Elections 2014: A guide to all registered parties

first_img• IEC National Office Spokesperson: Kate Bapela Tel: 012 622 5700 Fax: 012 622 5784 Cell: 082 600 6386 [email protected] Call centre: 0800 11 8000 • Find the IEC online WebsiteFacebook Twitter YouTubeOn 7 May 2014 South Africans will vote in the country’s fifth national democratic elections, 20 years after the end of apartheid in 1994. The deadline for political parties to officially register with the Independent Electoral Commission closed on 12 March.A total of 152 parties are registered for the 7 May poll. We bring you a brief guide to the parties – the established, the newcomers, and the outliers.The 13 political parties currently represented in South Africa’s national parliament are all on the list – dominated by the ruling African National Congress, then the official opposition Democratic Alliance. This year’s list also includes two significant newcomers: Agang SA, and the Economic Freedom Fighters.Further down the list are over a hundred parties that reveal the vigour and diversity of the country’s democracy. Only in South Africa could, alphabetically, the Boerestaat Party of South Africa (BSP) be listed right next to the Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA) …The information on this list is according to the details each party has registered with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa.Jump to:Established partiesNoteworthy newcomersSmaller partiesEstablished partiesThe parties currently representing voters in South Africa’s national parliament, in alphabetical order.African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)Contact: Raymond Tlaeli Telephone: 011 8693941 • Fax: 011 8693942 • Postal address: PO Box 1677, Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa, 1450Website: www.acdp.org.zaAfrican National Congress (ANC)Contact: G Mantashe Telephone: 011 3761000 • Fax: 011 3761124 • Postal address: PO Box 61884, Marshalltown, 2107Website: www.anc.org.zaAfrican People’s Convention (APC)Contact: Paseka Zacharia Moshwadiba Telephone: 011 8717159 • Fax: 086 5661385 • Postal address: PO Box 4047, Kempton Park, 1620Website: www.theapc.org.zaAzanian People’s Organisation (Azapo)Contact: Strike Thokoane Telephone: 011 3316430 • Fax: 011 3316433 • Postal address: PO Box 4230, Johannesburg, 2000Website: www.azapo.org.zaCongress of the People (Cope)Contact: Deidre Carter Telephone: 082 8319168 • Fax: 086 6111601 • Postal address: 5th & 6th Floor, Metropolitian Building, corner Fox & Rissik Street, Johannesburg, 2006Website: www.congressofthepeople.org.zaDemocratic Alliance (DA)Contact: Penny Tainton Telephone: 021 4651431 • Fax: 086 5700282 • Postal address: PO Box 1475, Cape Town, 8000Website: www.da.org.zaIndependent Democrats (ID)Contact: Patricia De Lille Telephone: 021 4033530 • Fax: 021 4032350 • Postal address: PO Box 751, Cape Town, 8000Website: www.id.org.zaInkatha Freedom Party (IFP)Contact: P Smith Telephone: 021 403 2996 • Fax: 031 301 0279 • Postal address: PO Box 4432, Durban, 4000Website: www.ifp.org.zaMinority Front (MF)Contact: Telephone: 031 4041993 • Fax: 031 4049059 • Postal address: 76 Trisula Avenue, Arena Park, Chatsworth, 4037Website: www.mf.org.zaPan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)Contact: Mbuyiswa Gantso Telephone: 011 8389380 • Fax: 011 8389384 • Postal address: PO Box 6010, Johannesburg, 2000Website: www.pac.org.zaUnited Christian Democratic Party (UCDP)Contact: Pamela Motshidisi Motswenyane Telephone: 018 3815691 • Fax: 018 3817346 • Postal address: PO Box 3010, Mmbatho, 2735Website: www.ucdp.org.zaUnited Democratic Movement (UDM)Contact: H Nobongoza Telephone: 012 321 0010 • Fax: 012 321 0014 • Postal address: PO Box 26290, Arcadia, 0007Website: www.udm.org.zaVryheidsfront Plus (VF Plus)Contact: PD Uys Telephone: 012 665 0564 • Fax: 086 654 3289 • Postal address: PO Box 74693, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040Website: www.vf.co.zaNoteworthy newcomersSignificant new parties, contesting national elections for the first time.Agang South Africa (Agang SA)Contact: Andrew Gasnolar Telephone: 021 4121530 • Fax: 011 7185042 • Postal address: 9th Floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 2000Website: www.agangsa.org.zaEconomic Freedom Fighters (EFF)Contact: Mpho Ramakatsa Telephone: 079 5020422 • Fax: 086 5178839 • Postal address: Office 002 3rd Floor, Mineralia Building, corner De Beer & De Korte Streets, Braamfontein, 2001Website: http://effighters.org.zaSmaller partiesFrom the Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party to the Ximoko Party … for South Africans who want to make a different choice, there’s lots to choose from.Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party (AITUP)Contact: SM Goodson Telephone: 028 2738887 • Fax: 028 2738887 • Postal address: PO Box 360, Pringle Bay, 7196Website: www.abolishtax.org.zaAfrica Muslim Party (AMP)Contact: W Hassiem Telephone: 021 975 7862 • Fax: 021 975 7863 • Postal address: 10 Rodger Street, Valmary Park, Durbanville, 7550African Bond of Unity (ABU) Contact: Cheryl Philander Telephone: 021 3763126 • Postal address: 1 Buick Crescent , Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, 0000African Christian Alliance – Afrikaner Christen Alliansie (ACA)Contact: Petrus Johannes Van Der Westhuizen Telephone: 012 8001633 • Fax: 086 7330066 • Postal address: PO Box 98134, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, Tshwane, 0065Website: www.acaparty.org.zaAfrican Independent Congress (AIC)Contact: G.Z Ntlola Telephone: 0397374045 • Fax: 0397374045 • Postal address: PO Box 352, Matatiele, 4730African National Party (ANP)Contact: Langa Ndlovu Telephone: 047 5311717 • Fax: 047 5311717 • Postal address: PO Box 692, Mqanduli, 5080African Nazareth Democratic Movement (ANDM)Contact: Lindani Thokozane Hlatshwayo Telephone: 031 5784375 • Fax: 031 5784375 • Postal address: 37 Pressfield Place, Marbleray, 4037African United Front (AUF)Contact: Ronald James Sauls Telephone: 079 9004236 • Fax: 018 2946049 • Postal address: 81 Reitz Street, Von Villagh, Potchefstroom, 2252Afrika Borwa Kgutlisa Botho (ABKB)Contact: Phethelo Broese Peni Telephone: 0573971272 • Fax: 0573971272 • Postal address: 11087 Oppenheimer Park, Fonya Crescent, 9463Al Jama-AhContact: MGE Hendricks Telephone: 021 5314273 • Fax: 086 6848625 • Postal address: 1A Forest Place, Pinelands, 7405Website: www.aljama.co.zaAmbassadors Drive (AD)Contact: Elisabeth Mushwana Telephone: 079 2971416 • Postal address: 379 / 3 Mia-Ennerdale, 3rd Avenue, Ennerdale, 1830Black Consciousness Party (BCP)Contact: Nkosi Potto Molala Telephone: 012 4523811 • Fax: 012 3461149 • Postal address: Office No. 211, Southern Life Bld, 239 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 0002Boerestaat Party of SA (BSP)Contact: CJB Vermaak Telephone: 011 762 3842 • Fax: 011 762 3842 • Postal address: PO Box 4995, Luipaards Vlei, 1743Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA)Contact: Eric Shimola Mathebe Telephone: 011 9433693 • Fax: 086 5338025 • Postal address: PO Box 265, Dennilton, 1030Website: www.bolshevikspartysa.orgBushbuckridge Residents Association (BRA)Contact: Delta Mokwena Telephone: 082 6738119 • Fax: 013 7955770 • Postal address: Brooklyn Trust, PO Box 11162, Acornhoek, 1360Cape Party / Kaapse Party (Cape)Contact: Jack Miller Telephone: 021 6718668 • Fax: 021 7942662 • Postal address: PO Box 23900, Claremont, 7735Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA)Contact: Kerry Lee Botha Telephone: 012 6510608 • Fax: 012 6510608 • Postal address: PO Box 26186, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0007Christian Democratic Party (CDP)Contact: Kerry L Botha Telephone: 012 6510608 • Fax: 012 6510608 • Postal address: PO Box 26186, Arcadia, 0007Civic Alliance of South Africa (Casa)Contact: Sinki Michael Motsoane Telephone: 023 4143856 • Postal address: 30 Blue Bell Straat, Essopville, Beaufort West, 6970Civic IndependentContact: Nicolin Peter Crouwcamp Telephone: 023 6143263 • Fax: 086 6038515 • Postal address: PO Box 522, Montagu, 6720Community of South AfricaContact: Jabulane Lucas Radebe Telephone: 079 2432460 • Fax: 086 5718096 • Postal address: PO Box 1014, Ekangala, 1021Corrections & Civil Rights Movement (CCRM)Contact: Miles Bhudu Telephone: 011 3425742 • Fax: 011 8388373 • Postal address: 20 Fisher Street Ext 9, Eldorado Park, 1812Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front (DPF)Contact: TS Makhale Telephone: 015 962 5404 • Fax: 015 962 0891 • Postal address: PO Box 544, Sibasa, 0970Democratic Action Party (DAP)Contact: Paresh Mehta Telephone: 031 5006000 • Fax: 031 5007000 • Postal address: 10 Crete Street Starwood , Phoenix Durban, 4068Democratic Christian Party (DCP)Contact: Jacques Nico Ernest David Klazen Telephone: 023 2311656 • Fax: 023 3161877 • Postal address: Jasmyn Street 26, Bella-Vista, Ceres, 6835Democratic Labour Party (DLP)Contact: John Jullies Telephone: 021 9878728 • Postal address: 20 Park Avenue, Scottsdene, Kraaifontein, 7670Democratic Movement (DM)Contact: Sibongile Ndotshanga Telephone: 047 5323495 • Fax: 047 5323495 • Postal address: No 5 Fraser Road, Waterfall Park, Mthatha, 0000Democratic Party (DP)Contact: Penny Tainton Telephone: 021 4651431 • Fax: 086 5700282 • Postal address: PO Box 1475, Cape Town, 8000Die Volk Stem van Suider Afrika (DVSVSA)Contact: Anwar Romes Telephone: 082 7659933 • Fax: 021 8701443 • Postal address: 68 Sarah Robertson Straat, Drakenstein, Paarl-Oos, 7646Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa (DPSA)Contact: Moeketsi Lebesa Telephone: 058 7130432 • Fax: 086 5562711 • Postal address: 1st Floor Post Office, Peete Street, Phuthaditjhaba, 9866Direct Democracy Forum (DDF)Contact: John Barrington Telephone: 072 7610382 • Postal address: PO Box 31534, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2017Website: http://ddforum.co.za/EcopeaceContact: Alan Murphy Telephone: 031 465 7129 • Fax: 031 4615768 • Postal address: 449 Oliver Lea Drive, Umbilo, Durban, 4001Employment Movement of South Africa (Emsa)Contact: M Reitz Telephone: 021 794 0307 • Fax: 021 794 0307 • Postal address: No 29., Klein Constantia Road, Constantia, 7806Equal Rights PartyContact: Michael Casper Herbst Telephone: 072 5503644 • Postal address: PO Box 294, Edenvale, 1610Federal Congress (Fedcon)Contact: Matthew Shunmugam