How To Get A Ball Further: Top Tips From Pro Golfers

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesWhat is the key to a perfect hit in golf? Is it a technique of your swing, speed, aiming or, maybe, distance? In fact, it is all of that together!While technique, aiming, and speed can be easily adjusted with some practice, getting more distance is where most beginners have issues. However, don’t get disappointed if you are one of them. In this article, we have gathered some of the handiest tips and tricks to help you hit further!Handy Tips For Further ShotsIf you are desperately trying to increase the distance of your hits but don’t get any closer to your goal, there might be a few reasons for that. Golf is a game of consistency, and it is highly detail-oriented, which means that everything from the way you stand to the quality of your clubs matters! However, we can help you reach that goal! Read the best pro tips to learn how to get a ball further.1. Change the club pathAdjusting the path of your club can make you hit the ball much further even if your speed and swing remain unchanged! Experts recommend switching from steep and out-to-in (fade) to shallow and in-to-out (draw) for adding distance. Embed from Getty Images2. The higher the ball position, the further the hitOur second tip is both very simple and extremely effective. If you tee your ball higher, this will increase its launch angle, reduce backspin, and enlarge the distance of your hit.3. Pick the right ballIn a matter of fact, using the right ball can have a significant impact on the distance of your hit. While your ball may deliver good feel and all-round performance, are you sure that it can cover large distances? If not, you should opt for the longest golf ball – they usually have a lower compression, which allows you to hit further. 4. Opt for larger loftIn order to increase your loft, you need to find a perfect balance between the launch angle, backspin, and speed of your swing. As soon as you balance those things, you will be able to keep the ball in the air for a longer time. Thus, the distance of hit will increase as well.5. Buy suitable ironsJust like balls, irons can also contribute to further hits. The modern game improvement clubs can bring players numerous benefits and assist in the areas of the game where they need help. Thus, we recommend updating your old set. Maybe, investing in new irons will help solve all of your problems at the root.6. Buy the right shoesIt should go without saying that in order to play better, you have to feel comfortable in the clothes and shoes you wear. Wearing the right shoes can help you put more power into your hits and achieve more distance!7. Get new gripsIf you are still using your worn out old grips, it is the time to change them for new ones! The older the grip, the tighter you hold the club, and this has a negative impact on the distance, control, and speed of your hits. 8. Use launch monitor to your benefitUsing a launch monitor is a valuable experience, but, unfortunately, many players are still missing out on this. Experts recommend using it to your benefit. This smart tool will give you a detailed insight into your launch specs, which will help you determine what you are doing wrong.9. Opt for a driver with lower spinSpin is one of those things that restrict the distance. Thus, if you want to get the ball further, you will need to switch to a lower-spinning driver.10. Straighter club for larger distanceOur final tip is to switch to a straighter and more accurate club. As a rule, it should give you quite a bit of extra roll out! Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youAspireAbove.comRemember Pauley Perrette? Try Not To Smile When You See Her NowAspireAbove.comUndoLifestly.com25 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Are Gay – No. 8 Will Surprise WomenLifestly.comUndoUsed Cars | Search AdsUsed Cars in Tuen Mun Might Be Cheaper Than You ThinkUsed Cars | Search AdsUndoTopCars15 Ugliest Cars Ever MadeTopCarsUndoFood World Magazine15 Fruits that Burn Fat Like CrazyFood World MagazineUndoHappyTricks.comHer House Always Smells Amazing – Try her Unique Trick!HappyTricks.comUndoezzin.com20 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Dieezzin.comUndoDrhealth35 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the RefrigeratorDrhealthUndolast_img read more

Sharks-Avalanche Game 7: Will Joe Pavelski play tonight? We asked his wife

first_imgSAN JOSE — Will Sharks captain Joe Pavelski return to the ice for tonight’s win-or-go-home Game 7 NHL playoff game against the Colorado Avalanche at the Shark Tank?One authority thinks there’s a good chance.“I’m 75 percent sure he will play,” his wife, Sarah Pavelski, said Wednesday morning. “He’s hoping to, but wants to see the doctors one more time this morning to be sure.“Joe is feeling good.” Pavelski’s return could provide a huge emotional boost in the Sharks’ quest for a …last_img

