A year of Lei

first_imgIn a recent talk with AS, coach Jordi Vinyals, who between 2015 and mid-2019 was the architect who built the Qingdao Huanghai from nowhere, now in the Chinese Super League, explained that it is about “an impact athlete in his country, as at the time happened with Yao Ming and basketball. The Chinese are very idolaters in sports in which they do not stand out as a power, and Wu Lei is a paradigm, “explained Vinyals, who therefore considers his signing” was a total success on the part of the owner of Espanyol“. As a clue, Espanyol has budgeted for this year 2019-20 an increase of 37 percent in commercial and advertising revenues, up to 14.77 million. And that without counting the contribution of Manbet X, a gaming company that He has left Real Madrid to sponsor Espanyol, although mysteriously the agreement has not yet been made public.Wu Lei is able to pulverize the sale of t-shirts (40,000 with its number and name in its first four months, much more than the sum of the other players) or cause more than 40 percent of Espanyol’s followers on social networks are Chinese, thanks to platforms such as Weibo, WeChat or Toutiao, which the entity takes care of daily with native personnel adding content. How brutal is the Wu Lei phenomenon? But nothing would be Wu Lei if sports performance didn’t accompany him. The best soccer player in China, who He has received two Golden Balls from his country since he landed in Espanyol, has already participated in 46 official matches between LaLiga, the Europa League and the Copa del Rey, in which he has scored nine goals. One of them, on May 18, signed the return of Espanyol to continental competitions after 13 seasons. And it earned him to leave on Cornellà’s shoulders. And, speaking of shoulders, he agreed to play five months with a damaged one.It is clear that Wu has fallen. And that, with his family, he adapts more every day. “You can already understand a conversation in Spanish, even if it costs him to express himself “, he affirms to this newspaper Daniel Yan, correspondent for Titan Sports, which tells the player’s daily life for Chinese readers. “He has managed to change the country’s football culture in record time. At first, if Wu didn’t play, people insulted Espanyol, the coach, the teammate who played instead. But now they have understood the circumstances, their own abilities and the level of LaLiga. “Weibo ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Wu Lei posed in the prolegames of the match against Athletic holding a shirt that read the motto “Cheer up, Wuhan!” In both Spanish and Chinese, alluding to his compatriots affected by the coronavirus.Weibo “Many few do a lot; many grains of sand make a pagoda.” With a Chinese proverb, of those who like to pronounce the Espanyol owner Chen Yansheng, it could gloss the first anniversary since Wu Lei landed at the parakeet club, on January 28, 2019. An economically opaque operation (published in China that paid two million to Cornellà to Shanghai SIPG, its original equipment, an amount clearly below the market price), but that, grain by grain, has been reporting huge revenues to Espanyol.The attacker’s impact It has been such that it became part determinant (along with television revenues and Europeans) for LaLiga to extend the salary limit of the parakeet club. That is, so that Raúl de Tomás, Adrián Embarba and Leandro Cabrera could sign. As it is. Hence, sports and corporate area will go to the greed to be attributed the merit. From a financial point of view, Wu Lei has attracted two capital sponsors, LD Sports (which looks on the front of the shirt at a rate of about four million euros a year) and iFlytek, whose benefits are unknown. “The same goes for his teammates, who increasingly know their qualities better. And those who get along better with him, like Naldo or Vargas, are also very popular in China and people worry when they don’t play, “says Yan.The play, which a year ago raised more than reasonable doubts, has become a ‘win win’, as was found after the goal of Wu Lei in the derby against Barça: gave a valuable draw and, bouncing, thes shares of Rastar Group, the conglomerate owner of Espanyol, grew by more than 100 million in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Now the question lies in whether there will be a second anniversary. Your contract expires in December of this 2020, renewable for another calendar year.. The future can also be Lei’s.last_img read more