Telephone: 034 3124167 • Fax: 034 3124167 • Postal address: PO Box 23046, Newcastle, 2940First Indigenous Movement of South Africa (Fimosa)Contact: Elvis Thomas Balance Telephone: 011 7321245 • Fax: 011 7321245 • Postal address: 289 Heimwee Crescent , Geluksdal, Brakpan, 1550First Nation Liberation Alliance (Finla)Contact: Rev. Larry Varrie Telephone: 011 3851277 • Fax: 011 3851277 • Postal address: 14 Daf Street, Eden Park, Alberton, Gauteng, 1455Front Nasionaal / Front National (FN)Contact: Francois Cloete Telephone: 012 5467370 • Fax: 086 2181908 • Postal address: PO Box 17629, Pretoria Noord, 0116God’s People’s Party (GPP)Contact: JHJ van Rensburg Telephone: 017 647 0056 • Fax: 086 6938110 • Postal address: PO Box 1717, Bethal, Mpumalanga, 2310Great Kongress of South Africa (GKSA)Contact: Vb Chuturgoon Telephone: 034 326 4832 • Fax: 034 326 4832 • Postal address: PO Box 24067, Newcastle, 2940Green Party of South Africa (GPGP)Contact: J Sole Telephone: 021 789 1391 • Fax: 021 789 1143 • Postal address: PO Box 114, Noordhoek, 7985His Lordship To Save and Lead PartyContact: Dumile Jozela Telephone: 039 7374549 • Fax: 039 7373870 • Postal address: PO Box 726, Matatiele, 4730Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa)Contact: Ls Dhlamini Telephone: 083 402 5115 • Fax: 057 215 1404 • Postal address: PO Box 241, Virginia, 9430Independent Ratepayers Association of SA (Irasa)Contact: Izak David Berg Telephone: 011 9025984 • Fax: 011 9025529 • Postal address: PO Box 813, Alberton, 1450Indigenous Peoples Organisation (IPO)Contact: Lester Stanley Thomas Telephone: 078 6493003 • Postal address: 36 Titanuim Street, Chris Nissan Park, Somerset West, 7130International Revelation Congress (IRC)Contact: Thinawanga Ernest Mammba Telephone: 083 5595147 • Fax: 086 6034075 • Postal address: 1693 Tshiawelo, Thohoyandou Street, Soweto, 1818Keep it Straight and Simple (Kiss) Contact: Claire C Gaiford Telephone: 072 7172750 • Postal address: PO Box 243, Heidelberg, 1438Website: www.kissparty.co.zaKhoisan First Indigenous Political Party (KFIPP)Contact: Mmereki Job Makhafola Telephone: 072 0993506 • Fax: 086 6063615 • Postal address: 385 James Dewrance Single, Eersterus, Pretoria, 0022Khoisan Kingdom and All People (KKAAP)Contact: Jack Moreki Telephone: 012 7174679 • Fax: 086 6409085 • Postal address: 4318 Unit D, Temba Extension 6, Pretoria, 0407Khoisan PartyContact: Nathan Windvogel Telephone: 021 8622186 • Postal address: PO Box 3192, Paarl, 7620Khoisan United Front (KUF)Contact: Benedict Aloysius Kabab Telephone: 021 954 4862 • Postal address: 251 Delft Main Road, Voorburg, Delft, 7100Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM)Contact: Mpumezo Noel Ngesi Telephone: 043 6422395 • Fax: 086 2243957 • Postal address: 40 Eales Street, King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, 5601Konserwatiewe / Conservative Party (KP/CP)Contact: Peet Booysen Telephone: 0123476302 • Fax: 0123476302 • Postal address: 612 Goudsnip Street, Monument Park Ext 2, Pretoria, 0002Kwa-Zulu Natal Transport Alliance (KZNTA)Contact: Bafana Mhlongo Telephone: 031 309 9674 • Fax: 031 309 9674 • Postal address: PO Box 14127, Austerville, 4005Libertarian Party of South Africa (Lipsa)Contact: Barend Hendrick De Harde Telephone: 011 8884346 • Postal address: PO Box 3302, Jeffreys Bay, 6330Merafong Civic Association (Meca)Contact: Bongani Mhlwempu Mapolisa Telephone: 071 1582663 • Fax: 086 6727593 • Postal address: PO Box 17486, Norkem Park, 1631Moqhaka Apostolic Ministers Association (Mama)Contact: Matintong Aaron Lebuso Telephone: 076 7576134 • Fax: 086 6140206 • Postal address: PO Box 5094, P. O. Lengau, 9500Movement of God (MMG)Contact: Deon Mukhuba Telephone: 071 1220086 • Postal address: 7228 Katleho Street, Kanana, Orkney, 2619Movement Democratic Party (MDP)Contact: Jake Maseka Telephone: 0127031337 • Fax: 0127033454 • Postal address: PO Box 9113113, Rosslyn, 0200Mpumalanga Party (MP)Contact: William Motibi Rampisa Telephone: 083 3370369 • Fax: 086 5175003 • Postal address: Private Bag X521, Elandsfontein, 0485Mzantsi People’s Front (MPF)Contact: Raymond Yeki Postal address: 2 Rose Street, Bongweni , Khayelitsha, 7784Nasionaal Demokratiese Party / National Democratic Party (NDP)Contact: MP Bester Telephone: 022 7131646 • Fax: 022 7131646 • Postal address: PO Box 799, Vredenburg, 7380National Christian Democratic Party (NCDP)Contact: Alfred B Modise Telephone: 074 3613493 • Fax: 086 5466254 • Postal address: PO Box 1218, Florida, 1710National Convention of Azania (NCA)Contact: Sithembiso Reginald Kondlo Telephone: 073 8081457 • Fax: 047 5323664 • Postal address: Private Bag X484, Qumbu, 5180National Democratic Convention (Nadeco)Contact: Margaret Sheron Arnolds Telephone: 083 958 0222 • Fax: 086 662 0058 • Postal address: PO Box 4142, Durban, 4000National Freedom Party (NFP)Contact: Duduzile Precious Mhlongo Telephone: 031 9070667 • Fax: 031 4658516 • Postal address: PO Box 61536, Bishopsgate, 4008National Independent Civic Organisation (Nico)Contact: JJ Januarie Telephone: 079 9593376 • Fax: 086 2199528 • Postal address: 3 School Street, Swellendam, 6740National Independent Party (NIP)Contact: Matsheke Mzamani Daniel