The Uneven Burden of Energy Costs

first_imgEnergy efficiency can ease hardships and benefit everyoneWhile the energy burden numbers are alarming, opportunities abound to ease the hardship on groups that have long been underserved by efficiency programs.While many utilities operate energy-efficiency programs, as the report notes, much more can be done to reduce the energy burden on low-income households, including targeting efficiency initiatives to the long-overlooked low-income multifamily sector. One earlier study by Energy Efficiency for All found that increasing energy efficiency in multifamily affordable housing could cut electricity usage by as much as 26%.Utilities can step up efforts to reach out to low-income households, such as offering financing for energy efficiency projects. Another opportunity is EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program, an element of the Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants. It rewards states for early investments in energy efficiency in low-income communities.Bringing low-income housing to the efficiency level of the average U.S. home would eliminate 35% of the energy burden experienced by this population, the study’s authors found. The potential is even higher for African-American (42%), Latino (68%), and renting households (97%).The 56-page report, coming at a critical time in the debate over climate change, is a valuable tool in guiding policy makers on where to target energy-efficiency investment. Those are real — and critical — dollars. The average family could save as much as $300 annually on utility bills.Energy efficiency has long been an NRDC priority because it is the cheapest and fastest way to reduce power-plant pollution that harms our health and contributes to climate change.Cutting energy waste benefits all of us — in cleaner air, a more reliable transmission grid, and a stronger economy. (Efficiency initiatives not only generate jobs, such as work installing insulation, but also save utility customers money they can spend for other goods.) In addition, when low-income households can’t pay their utility bills, it can lead to higher costs for all utility customers.This report should be on the reading list of utilities, energy regulators, and anyone else looking to make the electric grid cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable.It won’t be just underserved households that benefit from greater investment in energy efficiency. It will be all of us. Meanwhile, Memphis had the highest energy burden for low-income households, with residents spending, on average, 13.2% of their income for energy. The median annual income for low-income residents of Memphis is $19,157, meaning that a family would be paying a whopping $200 a month ($2,400 a year) for energy to keep the lights on and their homes comfortable.In fact, in 17 of the cities in the report, a fourth of low-income households experienced an energy burden greater than 14%.Low-income households in the Southeast and Midwest, while having among the lowest average energy prices, had the highest average metropolitan energy burdens. While this report did not establish a causative relationship, we do know that Southeastern utilities have the lowest investment in energy-efficiency programs when compared to other regions. A new study confirms that low-income households, households of color, multifamily households, and renting households spend a much larger percentage of their income on energy bills than the average family, providing new evidence of the urgent need to expand energy-efficiency programs to vulnerable communities.The report, Lifting the High Energy Burdens in America’s Largest Cities: How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Low-Income and Underserved Communities, offers new insight into the hardships faced by urban low-income households — including African-American and Latino households and renters in multifamily buildings — all of whom pay a disproportionate amount of their income for energy.The study by the Energy Efficiency for All project (a coalition