CVPS begins Shareheat campaign months early, commits $100,000 to match incoming donations

first_imgCVPS begins Shareheat campaign months early, commits $100,000 to match incoming donationsRUTLAND, Vt. – With Vermonters facing record fuel costs and increasing inflation across the board, Central Vermont Public Service has kicked off its annual Shareheat campaign five months earlier than usual. The company announced it will commit $100,000 in matching funds for incoming donations, the largest sum CVPS has ever donated in Shareheat’s 21 years.”With fuel prices skyrocketing, many Vermonters will face unprecedented problems this coming winter,” CVPS President Bob Young said. “We are committing $100,000 to Shareheat, because this program is more important than ever before. We urge anyone in a position to help to make a donation today to CVPS Shareheat so together we can ensure no one goes cold. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar until all matching funds are exhausted.”Normally we don’t kick off the Shareheat campaign until November, but we fear a grave situation, and we’re hoping many potential donors will be in a better position to help now than during the fall and winter,” Young said.Last fall, CVPS created the Shareheat Business Partnership to enhance its matching funds program and encourage more donations to the program. Vermont businesses contributed $37,000 to make donating to Shareheat more attractive to individual donors last year. Including $60,000 from CVPS shareholders, Shareheat Business Partnership funds and individual donations, Shareheat raised $203,000 during the 2007-2008 heating season.This season, Omya has already pledged $10,000 for the Shareheat Business Partnership. Program coordinator Ann Warrell said CVPS is looking for other major businesses to help out for the 2008-2009 season. All funds from Shareheat Business partners will be used to boost the $100,000 base of matching dollars from CVPS.”Last year’s success demonstrates that Shareheat works best when the community is involved. With community businesses partnering to match the donations of individuals, we will help thousands of Vermonters who will struggle to provide the bare necessities for their families- housing, heat, food, and medical care,” Warrell said.Every dollar that is donated to Shareheat goes directly to heating assistance through the five community action agencies operating within the CVPS service territory, which covers two-thirds of the state. Each donation is directed back to the donor’s community, so their contribution helps their neighbors. Matching dollars are applied on a first-come, first-served basis.Christie Harris, external affairs manager at Omya, urged other businesses to join Omya as partners in support of Shareheat. “Through the Shareheat program, the business community in Vermont has an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way – neighbors taking care of neighbors,” Harris said. “Businesses that are in a position to do so must show leadership during this critical time.””Rising fuel prices will make it difficult for everyone to afford heat this year, especially low wage earners and those living on fixed incomes,” said Elizabeth Eddy, community services and outreach program manager at BROC. “More people will need assistance this season, many of them new clients who have never asked for help before.”Tim Searles, executive director of Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, said he’d never seen such uncertainty in his 25 years in social services. “It used to be primarily the unemployed who needed help,” Searles said. “Then it was the elderly and the working poor. Now we’re seeing people with solid middle incomes who are facing enormous increases in fuel costs, health care costs and housing costs, and having trouble paying their bills.”Contributions to Shareheat should be mailed to: CVPS Shareheat Fund, 77 Grove Street, Rutland, Vt. 05701. Checks should be made payable to the CVPS Shareheat Fund, and should be written out separately from CVPS bill payments.last_img read more

When it comes to overdraft solutions, full disclosure is the preferred regulatory strategy