Telephone: 083 2449682 • Fax: 086 6458171 • Postal address: PO Box 4209, Giyani, 0826National Party South Africa (NP)Contact: Achmat Williams Telephone: 082 4778678 • Fax: 021 5937886 • Postal address: PO Box 772, Maitland, 7405Website: www.nationalparty.co.zaNational People’s Party (NPP)Contact: Johan Arnoldus van Niekerk Telephone: 021 552 1538 • Fax: 021 555 1455 • Postal address: P.O Box 16373, Vlaeberg, 8018National Republican Party (NRP)Contact: . Zandile Lerato Rakgabane Telephone: 011 7364553 • Fax: 086 7145478 • Postal address: PO Box 3, SpringsNationalist Coloured Party (NCP)Contact: Andre Jacobs Telephone: 081 3898546 • Fax: 086 5583974 • Postal address: 30 Tambotie Crescent, Durbanville, 7550Nehemiah Liberation Christian Party (NLCP)Contact: John Riddles Telephone: 079 9726595 • Postal address: 85 Erica Street, Tafelsig, Lost City, Mitchells Plain, 7785Pan Africanist Movement (PAM)Contact: Clarence Mayekiso Telephone: 039 6823331 • Fax: 086 5486917 • Postal address: PO Box 44106, Port-Shepstone, 4240Parliament of Polls Practical Administration and Diplomats (Poppad)Contact: Desmond Segole Mashabela Telephone: 082 2212924 • Postal address: 24687 Madikizela Street, Extension 3 Kwa-Thema, Springs, 1575Patriotic Alliance (PA)Contact: Thapelo Kenny Kunene Telephone: 011 7833313 • Postal address: Block A3, N1 City Goodwood, Cape Town, 8000Patriotic Movemement of South Africa (Pamsa)Contact: Lindiwe Doris Liwani Telephone: 073 7647820 • Fax: 047 5371701 • Postal address: 87 Dikweni Street, Ikwezi Township, Mthatha, 5099Peace and Justice Congress (PJC)Contact: Muhammed Rashad Khan Telephone: 021 4626860 • Fax: 021 4622460 • Postal address: 1st Floor , Herold Gie Building, 8 Darling Street, Cape Town, 8001Website: www.pjcongress.co.zaPeaceContact: Zaheed Valli Telephone: 011 8549175 • Postal address: 31 Citroen Circle, Extension 13, Lenasia, 1827People With Disability Democratic Party (PDDP)Contact: Sipho Hlabishi Mmaboko Telephone: 072 0881019 • Postal address: PO Box 50237, Motwaneng Nebo, 1059People’s African Party (PAP)Contact: Shaheed Noor Telephone: 021 683 9374 • Fax: 021 683 9373 • Postal address: 134 Milner Road, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708Peoples Alliance (PAL)Contact: Samuel H Kennedy Telephone: 031 3122650 • Fax: 031 3122652 • Postal address: PO Box 1706, New Germany, 3610Website: www.peoplesalliance.org.zaPeople’s Civic Organisation (PCO)Contact: Luyanda Njomane Telephone: 011 0568600 • Fax: 086 5852983 • Postal address: 57 Ockerse Street, 1st Floor Chamber Building, Krugersdorp Cbd, Mogale City, 1740Website: www.peoplescivic.netPeople’s Democratic Movement (PDM)Contact: Christopher John Grootboom Telephone: 073 2524135 • Fax: 023 6264977 • Postal address: 50 Van Zyl Street , Robertson, 6705People’s Party of South Africa (PPSA)Contact: NM Nndadamala Telephone: 012 7714638 • Fax: 086 2124067 • Postal address: 5038 Unit 5, Temba, 0400Poelano Revelation Party (PRP)Contact: Philemon Sadick Telephone: 078 4405726 • Postal address: 2855 Temba Location, Temba, 0407Prem Peoples Agenda (Prem)Contact: Premram Sookmungal Telephone: 011 0537719 • Postal address: Stand 175 , Lawley Station, Informal Settlement, Lawley, 1827Prisoners Political Party (PPP)Contact: Tshepang Johny Mothibeli Telephone: 072 9541034 • Postal address: 1445 Zwane Street, Tumahole, Parys, 9585Progressive Alliance SA (PA SA)Contact: Charles Harmse Telephone: 083 2060978 • Postal address: 20 Reuter Street, Sarepta , Kuilsrivier, Cape Town, 7540Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)Contact: Sicelo Armstrong Qwele Telephone: 084 8472537 • Fax: 011 9693331 • Postal address: 94 Grant Street, Putfontein, Benoni, 1525Regte Party / Right Party (RP)Contact: Glk Sinclair Telephone: 011 609 6217 • Fax: 011 609 6217 • Postal address: PO Box 651, Edenvale, 1610Republican Democrats (RD)Contact: Adelaide Ramela Telephone: 072 5218612 • Fax: 086 6073532 • Postal address: 236 Van Erkom Building, 217 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 0001Royal Loyal Progress (RLP)Contact: Dudu Melta Sibiya Telephone: 03431 23762 • Fax: 034 315 3410 • Postal address: PO Box 14272, Madadeni, 2951Security Workers Political Party (SWPP)Contact: Isaac Mmotsa Telephone: 079 8459398 • Postal address: 11811 Extension 6, Mamelodi East, Pretoria, 0122Sibanye Civic Association (SCA)Contact: Derrick Arthur Hendrickse Telephone: 021 8895042 • Postal address: 8 Fontein Street, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch, 7600Website: www.stelcivic.org.zaSimunye in Christ Organisation (Simunye)Contact: NR Mogudi Telephone: 011 7321171 • Fax: 011 7321171 • Postal address: PO Box 70170, Tsakane, 1548Sindawonye Progressive Party (SPP)Contact: RQ Mtsweni Telephone: 013 945 7002 • Fax: 013 963 0049 • Postal address: PO Box 291, Kwa- Mhlanga, 1022Sion Kingdom and Priesthood Everlasting (Skape)Contact: Lindimpi Phineas Mhlanga Telephone: 078 0093996 • Postal address: PO Box 749, Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, 0472Socialist Green Coalition (SGC)Contact: Trevor Ngwane Telephone: 011 9384305 • Fax: 011 9389907 • Postal address: PO Box 3579, Southgate Mall, Johannesburg, 2082Socialist Party