wilcox & Flegel Petroleum Supply #28 Camaro would briefly seize the top spot only to give it right back due to a caution on lap ninety-four.  Tole would retain the lead and hold off the contenders to put his Western Washington Construction/Crowell Brothers Automotive #34 Camaro into victory lane for the third straight race in Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stock division.“I planned on hanging out in the stands tonight but I kind of got guilted into racing tonight,” an extremely happy Jason Tole would say in victory lane, “I had all kinds of game plans going into this race but once the green flag came out I was just focused on getting to the front and staying there.  I got to thank Larry DeMoss from Cut Rate Auto Parts for doing putting up the money, this is awesome.”Fellow Hoquiam driver Jack Parshall would finish a respectable second place in his Jacknut Apparel/CNK Machine #9 entry followed by Brian Harding in third.  The #43 Mustang of Aberdeen native Shane Kerrigan was fourth while crossing the line in fifth was Brian Izzi from Lacey piloting the Eddie’s Automotive/Fusion Graphix #17 Camaro.  Earlier in the evening Eddie Blood of Olympia set fast time of the night at 18.913 seconds driving the #97 Malibu sponsored by Eddie’s Automotive/Fusion Graphix.Reece Goetz of Snohomish was out for a nice Saturday night drive in the 360 Sprint main event.  Starting on the pole position Goetz would put his Great Western Transport/Speedmart Inc./Elma Lanes #9R Eagle mount into the lead on the initial start.  As the feature had a long green flag run Enumclaw’s Henry Van Dam closed up the gap between him and Goetz and would start to put pressure on the leader.As the laps winded down Van Dam continued to look for a way around Goetz but Goetz held the preferred line.  In the closing laps Van Dam tried to make the pass for the lead but was unable to get around Goetz. Van Dam would have to defend second as J.J. Hickle made a bonsai move to the bottom with only a little left in the race.  The opportunity gave Goetz a chance to have some breathing room which was enough for him to go on and cruise to the win.  For Goetz it was his second win of the season making him the first driver to win more than once in the 360 Sprints.J.J. Hickle would capture second in the Meyer Electric/Kitsap Powdercoating #3 XXX followed by the Kovash Logging/Johanson Excavating #33V A.R.T. of Henry Van Dam in third.  Finishing in the fourth position was Jay Cole from Shelton in his Our Community Credit Union/Bulldog Trailers #0J XXX while fifth went to the Shark Racing Engines/LAW Motorsports #33 of Everett’s Colton Heath driving for car owners Alan Larson and Kelly Welch.Setting fast time of the night was Mill Creek native Cam Smith in the Dave Smith Motorsports/Powdercoating Inc./Nelson Texturing #17 Maxim with a time of 14.761 seconds.  Earning the victories in heat race action were Colton Heath and Jay Cole.The Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds were in full force as they were competing for an enhanced purse of $750.00 to win courtesy of X-Factor Race Cars.  Hometown driver Josh Muller was the car to beat in his PBM Trucking/Eager Beaver Dirtworks/DVO Custom Guitars #3M Skyrocket.  Muller drove a distinct line the whole race primarily working the bottom groove of the track.Both Mark Carrell and Scott Miller were quick and at one point each of them had a chance to get by Muller but Muller would shut the door on them on each occasion.  In the late stages Joe German from Wishkah put his name in the hat for the win by moving into second place with only a few laps to go.    German tried his best to get his Wishkah Iron Works/Ozman Services Inc. #75X Skyrocket into the lead but Muller would hold on.  Josh Muller became the fourth different winner in five Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modified features so far in 2013.“The bottom was definitely smooth,” commented Josh Muller, “I was just focused on hitting my marks and staying out in front.  I got to thank all my sponsors and crew for helping me out.”Joe German would finish in the runner-up position while Redmond, Oregon’s Mark Carrell was third in his Mark’s Auto Body/Gray’s Automotive #27 GRT by Phillips entry.  The Blue Bear Park/Barbie’s Restaurant #26 Shaw of Shelton driver Scott Miller was fourth followed by Tom Sweatman from Cosmopolis in fifth in the Sweatman Trucking/D&D Dyno/MASCO Petroleum #11 Shaw.  Earlier in the evening Josh Muller and Scott Miller were heat race winners.The Hornet division saw Brian Norton take care of business in his Free Junk Removal #43.  The Tacoma native took the lead early in the race and ran away with it to earn his second straight victory of the season.  Norton also becomes the first Hornet driver to win more than one feature this year.“Once I got ahead it was clean sailing,” said Brian Norton, “this ties us for the same amount of wins as I got last year so it feels good.”The Kerrigan & Sons Trucking #17 of Aberdeen’s Willie Wright was second followed by the #19 of Ryan Williams in third.  The Free Junk Removal/Eddie’s Automotive #75 of Chad Norton from Tenino crossed the line fourth and completing the top five was Amanda Allery of Elma in her I-5 Auto & Truck/Loopez Inc. #37X.  Chad Norton and Amanda Allery would win their respected heat races earlier in the night.The Grays Harbor Raceway will be back in action this Saturday June 15th.  The Wild Wild West Modified Shootout will kick their speedweek series off at GHR as the local Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modified stars will defend their home track from the several travelling teams.  360 Sprints, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and Hornets will all be on the card.  For more information log on SummaryCut Rate Auto Parts Iron Man 100Saturday June 8th, 2013Grays Harbor RacewayElma, Washington360 Sprints11 EntriesFast Time: Cam Smith, 14.761Heat Race Winners: Colton Heath (1), Jay Cole (2)A-Feature: 1. Reece Goetz, 2. J.J. Hickle, 3. Henry Van Dam, 4. Jay Cole, 5. Colton Heath, 6. Tyler Anderson, 7. Cam Smith, 8. Jeff Dunlap, 9. Mike Romig, 10. Brent Hoover, 11. Jason ReedShipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds15 EntriesHeat Race Winners: Josh Muller (1), Scott Miller (2)A-Feature: 1. Josh Muller, 2. Joe German, 3. Mark Carrell, 4. Scott Miller, 5. Tom Sweatman, 6. Del Schnitzer, 7. Zack Simpson, 8. Carl Larson, 9. Kris Asche, 10. Rayun McMichael, 11. Kevin Keller, 12. Alan Muncheow, 13. Jeff Foster, 14. Scott Westley, 15. Will TaylorCut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks24 EntriesFast Time: Eddie Blood, 18.913A-Feature: 1. Jason Tole, 2. Jack Parshall, 3. Brian Harding, 4. Shane Kerrigan, 5. Brian Izzi, 6. Eddie Blood, 7. Cory Sweatman, 8. Ryan Haney, 9. Austin Kerrigan, 10. Matt Babcock, 11. Matt Bramer, 12. Mike Clingen, 13. Chip Haney, 14. Kelly Fugate, 15. Don Briggs, 16. Will Madison, 17. Tim Phillips, 18. Mike Knox, 19. Greg Watkins, 20. Ross Watkins, 21. Doug Brewster, 22. Andy Schmidt, 23. Josh Cherry, 24. Tom HeckerHornetes13 EntriesHeat Race Winners: Chad Norton (1), Amanda Allery (2)A-Feature: 1. Brian Norton, 2. Willie Wright, 3. Ryan Williams, 4. Chad Norton, 5. Amanda Allery, 6. Jeff Daniel, 7. Jeserae Norton, 8. Tom Hecker Jr., 9. Chris Pugsley, 10. Michael Brewster, 11. Peggy Harding, 12. Jason Valentine, DNS Jeremy Nortonlast_img read more