first_imgDespite the fact that regulators continue to delay a ruling on overdraft services, consumers continue to need help with managing their finances from time to time and financial institutions are struggling to find reliable sources of revenue.Under these circumstances, it is more important than ever to provide members with a reasonably priced, easily understood and non-discriminatory solution that helps them to maintain their financial well-being. When this solution also provides the credit union with a reliable revenue stream and regulatory peace of mind, everybody wins.During the past 10 years there have been several regulations or proposed guidance on overdraft solutions, but there has been no firm directive from regulatory bodies that disallow overdraft programs. So the question for credit unions becomes, how to implement an effective solution that:is sensitive to regulatory comment or perspective;satisfies the needs of members who may experience a temporary financial shortfall; andhelps the institution achieve its revenue goals.Regulatory compliance is essential for a value-added overdraft solutionSimply stated, regulators expect financial institutions to be transparent. A fully-disclosed overdraft program clearly defines the rules by which an account holder may access the service. This straightforward approach of responsible use provides members with the information they need to make a more informed decision on whether or not to use a product, based on their individual circumstances.This allows a credit union to demonstrate to examiners that the program is in compliance with all regulations and guidance regarding how the program works, how limits are set, how fees are assessed, what information is included in member communications and much more.Provide better services that are fair to all account holdersWith the myriad financial products and services available today, an informed consumer is the wisest consumer in the marketplace. A fully-disclosed overdraft program is a valuable tool that can strengthen the member relationship by:informing them ahead of time what the service is going to do for them;providing access to overdraft coverage whenever they need it;furnishing information on how to use the service and how to bring their account current after they have overdrawn; andcommunicating all costs associated with using the program, as well as alternatives that might be more appropriate for heavy overdraft users.If an accountholder uses the service in a way that it isn’t intended, you can provide guidance on his or her use. This type of program builds a stronger bond between the credit union and members when they know their institution trusts them to bring their account current. Effectively address non-interest incomeWith the recent low interest rate environment and a lack of new revenue-generating products and services, credit unions are more challenged to increase income. A disclosed overdraft solution provides more consumers with the opportunity to use the service, thus there is more of an opportunity for revenue generation. And let’s face it, at some point in time many consumers make a mistake on their account, miscalculate when a deposit will clear or experience an unexpected financial need. By using the overdraft program occasionally – not all the time – that large universe of accounts represents potential revenue.On the other hand, when a program is undisclosed, the only people who know about it are the ones who overdraw their account. And since that is a finite audience, at some point you max out the ability of that group to provide additional income to the institution. Add to that the possibility that, over time, some of those users could become charge-offs, move or leave the credit union.The alternatives come with risksWhile much has been written lately about matrix-based overdraft solutions that offer dynamic limits, there are compliance concerns with these programs. The amount of privilege or negative balance amount fluctuates so the account holder doesn’t know from one day to the next whether the limit is $1,000 or $100. What’s more, the formula is complicated so member service personnel often have difficulty describing the limit to the account holder or explaining why the limit is what it is. This goes against the grain of regulatory expectations of program transparency.And while a program with dynamic limits provides more control and lower risk for the credit union, it is discriminatory against members who don’t get the privilege because of low account balances.Don’t go it alone when it comes to compliance expertiseMaintaining comfort with and compliance around the regulations associated with overdraft programs is a huge responsibility for credit unions. If you don’t have a high level of expertise within your organization, it is important to partner with a provider that offers a fully-compliant overdraft solution as well as regulatory knowledge. Then, in the event of regulatory rulings, you can rest assured that you will be informed of any changes and receive the resources necessary to update your processes, forms, member communications materials, or terms or conditions.What are you waiting for?As we all know, the regulatory process is slow.  It is approaching five years since regulators started looking at a possible ruling on overdraft programs. During that time, many financial institutions have hesitated to implement a program because of uncertainty surrounding what ruling might be released. However, in the event there isn’t an overdraft ruling until 2017, what are you doing for your members who need a financial safety net for the next year? What are you doing to generate income for your credit union?At this point, if you don’t offer a fully-compliant overdraft solution your greatest risk is losing accounts to institutions that do offer this valuable service. They are the ones that can respond to account holder needs, and have the opportunity to earn the revenue necessary to fund new technology-based programs and other highly sought after services. 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Cheryl Lawson Cheryl has more than 30 years of experience in financial operations, consulting, communications, training and project management. She joined JMFA in 2001 and currently serves as the compliance liaison for … Web: Detailslast_img read more