of Azania (Sopa)Contact: Lt Mabasa Telephone: 011 337 0587 • Fax: 011 403 4053 • Postal address: PO Box 11039, Johannesburg, 2000South Africa First (SAF)Contact: Edward M Mokhoanatse Telephone: 072 5873460 • Postal address: 68 Elandsdrift Road, Elandsdrift, Lanseria, Randburg, 1748South Africa People’s Party (Sapp)Contact: Ismail Sampson Telephone: 021 6379534 • Fax: 021 6379534 • Postal address: 298 Ottery Road, Ottery, Cape Town, 7800South African Business Party (SABP)Contact: Clarodene Last Telephone: 021 852 4444 • Fax: 021 852 8005 • Postal address: PO Box 1138, Somerset West, Western Cape, 7129South African Civic Social Development Movement (SACSDM)Contact: Edward Bezana Telephone: 039 2531392 • Fax: 039 2531397 • Postal address: PO Box 1028, Lusikisiki, 4820South African Communist Party (SACP)Contact: S Zungu Telephone: 011 339 3621 • Fax: 011 339 4244 • Postal address: PO Box 1027, Johannesburg, 2000South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association (Sameba)Contact: Makgorometse Gift Makhaba Telephone: 013 2640020 • Fax: 086 5344292 • Postal address: PO Box 841, Nebo, 1059South African People for Equality (Shape)Contact: Armien Albertyn Telephone: 021 4476228 • Fax: 021 4477263 • Postal address: 31 Aubrey Street, Salt River, Cape Town, 8000South African Political Alliance (Safpa)Contact: I Bester Telephone: 022 713 1646 • Fax: 022 713 1646 • Postal address: PO Box 799, Vredenburg, 7380South African Political Association (Sapa)Contact: Tebogo Locks Telephone: 014 5929319 • Fax: 086 2187835 • Postal address: 145 Klopper Street, Rustenburg, 0300South African Political Party (Sapp)Contact: MR Mokitimi Telephone: 018 384 2207 • Fax: 018 384 2207 • Postal address: PO Box 3755, Mmabatho, 2735The Peoples Independent Civic Organisation (TPICO)Contact: Jacob Botha Telephone: 022 7722493 • Postal address: 1 Aalwyn Straat, Langebaan, 7357The Promise of Freedom (TPF)Contact: Kenneth Will Jackson Telephone: 071 1208425 • Postal address: 161 Kenville Road, Umgeni, Durban, 4001The Real Party (TRP)Contact: Simphiwe Mandla Nxumalo Telephone: 035 7721783 • Fax: 086 7646584 • Postal address: No 6 Turnbull Street, Empangeni, 3880Website: www.real.org.zaTrue Freedom Party (TFP)Contact: Gift Mashabane Telephone: 072 1870297 • Postal address: 10285 Mthimkhulu Street, Mamelodi East, 0122Truly Alliance (TA)Contact: Mahomed Faruk Adam Telephone: 0315053309 • Fax: 0315053307 • Postal address: 388 Palmview Drive, Palmview, Phoenix, 4068Ubumbano Lwesizwe Sabangoni (Ubumbano)Contact: Mehlwenkosi Hamilton Buthelezi Telephone: 074 7047780 • Fax: 086 2724236 • Postal address: 6 Brineclay Place, Phoenix, Durban, 4068Ubuntu PartyContact: Michael Tellinger Telephone: 082 3213105 • Fax: 086 6006420 • Postal address: P.O.Box 204, Waterval Boven, 1195Umnotho Democratic Front (UDF)Contact: Mgcini Mlangeni Telephone: 071 7727060 • Fax: 086 5091411 • Postal address: 18 Orron Crescent, 195 Crompton Street, Pinetown, 3610Email: [email protected] Movement SA (Umsa)Contact: Mutsharini T David Telephone: 079 1784405 • Postal address: House 164, Vleifontein, Kgopotsetiro Street, 0948Unified Popular Movement (UPM)Contact: Jimmmy Thlopane Vuma Telephone: 084 6646098 • Fax: 011 9757133 • Postal address: 186 Igqagqa Section, Tembisa, 1632United African Democrats (UAD)Contact: Gordon Mthombeni Telephone: 012 7714021 • Fax: 086 6588101 • Postal address: Suite No 407, Constantia Building, corner Andries & Schoeman Str, Pretoria, 0001United Congress (Unico)Contact: Nokulunga Ezethu Sithole Telephone: 043 7354499 • Fax: 043 7354536 • Postal address: 20 Carisbrook Road, Stikling, East London, 5200United Front (UF)Contact: T D Hlatshwayo Telephone: 011 331 0404 1110 • Fax: 011 331 3240 • Postal address: 17th Floor Kine Centre, 141 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, 2001United Residents Front (URF)Contact: Mofihli Thomas Likotsi Telephone: 051 5346529 • Fax: 051 5341436 • Postal address: 38 Fort Street, Bloemfontein, 0000United State of Africa Organisation (Usao)Contact: Ali Metsing Telephone: 011 9201749 • Fax: 011 9241276 • Postal address: 632 Endulwini Section, Tembi Mall, Tembisa, 1632Universal Civics of South Africa (Ucosa)Contact: David Sasman Telephone: 071 8718556 • Fax: 021 8800413 • Postal address: 8 Rorine Street, Stellenbosch, 7601Western Cape Community (WCC)Contact: Juan Ro Swanepoel Telephone: 023 6142614 • Fax: 023 6141667 • Postal address: 18 Badskop Crescent, Montagu, 6730Women Forward (WF)Contact: Nana Ngobese Telephone: 033 3427136 • Fax: 033 3427137 • Postal address: PO Box 22170, Mayors Walk, Pietermaritzburg, 3208Workers and Socialist Party (Wasp)Contact: Mametlwe Sebei Telephone: 011 3330804 • Fax: 011 3330804 • Postal address: Office 405, House of Movements, 123 Pritchard Street (corner. Mooi), Johannesburg, 2000Workers International Vanguard Party (WIVP)Contact: S Mahomed Telephone: 021 4476777 • Fax: 088 2144767 • Postal address: 1st Floor, Community House, 41 Salt River, Salt River, 7925Website: www.workersinternational.org.zaWorkers Party (WP)Contact: TTD Hlatshwayo Telephone: 011 331 0455 • Fax: 011 331 1481 • Postal address: PO Box 6455, Johannesburg, 2000World Solidarity Movement (WSM)Contact: Bernardo van Heerden-Baez Telephone: 012 998 2317 • Fax: 012 348 1562 • Postal address: Suite 59, Private Bag X2005, Menlyn, 0036Ximoko Party (XP)Contact: AM Mabunda Telephone: 01581 23718 • Fax: 01581 21454 • Postal address: PO Box 5202, Giyani, 0826last_img read more

