Minigure keyboard isnt quite cancelled after all

first_imgRemember the Miniguru keyboard project? It was a highly customizable keyboard designed so that the user’s fingers had to leave the home row as infrequently as possible. In terms of keyboard design, it was a bit like the famous Happy Hacking Keyboard, but with a built-in pointing stick and your choice of switches. Anyway, it made a bit of a splash when it was announced, but was cancelled back in June.Here is some good news for all your keyboard fanatics: the Miniguru has been revived. Rather than getting a full production run the keyboard will either be released on a small scale or as a parts kit.From the announcement post:Product and development would be simplified: machined aluminum case (should be better than die-cast anyway)machined mouse buttonsno USB hubuse an existing controller like the Teensyno fancy multi-platform programming software, maybe laterI’d do the mechanical construction and switch pcb development myself.It will take some time. No new deadline!Advantage of a kit would be a simplified legal situation (think EMV testing). The first run is tentatively planned at 100 units, though the limited volume means that pricing will not be “competitive”. This probably means a $200+ price tag, given that HHKB currently goes for $275. Even so, people are starting to queue up in the thread, so you’ll want to watch it closely if you are intent on getting one.Here is the full thread if you want to catch up on the entire project. And you can still live the dream at the Miniguru keyboard configurator.last_img read more