3 ways to differentiate your service with coaching

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Liz Garster Liz Garster is AVP of Marketing & Client Services at TwoScore, a firm dedicated to helping credit unions achieve their strategic goals through marketing. Working in credit unions for over … Web: Details Ask a credit union’s leadership or staff what truly sets them apart from a bank and they’ll almost always drop the S word: Service. Go a step further by asking them how their service delivery makes them different and you’ll probably hear lines like, “People are more than just a number here,” or  “We truly care about seeing our members succeed.”But you know what? I would wager that bank employees would say similar things.While it’s true that banks answer to their stockholders, they also know that being profitable requires having customers to serve, and you don’t maintain a customer base by being heinous. Just like with credit unions, their employees care about the financial well-being of their customers and, because they’ve entered the service industry, are likely motivated by helping others. Sure, banks may charge more fees and higher interest rates than credit unions, but the intent to deliver a positive service experience is still there. This means having employees who are nice and helpful is no longer a novelty, or perhaps it never was. You may have heard of, or worked with, an executive coach, health coach, or life coach. Financial coaches exist, too! They work with clients one-on-one to educate them on the basics of finance and develop a plan that reflects their values and aspirations. The coaching relationship includes elements of support, behavioral change, and accountability. While sending your entire frontline staff through a certification program might not be an option, there are elements of coaching that can easily be incorporated into member interactions, and doing so is a great way to create a culture that stands out from both the financial industry and others. Here are 3 easy ways you can blend coaching strategies with member service:1.)  Believe in the member you’re serving.  Members can tell when someone is in their corner, and are more likely to open up to employees who convey this. Encourage your staff to set aside judgments during service interactions and begin the member relationship by truly believing the person in front of them has the capability to succeed financially. When someone is approved for a product or service, that’s a victory worth celebrating; when they’re not, frame the answer as “not yet” instead of “no way.”2.)  Get curious. It’s difficult to act in the best interest of the member without knowing much about them. Go beyond the standard application questions of “what’s your annual income?” and “how long have you lived at your current address?” to get a fuller picture of your membership’s financial goals. This will help both the employee and the member get clearer about what products and services might be a good match, and because the member has done a little bit of introspection in the process, they’ll be more receptive to those recommendations. Some questions to work in might include:What does financial success look like for you?What challenges are you currently facing with your money?What financial goals are you trying to achieve?3.)  Take notes and follow up. While building a relationship of accountability can’t happen at the credit union level like it can at the individual coaching level, employees can take notes on the questions they ask members and follow up at a later date. Doing so communicates the credit union values the members’ financial goals just as much as they do. For example, if a member tells a Member Service Representative that financial success looks like home ownership within the next year, the MSR could send an email 6 months later to ask how that goal is progressing and if the member is interested in learning more about mortgages at the credit union to help make it happen.In the red ocean that is the financial services industry, it’s more important than ever that credit unions find a way to differentiate and deliver an experience like no other. Supporting members with a marriage of exceptional service and coaching techniques will help them feel empowered and confident with their money, and encourage them to bring their friends, family, and neighbors, too.last_img read more

Biden makes his first remarks to the nation as president-elect.

first_img“What is our mandate?” he said. “I believe it’s this: Americans have called upon us to marshal the forces of decency, the forces of fairness, to marshal the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time.”Senator Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect, spoke first, telling voters that they had chosen “hope and unity, decency, science and, yes, truth.” She invoked her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, who came to the United States from India at the age of 19, and paid tribute to the women “who throughout our nation’s history have paved the way for this moment tonight.” The message, as it was throughout the campaign, was rooted more in a sense of values than in an especially ideological viewpoint, an approach that helped him build a broad coalition throughout the campaign but that will be tested in partisan Washington.Yet Mr. Biden grew impassioned as he insisted that for all of the tensions in the country, Americans still wanted to see their leaders find common ground. He promised to bring steady leadership and experience to meet the staggering crises facing the nation, most prominently the coronavirus. – Advertisement – WILMINGTON, Del. — Joseph R. Biden Jr. addressed the nation for the first time as president-elect on Saturday night, delivering a message of unity and trying to soothe the extraordinary divisions that defined the last four years in American politics.“Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now,” he said.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – In remarks before a drive-in audience in Wilmington brimming with longtime friends from Delaware, his home state, he directly appealed to the tens of millions of Americans who backed President Trump’s re-election, seeking to make good on his central campaign promise of bringing the country together. “For all those of you who voted for President Trump, I understand the disappointment tonight,” Mr. Biden, speaking at the conclusion of his third run for the presidency, said. “I’ve lost a couple times myself. But now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again.”He added, “This is the time to heal in America.”- Advertisement – “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last,” she said. “Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.” Mr. Biden’s optimistic speech, flecked with references to faith and American history, came 48 years to the day after he was first elected a senator from Delaware. He spoke from a flag-bedecked stage outside the Chase Center on the Riverfront, an event center near the Christina River, where he invoked themes that shaped his presidential campaign. last_img read more

