Cappelli: A guest who has a reservation can enter Croatia

first_img“Primarily, the intention was to open for those who really have to enter Croatia, and there is in a way that the priority for people who own houses, boats… There was a lot of pressure. The one who has a reservation can enter Croatia, he must have some proof. But until both sides are resolved, it is clear to us that there is a problem on the way back. This is not a classic tourist opening, but an economic part, to get started, with a dose of caution and to know who is going, where and how. He has to get some voucher, some proof, he won’t be able to enter without it. But that was not the intention. This is all a dress rehearsal before what is important to happen, and that goes in the direction of an agreement, especially with Slovenian colleagues and friends. Talks have intensified, I think that in the middle of next week we will have a quality agreement where we will then talk more specifically about the right tourist entranceSaid Cappelli. When asked whether Croatia has opened its borders to tourists who practically only need to say that they have reserved accommodation when entering the country, Cappelli answered that a guest who has a reservation can enter Croatia, but that he must have some proof. Regardless of the opening of borders, it is certainly clear that as long as foreign nationals returning will have to go to quarantine in their home country, surely no one will come to Croatia. But as the situation changes from day to day, surely by 15.06 the whole situation can change, both for the better and for the worse. We must prepare and monitor the situation from day to day, and be ready to react quickly. Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli he was a guest RTL Today where he stressed that tourists who have a booking confirmation can enter Croatia. Bozinovic: Tourists can enter Croatia This afternoon, but also during a press conference from the Crisis Staff, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said that tourists can enter Croatia if they have a reservation in one of the accommodation facilities.center_img The question was what would happen if the number of infected people increased in the summer. “I never wanted to call Croatia a corona-free destination, but a responsible destination that knew how to organize in time. This is a flexible model of opening, if there is an increase in the number of patients, it does not mean that the whole of Croatia must be closed, if it happens in certain regions, then we will jointly agree to limit that part. Foreign guests will have the entire protocol explained in this situationSaid Cappelli. “We are in contact with hoteliers, with this decision we have made it possible for those who want to come to Croatia to do so. If someone has a hotel reservation, we have enabled the guest to come through this possibility of economic interest. We don’t want to stand in their way, if we can get some hotel accommodation or come to some apartment on the sea, why can’t we. But it is quite clear that tourism will be regulated through measures and recommendations that will be adopted at the level of the EC and other EU member states. Accordingly, tourists will behave in this way. Some countries and regions if they have a positive situation or similar to us, there is no reason not to agree and that tourists do not come to each other”, Bozinovic told us for “As we are the country holding the presidency, it is normal that we were familiar with some information during the preparations, nothing special anymore. We wanted to prove that the measures we presented before were integrated into all this together and that we thought well and well even before these measures were adopted at the EU level. The most important thing is that in some way it is allowed that where there are identical epidemiological situations, that we can talk bilaterally”, Said Cappelli as a comment on the European Union’s plan for the upcoming tourist season, which was presented today, and added:”The European Union said today that mutual communication must be allowed where possible. If we prove that the epidemiological situation is similar, and it is, I don’t see a problem there. Tourists will have all the information, it will be clear what, how and where, we will have all possible applications, we will have on the site, we will give in all possible languages. But these will be practically identical measures at the level of the whole of Europe” Source: RTL, / Photo: MINTlast_img read more