which includes NRDC and the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy) highlights the energy burdens on families in 48 large U.S. cities. It casts a spotlight on the opportunities to use efficiency to reduce these burdens, while cutting power-plant pollution that drives dangerous climate change. Why this report mattersPoverty and discrimination in rental and housing markets drive low-income households and people of color into older, less efficient buildings with higher energy costs. (Property owners may not install the best energy-saving measures and appliances because the owners are not paying the utility bills.)High energy burdens and poor housing quality then contribute to health problems: poorly heated or cooled homes contribute to asthma, respiratory problems, heart disease, arthritis, and rheumatism. Families struggling to pay energy bills may sacrifice nutrition, medicine, and other necessities, which compound the effects of inequality.These issues are particularly acute for low-income multifamily households. Because they are largely underserved by existing energy-efficiency programs, the average low-income multifamily household has an energy burden more than three times higher than that of the average non-low-income multifamily household (5.0% and 1.5%, respectively) and had higher utility cost per square foot. In these homes, “energy expenditures run 37% higher per square foot than in owner-occupied multifamily units (i.e. condos or cooperatives), 41% higher than in renter-occupied single family detached units, and 76% higher than in owner-occupied single-family detached units.” Further, from 2001 to 2009, while average rents in multifamily housing increased by 7.5%, energy cost for these renters increased by nearly 23%.The picture is also shown regionally. Findings from the study show that low-income multifamily housing represented the second highest energy burden (second to low-income in aggregate) in every region of the nation except California and the Midwest.This is important because multifamily buildings represent approximately 25% of the housing units in the U.S. and comprise 20% of energy consumed by all housing, and more than half of all low-income families live in multifamily housing.Despite these facts, low-income multifamily buildings are largely underinvested by energy efficiency programs and represents a large untapped resource potential. Energy burdens are not equalThe big picture findings from the report: The overwhelming majority of single-family and multifamily low-income households (those with income at or below 80 percent of area median income), households of color, and renting households experienced higher energy burdens than the average household in the same metropolitan area.For example, low-income households — many of whom live in older housing with poor ventilation as well as aging, inefficient appliances and heating systems — spend, on average, 7.2% of their income on utility bills, which amounts to about $1,700 annually out of $25,000 in median household income. That is more than triple the 2.3% spent by higher-income households for electricity, heating, and cooling.African-American households experience a median energy burden 64% greater than white households (5.4% and 3.3%, respectively), and Latino households had a median burden 24% greater than white households (4.1% and 3.3%, respectively).center_img Solving Energy Poverty Unlocking the High Value of Clean Energy in Low-Income CommunitiesLow-Income Housing: Problems and SolutionsA Forgotten Tool to Solve the Housing Crisis Can Low-Income Housing Be Energy-Efficient and Affordable?How to Improve Energy-Efficiency ProgramsWeatherization’s Home-Stretch RecoveryEnergy Efficiency Costs Less Than New GenerationIs Weatherization Cost-Effective? RELATED ARTICLES Khalil Shahyd is a project manager with the National Resources Defense Council whose work focuses on the Energy Efficiency for All Project. He also promotes the expansion of green communities in New Orleans. This post originally appeared on the NRDC Expert Blog.last_img read more