Winterizing your greenhouse

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Soon it will be time to heat the greenhouse. The heating system may have been working when it was last used this past spring, but those systems have had several warm and humid summer months to degrade.A heater or boiler out of tune will use more fuel than necessary and could produce harmful exhaust inside the greenhouse. In addition, new cracks or other air gaps in the structure will quickly leak heat. Checking over the greenhouse structure and heating systems as fall approaches will save your heating costs.HeatersService space heaters or boiler serviced once a year. Check with your natural gas or propane provider to see if heater inspection is a service offered. Hire a qualified service technician to perform regular maintenance. Gains in efficiency can more than pay for a professional tune-up.There is some basic maintenance for a gas space heater, but only perform as much self-service as you feel comfortable with. Before the heating season check heaters, air inlets, and chimneys for bird nests and other debris. Clean gas burners with a bristle brush and compressed air. Inspect the heat exchanger and exhaust pipe for cracks. A cracked heat exchanger or vent pipe will allow harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and ethylene into the greenhouse. Electrical connections should be tight. If fuel oil is used, replace the fuel filter. Check pilot or spark ignition for proper operation.Turn on gas burners and inspect gas flames. The burner flame should be blue. A yellow flame indicates incomplete combustion and could be caused by a dirty or misaligned orifice. An unstable flame may be an indication of drafts from a cracked heat exchanger or other air leaks. Check gas supply lines for leaks with a soap solution while the gas is on. Make sure propane tanks have adequate pressure or that fuel oil tank is full.Regular heating system maintenance results in a 2% increase in efficiency. For a 30-foot by 100-foot greenhouse 2% can save: 285 therms of natural gas, 330 gallons of propane, or 200 gallons of fuel oil. The savings should more than pay for the service. Seal air leaksExpandable foam, weather stripping, and caulking can be used to seal air leaks in the greenhouse structure where heat can escape. Check for air gaps around doors, ventilation fans, and other equipment mounted through the glazing. Plastic film can become cut, punctured, or torn with regular use throughout the year. It is very easy to accidently poke a long handled tool through polyethylene film. Inspect the film and use an appropriate tape to seal any holes.Keep photosynthesis in mind when sealing the greenhouse. Plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. If the greenhouse is too well sealed, carbon dioxide levels will drop and photosynthesis will decrease. Monitoring carbon dioxide levels in the greenhouse will help to determine if there is enough ventilation for plants to grow. An air exchange rate of 0.1 to 0.3 exchanges per hour is necessary to ensure sufficient carbon dioxide. An alternative option to ventilation is the installation of a carbon dioxide burner.In addition to using up carbon dioxide, plants in an air-tight greenhouse will raise relative humidity. It is therefore necessary to actively remove moisture from a well-sealed greenhouse. To maintain acceptable humidity levels, a greenhouse will require between 0.3 and 1 air exchanges per hour. The exact air exchange rate required is dependent on outside humidity level. Measuring relative humidity in the greenhouse will be necessary to ensure proper humidity levels for plant transpiration and disease control.Louvers are designed to seal when ventilation fans are not operating. If ventilation fans will be needed for dehumidification during the winter, lubricate louvers so they can easily shut when fans are turned off. If fans will not be used during the winter, consider sealing them with plastic or Styrofoam insulation inside and out. Any other openings in the greenhouse structure that will not be used during winter such as cooling pads should be well sealed.Light LevelLimited light in the winter due to low solar angle and short daytime can be made worse by dirty glazing. Glazing should be cleaned prior to the winter season. Double layer plastic film should be inflated with outside air for higher light transmission. If high humidity greenhouse air is used to inflate double layer plastic covering, condensation will form between the layers and reduce light transmission. Inflation to the proper static pressure is important for maximizing the insulating properties of the glazing. Double layer plastic film greenhouses naturally have lower light transmission than single layer films, so make sure you are taking full advantage of the heat savings by keeping the film properly inflated. Also in preparation for the