Frank Lampard praises heated half-time inquest as Chelsea squad ripped into each other

first_imgAdvertisement Metro Sport ReporterMonday 30 Dec 2019 11:44 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link775Shares Advertisement Frank Lampard praises players’ heated half-time inquest as Chelsea squad ripped into each other Chelsea trailed at half-time to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s header (Picture: EPA)Asked about the half-time inquest, Lampard said: ‘I like that and there should be because you don’t want 11 quiet players who just get on with it and just want to trot out again.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘I said my piece and was pretty firm because you can’t just come here and have nothing about you and think you’re going to get anything.‘It was “can we show something here, lads? Because we have to, we’re Chelsea and we can’t just roll up and not feel like the 3,000 fans who have travelled across London to watch the game”.‘Then the lads started talking and it was a bit aggressive, which is a good thing.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalArsenal took a first-half lead through Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and dominated the early exchanges, with Lampard turning to his bench to bring on Jorginho.He ditched the back three and reverted to a back four, adding an extra body in midfield, and the side responded immediately, with Lampard very unhappy with how his team started the game.center_img Comment There was plenty of finger-pointing and raised voices at the Emirates (Picture: Getty)Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed that things got very heated in the dressing room at half-time of Sunday’s win over Arsenal, though he was happy to see such a passionate reaction.The Blues went behind at the Emirates but, after a tactical reshuffle from the manager, rallied in the second half and claimed all three points thanks to late goals from Jorginho and Tammy Abraham.Lampard had a few choice words for his players at half-time though the home truths were largely dished out by the players themselves, something the manager was happy to see. Chelsea’s half-time inquest was forgotten about by the final whistle (Picture: Getty)‘I could’ve made the changes after 10 minutes,’ said the Chelsea boss.‘That’s not just Emerson, that’s probably any of the players to change it slightly because it’s hard to convey a message with your voice on the sidelines in this sort of atmosphere. Sometimes it has to be a gesture. We changed and it got better.’MORE: Frank Lampard rates Tariq Lamptey’s debut for Chelsea after beating ArsenalMORE: What Frank Lampard told Chelsea stars at half-time to inspire Arsenal comeback winMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man Citylast_img read more

Update on the latest in sports:

