Sore loser on steroids

first_imgIn what is already deemed as “worst bodybuilding contest ending ever”, Giannis Magos professional bodybuilder competed for a title that was not for grabs: that of the sorest loser. The athlete took part at the 2016 IFFB Diamond Cup, one of the leading events held by the International Federation of Body Building and finished second (the coveted title going to Christos Pistolas, instead), a turn of events that was not to his liking. Approaching the judges tables, Magos, who had won the 100kg division the previous day, started protesting the decision and asking the judges for a reason that they seemed to change minds from one contest to another. When one of the long-time respected judges, Armando Marquez, got in his way, the irate bodybuilder from Rhodes gave him a slap across the face, throwing him to the ground. He then went on to subverse all the judges’ tables and – according to some sources – flash his penis, shouting profanities. The video of his behaviour quickly became viral, attracting much attention to him, both whithin and outside the bodybuilding community. Social media users have demanded his immediate suspension saying what he did was shameful, while leading website Evolution Of Bodybuilding has called for him to receive the harshest penalty.“There is no place for the actions that followed in the any sport and especially in bodybuilding”, the statement read. “Armando [the judge] is a true gentleman to the sport of bodybuilding and is one of the hardest workers in the organisation. The competitor that was involved in the incident should get the harshest penalty that the IFBB can give.” It is not yet clear as Magos will be suspended for life, or for two year, but the debate in the Bodybuilding world continues, as this decision will set a precedent. A harsh penalty would be too strict, but a lighter one might seem as a green light for such behaviour to become the norm.  Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more