low light levels associated with the winter, check the operation of supplemental lighting. Prevent freezingAny water lines that may be subjected to freezing temperatures should be blown out or otherwise winterized. Make sure equipment, such as pressure washers, are winterized so freezing water does not cause damage. Cooling systems for internal combustion motors must have antifreeze in the coolant. Dr. Peter Ling is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the area of controlled environment plant production. He can be reached at 330-263-3857 or [email protected] This column is provided by the OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, OSU Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research and development Center, and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Luke Power is a Research Associate with Dr. Ling.last_img read more

Potential biological control agents found for fungal diseases of soybean

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Viruses are everywhere. They affect all forms of life, from complex mammals down to the mere fungus. We may not give much thought to fungal viruses, or mycoviruses, but new research from the University of Illinois suggests they deserve a closer look.“There’s been a lot of work done with human and animal and plant viruses. There isn’t as much known about fungal viruses or insect viruses, because if they get infected with a virus, no one cares,” said Leslie Domier, U of I and USDA ARS virologist.It turns out there are good reasons to care about mycoviruses. Fungal diseases account for approximately 10% yield losses annually in corn and soybeans. When certain mycoviruses infect those fungi, they can become less virulent — good news for crop yields. These forms were the targets of a recent investigation by Domier and his colleagues.“In addition to viruses that make fungi less virulent, we were also looking for those that might be transmitted outside of the fungus the way a cold virus is transmitted, where you can pick it up off a surface without having direct contact with another person. Therefore, we were particularly interested in viruses that were encapsidated, or that formed virus particles,” Domier said.The team extracted genetic material, DNA and RNA, from five major types of plant-pathogenic fungi and used computers to search for genetic sequences that resembled those of known viruses.“We found a lot of sequences that were very similar to previously described fungal viruses, but we also found some encapsidated forms that were similar to plant viruses. Those were the ones we were most interested in, because they reduce fungal virulence and can be transmitted outside the fungus,” he said.This key combination may make it possible for these viruses to be used as biological control agents.“Some mycoviruses have been shown in laboratory or greenhouse studies to be very effective biocontrol agents,” Domier said.One day, the encapsidated forms they discovered may be sprinkled on a field to kill pathogenic fungi and improve soybean yield. Interestingly, the research could also improve medical treatment options for human fungal diseases.“The biochemical pathways in fungi are relatively close to humans, so it’s often difficult to find something that will kill a fungus and not damage the person. Ultimately, we are hoping to explore whether we can use mycoviruses to reduce the severity of human disease to the point where normal immune response could clear the disease from the body,” Domier said.The article, “Identification of diverse mycoviruses through metatranscriptomics characterization of the viromes of five major fungal plant pathogens,” is published in the Journal of Virology. The research was funded by the National Sclerotinia Initiative and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service.last_img read more

A Cache In Trash Out (CITO) Event Branches Out

first_imgCITO Event cache, “Come plant a tree”Vila Real, Portugal – Geocachers in Portugal recently gathered for a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) Event cache.  The geocachers helped the environment, but they didn’t take out bags of trash.  Instead they left something behind.   The group of geocachers planted hundreds of trees in an area of Portugal ravaged by recent wildfires.Tree destroyed by recent wildfiresJorge Cardoso, Osodrac Team, organized the CITO called, “Vem plantar uma Árvore” (GC25KYV). The event translates from Portuguese into English simply as, “Come plant a tree.”  More than a dozen geocachers grabbed shovels and got to work on October 16th.Geocacher planting a tree at CITO event GC25KYVCardoso says local authorities were quick to provide the willing geocachers with help. He says, “We talked with the people of the Municipality of Vila Real, who gave us the trees and talked with the President of the Parish of Vila Cova who gave us a plot of land.”Hugo Silva, SUp3rFM, is the Volunteer Reviewer who published the CITO event.  