first_imgLogan O’Connor’s second goal of the season broke a 1-1 tie in the second period of the Avs’ 2-1 triumph at Detroit. Vladislav Namestnikov (nah-MEHT’-nih-kahv) also scored and backup Michael Hutchinson faced just 18 shots in picking up his fifth win in 15 decisions.Each of Colorado’s last six wins have been by one goal.NHL-GM MEETINGSGMs seem prepared to keep status quo on emergency goaliesBOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — NHL general managers seem unlikely to suggest changes to the emergency backup goaltender policy, even after 42-year-old Zamboni driver David Ayres became one of the biggest stories of the season by winning a game for Carolina last month. TOKYO-POSSIBLE POSTPONEMENTJapan Olympic Minister: Games could be held any time in 2020TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s Olympic minister says the contract to hold the Tokyo Games only specifies the event has to be held during 2020.Seiko Hashimoto’s response to a question in the upper house of parliament implies the Olympics could be held later in the year and would not have to start on July 24.Hashimoto told parliament “the IOC has the right to cancel the games only if they are not held during 2020.” She says “this can be interpreted to mean the games can be postponed as long as they are held during the calendar year.” Baylor, Duke winUNDATED (AP) — Baylor and Duke were able to earn bounce-back wins. The fourth-ranked Bears had dropped two of three since a Big-12-record 23-game winning streak, and the No. 12 Blue Devils were losers in three of their previous four games.In Waco, MaCio Teague hit a 3-pointer with 1:13 left in overtime to help Baylor escape with a 71-68 triumph over Texas Tech. Teague stepped back behind the line and just beat the shot clock to put the Bears ahead 69-65.Baylor sealed the game with Jared Butler’s steal and his two free throws with 11 seconds remaining.Devonte Bandoo had 18 points and Butler 17 for the Bears. In a memo sent to teams on Sunday and obtained by The Associated Press, the NBA has offered 10 recommendations to players with hopes of decreasing risks of getting the virus. Those recommendations include not taking items such as pens, markers, balls and jerseys from autograph-seekers.The NBA also told teams that it is consulting “with infectious disease experts, including the Centers for Disease Control” and infectious disease researchers at Columbia University in New York.NBA-KNICKS PRESIDENTKnicks hire longtime player agent Leon Rose as presidentNEW YORK (AP) — The New York Knicks officially have named Leon Rose as their president, hoping the longtime player agent can be just as successful as an executive. Associated Press The Bucks established a season-low for points, with Brook Lopez providing a team-high 21. Giannis Antetokounmpo grabbed 15 rebounds but matched a season-low with 13 points on 6 for 18 shooting.Checking out Monday’s other NBA action:— Malcolm Brogdon scored 26 points and T.J. Warren added 23 to push the Pacers past the Spurs. Indiana squandered a 15-point, second-half lead before earning its fourth straight win, putting the Pacers in a fifth-place tie with Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference. The Spurs lost for the eighth time in 11 games despite going ahead 102-98 with 6:44 remaining.— The Bulls eked out a 109-107 win over the Mavericks behind Otto Porter Jr., who delivered 18 points in his return from a broken left foot. Coby White scored 19 points to help Chicago win without leading scorer Zach Lavine (lah-VEEN’). Luka Doncic (DAHN’-chihch) scored 23 for Dallas but missed a potential game-winning, 3-pointer at the buzzer.— The Jazz got their four-game road trip off to a good start as Bojan (BOY’-ahn) Bogdanovic provided 28 points and Rudy Gobert (goh-BEHR’) added 20 in a 126-113 victory at Cleveland. Donovan Mitchell had 19 points and nine rebounds for Utah, which made 20 3-pointers while staying in the fifth playoff spot out West. Bogdanovic buried a pair of 3-pointers down the stretch to help the Jazz won for the second time in six games. — C.J. McCollum poured in 41 points and Gary Trent Jr. added 24 in the Trail Blazers’ romp over the Magic in Orlando. Hassan Whiteside had 16 points and 13 rebounds as Portland ended a 3-game losing streak. The Blazers took control by outscoring Orlando 38-19 in the final period.