“Immediate reaction disorder” must be addressed

first_imgDear Editor,In his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahneman enumerates two systems namely, system one which is fast, intuitive and emotional and system two which is slower, more deliberative and more logical. Our behaviour falls under either of these systems. We respond differently to the situations.Sometimes we react immediately and passionately.This behaviour is driven by several factors such as upbringing, society, ego etc. The trigger is the child in you. Many people suffer from this. It can be called, “immediate reaction disorder”, where one acts purely on passion. Most likely consequences from immediate reaction disorder are negative and detrimental.One has to move from child to parent in order to thrive positively and impact positive actions. We have to slow down and be calculative while reacting to a situation. We have to be logical and reasonable to react in a certain manner. This cannot be taught or does not come with age but it is the result of checking and rechecking our behaviours to any given situations.If one wants to improve in this regard, one has to try and change the behaviour pattern. There are people who react immediately to situations and then regret the behaviour. But if those people could first asses the consequences, their behaviour would be better. People who suffer from this disorder can be detrimental to others. Let us help people who suffer from this disorder.Best regards,Jerri Diaslast_img read more