He says, “I thought of it as a very nice idea. A cool concept. The owner was really into it. He gathered a lot of local support for the authorities, got some equipment, seeds, hardware, etc. His goal was to plant trees on an area that was caught by wild fires in the past. Geocachers would certainly go along. I always say they’re very nice people.””Bosque do Geocacher”The geocachers didn’t just plant trees.  They placed a geocache.  It’s a geocache Cardoso describes as unique for Portugal.  It’s a standard sized cache located near a plaque to geocachers.The plaque was placed after the CITO event.  The plaque and the new cache have the same title.  They’re both called “Bosque do Geocacher” (GC2FPJW).   It translates to “Geocacher’s Grove.”Silva says, “I think that we, as a group, have something to say to the non-geocaching community. Our common interest takes us to remote locations to enjoy wildlife and nature, clean out the trash that some forgot along the way, with only a few rewards as a prize: A smile and a great feeling of good will.”According to Cardoso he’s considering another CITO event next year.  He says, “Finally, I tell you it was an action that left us – Team Osodrac – I, my wife and my son very proud of all of the geocachers’ achievements. We think our great community can organize themselves and work towards a cause that leaves a mark for a more promising future. We believe we have fulfilled our purpose of helping our world, on a small scale, it is true, but what matters is the intention of improving it.”Geocachers after CITO event GC25KYVShare with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedTen wonderful Cache In Trash Out® 2018 moments from around the worldOctober 1, 2018In “Cache In Trash Out”Dirty Your Hands with a Geocaching Good DeedJuly 21, 2014In “7 Souvenirs of August”Lessons in Environmental Geocaching “Gecko 2012″May 29, 2012In “Cache In Trash Out”last_img read more

Renting a Home as an Absentee Landlord

first_imgBy Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, Rutgers Cooperative ExtensionShould a military family planning to move to their next duty station sell their home or keep it as a rental property? Like many financial planning questions, the best answer is “it depends.” There are many factors to consider when a service member is deciding whether to sell a home or turn it into rental property. Here are some key questions for Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP)staff to ask:What is the housing market like in the area?Are houses selling quickly or staying on the market for months (or years)?Is there a strong rental market?Is the service member prepared to be a long-distance landlord or able to afford to hire a local property manager to manage the property?Can enough rent be charged to cover both the mortgage and any property management fees?How much money is currently owed on the mortgage?Does the service member owe more than the house is currently valued at?Will a property insurance company insure the residence when it is vacant (some companies will not)?Most importantly, can a service member afford to carry two homes if the first home can’t be rented or there are sporadic vacancies when tenants move?Photo by james.thompsonThese are just a few factors that service members must consider when deciding whether to sell or rent. For more information, see cbsnews.com/8301-505146_162-57443734/if-you-cant-sell-your-house-should-you-rent-it/If service members decide to become absentee landlords, they should expect to pay a property management fee of around 10% of the cost of the monthly rent to the agency. They may also have to pay a set-up fee to open an account and keep a specific amount of money in the account with the property manager for emergency repairs costing a minimal amount, such as fixing a leaky sink. Major repairs, such as replacing a refrigerator or other appliance, should require authorization from the property owners.Absentee landlords should consider purchasing a home warranty on the house for major components that could break (e.g., air conditioning). For a rental property, the cost is tax-deductible. Another recommended step is hiring a lawyer to review all rental agreement contracts.Where can military families find a property manager who caters to rental units for military families? They can start with the Realtor who sold them the house. A good Realtor in a community with a large population of military families will have a network that includes local property managers who specialize in marketing to military families. The service member can also ask around among military friends and colleagues. Chances are someone will be able to recommend a property manager in the area who caters to military families.Service members should interview at least three property managers before they decide which one to use. Cases have been reported of service members paying management companies only to find out later that they only did one drive-by in a year and/or never even walked into the house to check on the inside. Military families may also want to check out the websites militarybyowner.com and ahrn.com (Automated Housing Referral Network). They cater to service members who want to rent or sell a house to other service members.This post was published on the Military Families Learning Network blog on March 30, 2015.last_img read more