— Gorgui Dieng (GEER’-gee jehng) contributed 17 points and 10 rebounds while the Grizzlies were holding the Hawks to 32% shooting in a 127-88 dismantling of Atlanta. Jonas Valanciunas (YOH’-nuhs val-ehn-CHOO’-nihs) had 15 points with 15 rebounds for the Grizzlies, who had nine players score in double figures. The Hawks were denied their first three-game winning streak of the season and suffered the third loss in their last 11 home games.NBA-VIRUS OUTBREAKWith Virus outbreak, NBA tells teams to keep distance from fans, strangersUNDATED (AP) — The NBA has told teams to avoid high-fiving fans and strangers and avoid taking any item for autographs. It’s the league’s latest response in its ongoing monitoring of the coronavirus crisis that has spread to most corners of the planet. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA-SCHEDULEKnicks surprise Rockets, Heat beat Bucks againUNDATED (AP) — The New York Knicks have pulled off one of the most impressive wins of their otherwise forgettable season. Sixth-ranked Kentucky is followed by Florida State, Seton Hall, Maryland and Louisville.The Aztecs, Terrapins and No. 18 Iowa were the only teams to hold their place after a week in which nine Top 25 teams lost to unranked opponents.Dayton has its highest ranking since reaching No. 2 in 1955-56 after stretching its winning streak to 18 games.Virginia, Illinois and Wisconsin moved into the poll. West Virginia, Colorado and Texas Tech fell out.NHL-SCHEDULE March 3, 2020 The issue was among the discussion points during the first three days of GM meetings. The apparent consensus was that emergency goaltenders are called upon so rarely that any reaction now would likely feel like an overreaction.NFL-JAGUARS-NGAKOUEPass-rusher Ngakoue no longer wants to re-sign with JaguarsJACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Standout defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (yah-NEEK’ en-GAH’-kway) no longer wants to sign a long-term deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.Ngakoue announced his desire to play elsewhere via social media. It could force Jacksonville to place the franchise tag on the 24-year-old disgruntled defender and trade him. The move comes with the 23rd-ranked Illini challenging for the Big Ten Conference championship in Underwood’s third season after going 26-39 during his first two years at the helm. They are 20-9 overall and tied for second in conference play with Michigan State and Wisconsin at 12-6, a game behind Maryland.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-POLLKansas is number oneUNDATED (AP) — Kansas is the unanimous No. 1 in a week of upheaval in men’s college basketball.The Jayhawks received all 64 first-place votes from the media panel in The Associated Press poll. Gonzaga was No. 2, with Dayton, Baylor and San Diego State rounding out the top five.center_img ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Tech has withdrawn its appeal of NCAA penalties against its men’s basketball program and will not lay in this month’s ACC Tournament.The Yellow Jackets received a one-year ban on postseason play as well as scholarship reductions and limits on official visits. By saying Monday it would accept those penalties this year, Georgia Tech is assured of being eligible to compete in the postseason next year and beyond.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-ILLINOIS-COACHUnderwood gets extensionCHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — Illinois says it has rewarded basketball coach Brad Underwood for a significant jump this season, giving him a three-year contract extension through 2026. Ngakoue has 37 1/2 sacks and 14 forced fumbles in four seasons. The speedy strip-sack specialist made the Pro Bowl in 2017 and had been seeking around $22 million a year to remain in Jacksonville.NORTH CAROLINA-AGENTS PROBEMistrial declared for ex-football player in NC agent’s caseHILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) — A Superior Court judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a former college football player charged with violating North Carolina’s sports agent law nearly a decade ago.Christopher Hawkins faced four counts tied to providing cash to three former Tar Heels football players in 2010. But after more than seven hours of deliberations Friday afternoon and Monday, the jury informed the judge that it couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict on any charge. IOC officials and Tokyo organizers have repeatedly said they expect the Olympics to open on schedule, in spite of the fast-spreading coronavirus.PGA-JOHNSON-0LYMPICSDustin