Shoaib Malik’s befitting reply to journo who asks him about seniority to team coach…

first_imgImage Courtesy: PCB/ESPNcricinfoAdvertisement nud2gNBA Finals | Brooklyn VsjWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E91( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 45c1Would you ever consider trying this?😱89tCan your students do this? 🌚c6idRoller skating! Powered by Firework Pakistan cricket team started off their T20 series against Bangladesh with a swift win in the first match yesterday at the Gaddafi Stadium, and the squad’s veteran run machine Shoaib Malik showcased all the vibrancy on the pitch with a stormy knock of 58. While getting praise from supporters for being the senior in form, the batsman faced a trick question regarding the position of his junior Misbah-ul-Haq as the head coach of the team. But, the player had the perfect response.Advertisement Image Courtesy: PCB/ESPNcricinfoMisbah-ul-Haq, the former skipper hung his boots from limited overs cricket in 2015, and from Test cricket in the next year. The 45 year old took charge of the Pakistani squad in September 2019 along with the role of chief selector.Following the match yesterday, Shoaib Malik was present in the post match interview. Renowned for his grooming of his juniors, the media threw him a question about his boss, questioning his seniority to Misbah, trying to throw him into a tizzy.Advertisement “Shoaib, you spoke about grooming youngsters in the team, which is a responsibility of a senior player. So, you are even more senior than your coach (Misbah-ul-Haq), will you groom him as well?” the interviewer asked.However, the 37 year old had the perfect response to the tricky query.Advertisement He responded: “There is no one in the world who can say that he has learnt everything. Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t say that or other people couldn’t say that they have learnt anything.”Malik, who debuted for the team in the West Indies ODI series 1999, is two years senior to Misbah, made his international debut in 2001 against New Zealand in Test cricket. While his junior has gone through retirement and taking charge of the team, the former captain mentions that learning is a never ending procedure.He continued: “Learning process never ends. Lot of cricketers and coaches have come and gone, a lot happened but the learning process never stopped.”Winning the toss and deciding to Bat first, Bangladesh put up a score of 141 in the first innings. However, it was the veteran Malik’s stunning 58-off-45, with five fours that was a major factor behing the win.“We go after people very quickly. We want overnight results, which doesn’t happen. We need to show some patience and if someone has got a chance then we must wait a little. I understand, you guys want some masala, everyone wants masala but we need to think about the country as well sometimes,” Malik concluded.Also read-Shoaib Malik posts christmas tweet with a slight dig on India – and gets trolled by Twitterati!Netizens troll Sarfaraz Ahmed after Misbah-ul-Haq imposes strict rules on diet Advertisementlast_img read more

Rossland Royals slow Bomber run at a provincial berth

first_imgHowever, the runner up in the zone has one more shot at a provincial berth in a wild card back door game.The game is to be played in Kelowna against Fraser Valley #2 in Kelowna.The Bombers are back in action Wednesday (October 17) at Lakeside Pitch against Castlegar. Game time is 3:30 p.m. L.V. Rogers missed out on a chance to gain an automatic berth in the West Kootenay Final after the Rossland Royals defeated the Bombers in Fieldhockey action at Pass Creek Park in Castlegar.The game was the final regular season contest of the season for both teams and enable the Golden City squad to earn top spot in league standings.”The Bombers may have one more chance to defeat the Royals at the West Kootenay Finals on October 25th, in Castlegar, (but) first they have to get by the Stanley Humphries Rockers from Castlegar on October 23rd,” said Bomber coach Val Gibson.The West Kootenay winner advances to the B.C. High School AA Fieldhockey championships November 7-9 in Burnaby.last_img read more