Johnson decides against playing in the OlympicsUNDATED (AP) — U.S. golfer Dustin Johnson will not compete in the Tokyo Olympics, according to his manager. Johnson’s name was removed from the Olympic golf ranking Monday afternoon.At No. 5 in the world ranking, he currently would have been No. 3 among Americans behind Brooks Koepka (KEHP’-kuh) and Justin Thomas. Update on the latest in sports: Draisaitl, McDavid erupt against Predators…Avs creep closer to BluesUNDATED (AP) — The Edmonton Oilers’ dynamic duo of Leon Draisaitl (DRY’-sy-tul) and Connor McDavid collected five points apiece at the expense of the Nashville Predators on Monday.Draisaitl added to his NHL-leading point total by furnishing four goals and an assist as the Oilers blew out the Predators, 8-3. McDavid added a goal and four assists in a game that was tied 3-3 until Edmonton erupted for five goals in the third period.Draisaitl’s team-high 43rd goal of the season chased Pekka Rinne (PEH’-kuh-REE’-nah) from the nets midway through the third period. Draisaitl has 107 points, 13 more than No. 2 McDavid in the league points race.Meanwhile, the St. Louis Blues’ lead in the NHL’s Central Division is down to one point over Colorado after the Avalanche eked out their seventh straight win. Rookie guard RJ Barrett tied his season high with 27 points as the Knicks downed the Houston Rockets, 125-123. Julius Randle added 16 points and 16 rebounds for the Knicks, who held on after building a 21-point lead.New York ended Houston’s six-game winning streak and beat the Rockets at Madison Square Garden for the first time since January 2009.James Harden missed his first eight 3-point attempts before finishing with 35 points and eight assists for the Rockets. Russell Westbrook had 24 points and nine rebounds but missed a pull-up jumper on Houston’s final attempt.Meanwhile, the Miami Heat are the first team to beat the Bucks twice this season.Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler each scored 18 points in the Heat’s 105-89 downing of Milwaukee. Bam Adebayo had 14 points and 12 rebounds for the Heat, who improved to 39-22 and matched their win total from last season with 19 games remaining. The thumb began to bother Doncic during Friday’s loss to Miami, prompting the team to keep him out of last night’s win at Minnesota. The second-year player is averaging team highs of 28.6 points and 8.8 assists per game this season.The Mavericks held out Kristaps Porzingis (KRIHS’-tahps pohr-ZIHN’-gihs) against the Bulls a day after he tied a season high with 38 points and grabbed 13 rebounds.In other NBA injury news:— Pacers guard Victor Oladipo (oh-lah-DEE’-poh) missed Monday’s game against San Antonio after experiencing swelling in his right knee following the morning shootaround. Oladipo returned to action Jan. 20 from a ruptured quad tendon that forced him to miss more than a full calendar year. Pacers coach Nate McMillan said it’s too early to know how long Oladipo will be out.T25 MEN’S BASKETBALL-SCHEDULE In Durham, freshman Cassius Stanley scored 14 of his 18 points after halftime as the Blue Devils beat North Carolina State, 88-69. Fellow rookie Vernon Carey Jr. added 17 points for the Blue Devils, who shot 63% after halftime and had a run of 17 straight scoring possessions to build a big lead.Duke’s last meeting with the Wolfpack was an 88-66 loss at Raleigh two weeks ago, coach Mike Krzyzewski’s (shuh-SHEHF’-skeez) most lopsided loss to an unranked opponent in his four decades leading the program.N.C. State managed one field goal over the last four minutes of the first half before shooting just 38% after halftime.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-GEORGIA TECH-PENALTIESTech drops appeal of NCAA penalties Rose is taking over what has become one of the NBA’s worst franchises, headed toward its seventh straight season out of the playoffs. Teams such as Golden State and the Lakers have found success handing their basketball operations to an agent.Rose is the former co-head of the basketball division at CAA Sports. He replaces Steve Mills, who was fired early last month.NBA-INJURIESDoncic back in lineup…Oladipo sits one outUNDATED (AP) — All-Star guard Luka Doncic (DAHN’-chihch) was back in the Dallas Mavericks’ lineup tonight against the Bulls in Chicago after missing a game because of a sprained left thumb. Countries are allowed a maximum of four players in golf provided they are among the top 15 in the world ranking.last_img read more

Aubameyang stars as Arsenal fightback stuns Spurs

first_imgThis stirring comeback was exactly the kind of statement Arsenal needed as they moved above Tottenham into fourth place on goal difference.Ending their hated neighbours’ six-match winning run showed Arsenal aren’t content to let the balance of power in north London remain with Tottenham.But Emery warned his side not to get carried away with another big test looming at Manchester United on Wednesday.“We are happy and enjoying. But Tottenham beat Chelsea but then they lost to us. That is a big example for us as we think about the Manchester United match,” Emery said.“We know it is very difficult in Manchester. We are going to prepare as best we can. It is a big challenge for us.”Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino admitted his players suffered mentally and physically at the end of a draining week that included vital victories over Chelsea and Inter Milan.“It was complicated from the beginning of the game. After the third goal it was tough to come back mentally, to find the energy to go again,” he said.“We started to feel the effort we made in the Champions League and the Chelsea game. It was a big week.”Biting into challenges and harrying Tottenham into panicked mistakes, Arsenal made a blistering start and their relentless tempo paid dividends in the 10th minute.Vertonghen jumped with Shkodran Mustafi as they challenged for a corner and the Belgian’s raised arm clearly made contact with the ball as he tried to block the Arsenal defender’s header.– Fever pitch –Referee Mike Dean awarded a penalty and Aubameyang sent Hugo Lloris the wrong way from the spot for his 11th goal of the season.This TEAM These FANS That FEELING #ARSTOT— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) December 2, 2018Tottenham snatched a 30th minute equaliser as the derby reached fever pitch.Christian Eriksen’s inswinging free-kick caught Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka flat-footed and Dier nipped in to head past Bernd Leno’s weak attempted save.Dier celebrated by holding his finger to his mouth to indicate the Arsenal fans should keep quiet.Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2 London, United Kingdom | AFP | Unai Emery hailed Arsenal’s explosive 4-2 win over bitter rivals Tottenham as a statement of intent from his revitalised side.Emery’s team extended their unbeaten run to 19 matches in all competitions after fighting back from 2-1 down in arguably the Premier League’s game of the season so far.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s penalty had put Arsenal ahead before Eric Dier’s header and a Harry Kane spot-kick gave Tottenham the lead at half-time at the Emirates Stadium.Dier’s gloating celebration had triggered a touchline brawl involving Arsenal substitutes.But the fireworks were far from over as Aubameyang’s superb long-range equaliser sparked a second half surge from the Gunners.Alexandre Lacazette came off the bench to put Arsenal ahead and Lucas Torreira sealed the points with his first goal for the club.Capping a miserable day for Jan Vertonghen, the Tottenham defender was sent off in the closing stages after earlier giving away Arsenal’s penalty.“It is a very big match for our confidence. Now we have to continue our process,” Emery said.“It is a very big victory. We give this to our supporters because it’s a very special match against Tottenham.”It was only Arsenal’s second win in the last nine league north London derbies and, while stealing local bragging rights is always sweet, this felt like a significant moment for Emery’s team in the bigger picture. Emery has revived Arsenal since the depressing final years of Arsene Wenger’s reign.But losses to Manchester City and Chelsea and a draw with Liverpool had raised questions about Arsenal’s ability to compete for a top four finish.last_img read more

Brussels loses right to host Euro 2020 matches, Wembley gains four games

first_imgBrussels has lost the right to stage Euro 2020 matches following delays in the development of its new Eurostadium and the four games it was due host will go to London’s Wembley instead, UEFA said on Thursday.UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said those four matches would be in addition to the two semi-finals and final already scheduled to be played at England’s national stadium.The 2020 tournament is being played in 12 cities across Europe, instead of there being one or two host nations, as a one-off to celebrate the tournament’s 60th anniversary.UEFA also announced that Rome’s Stadio Olimpico would host the opening match.The building of the Brussels Eurostadium had run into delays involving the applications for construction and environmental permits.”We discussed with Brussels for quite a long time and they were not able to provide us with all the documentation. Today we don’t know if they can build a stadium or not,” Ceferin told reporters.”They still don’t have the documents… They didn’t expect a decision until January and they did not know whether that would be yes or no.”Experts from (our) administration felt it was a high risk for UEFA to wait. If the answer had been no, it would have been a problem for us to find a new stadium.”Koen De Brabander, chief executive of the Belgian Football Association, said in a statement that they did everything they could to make UEFA hold off.”Missing out on Euro 2020 does not necessarily mean a death blow for our stadium plans,” he said. “We absolutely need a new 45,000-seat stadium and we hope that the competent ministers will grant the permit in January so that a stadium for the 21st century can finally be built in our country.”advertisementUEFA also divided host cities into pairs, with each pair sharing matches in a given group.It said that Group A would be played in Rome and Baku, Group B in St Petersburg and Copenhagen, Group C in Amsterdam and Bucharest, Group D in London and Glasgow, Group E in Bilbao and Dublin and Group F in Munich and Budapest.last_img read more