India vs Sri Lanka World Cup final: Highlights from the game

first_imgHighlight122:A caller reported seeing Congress chief Sonia Gandhi joining in the celebrations aboard her security-cordon safari at the location.# Highlight121:Revellers were seen thronging the road outside Purana Qila in New Delhi celebrating the Indian victory.# Highlight120:So, a wonderful tournament comes to an end. India have won the World Cup for the second time after 28 years. India is also the first host nation to win it ever.#Highlight119:India’s victory over Pakistan saw enormous fireworks displays. The victory in the final did not get the same attention.# Highlight118:Heard in the office – Where is Poonam Pandey?# Highlight117:BCCI announces Rs 1 crore for every member of Team India.# Highlight116:The crowd in Wankhede erupts as Sachin Tendulkar comes to collect his winners medal.#Highlight115:MS Dhoni is Man of the Match, Yuvraj Singh is Man of the Series.# Highlight114:Sachin Tendulkar says he never could have asked for anything better than this.# Highlight113:Harbhajan Singh, who was in tears, dedicates Cup to the people of India. Says, “The cup belongs to you, the people of India.”# Highlight112:Coach Gary Kirsten gets victory lap with Raina and Kohli taking him on their shoulders.# Highlight111:Team India takes victory lap with Sachin Tendulkar astride on their shoulders.# Highlight110:Aamir Khan seems to be wearing the same T-shirt that he wore during the Indo-Pak semi-final. Does this have anything to do with India’s luck.#Highlight109:Tweet doing the rounds: Can we hold the fireworks, mithai and the champagne until we actually win so as not to jinx it?# advertisementHighlight108:Joke doing the rounds: Poonam Pandey has started it. She just removed her earrings.# Highlight107:Mandira Bedi tweeted: Hahaha. Tension nahi leneka. Rajni aur Ghajini dono stadium me hain.#Highlight106:Lalit Kumar Modi tweeted: Get Ready for a long night of celebration. Tonights gonna be a good night. India. India. India. All the way…#Highlight105:Ayaz Menon tweeted: Must say that the Indians have outplayed Sri Lanka completely in fielding. That’s probably what’s going to make the difference in this match.# Highlight104:Tweet doing the rounds: Two types of prayers overwhelming God right now – please let India win and please let Poonam Pandey strip!# Highlight103:Headlines Today’s Gaurav C Sawant tweeted: Rajinikanth in audience looking depressed. He should now be a part of India’s playing 11 at WC. That should help Team India. Then 275 will be easy.#Highlight102:Business Today Editor Chaitanya Kalbag tweeted: Nice to be Rahul G: you get to see all the cricket from the best seats at my expense at World Cup.#Highlight101:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Moment of magic from Dilshan. Brilliant catch to dismiss Kohli. India need to be careful here. Consolidate as well as keep up with run rate.#Highlight100:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Team’s performance affecting fans. Fights breaking out over petty issues in the stands. Cops having to work doubly hard to control tempers.#Highlight99:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Malinga standing in front of my stand, crowd boos him. Slinger gives him right back. Booing seems to be pumping him up.# Highlight98:Tweet doing the rounds: So now I am wondering – is there someone in the India team who can step up to grab the spotlight? Rajni?#Highlight97:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Malinga finds edge of Tendulkar’s bat plunging stadium into deathly silence. Is this also the end of his dream?#Highlight96:Sonakshi Sinha tweeted: NO WAY! We’re still proud of you Tendulkar. What a player!# Highlight95:Tweet doing the rounds: Right, 29 more to be the highest scorer in this WC, 82 for 100th century. No pressure.# Highlight94:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Don’t know about team morale, but fan morale pretty down at Wankhade. Come on Sachin, immortality awaits.# Highlight93:Ayaz Memon tweeted: This has been an outstanding finish by the Lankans. Almost 90 runs in last 10 overs. Zak murdered in last spell. India have grim battle on hand.#Highlight92:Gaurav C Sawant tweeted: 18 of the last over not on. 275 to win. Ind lost the plot towards the end. Batsmen, the nation depends on you now. Sehwag/Tendulkar stay please.#Highlight91:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Mahela has played innings of a lifetime. Terrific improvisations now after long spell in rebuilding the innings, all at better than run-a-ball.#Highlight90:Gaurav C Sawant tweeted: 250-260, says an aunty in the neighbourhood. Goes on to show just how popular the game is. Everyone and their ‘aunty’ is an expert.#Highlight89:Mandira Bedi tweeted: Brilliant innings by Mahela. 274 didn’t look possible with the way they started. Is 275 a challenge? All depends on how Messrs SRT & VS get going!#advertisementHighlight88:Rahul Kanwal tweeted: What began very well ended disastrously. But look at the positive, 274 is not 352. And if there’s any batting that can chase this score it’s ours.#Highlight87:Mandira Bedi tweeted: Who is going to bat out 45 overs for us? We need someone to do a Mahela on our side..!#Highlight86:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Lankans scored a whopping 63 runs in the last batting Power Play: has any team done better in this World Cup, I wonder.#Highlight85:Gaurav C Sawant tweeted: India has the best batting line up in the world. SL has the best bowling & fielding side. If only Sachin and Sehwag stay on & score.# Highlight84:Tweet doing the rounds: Zaheer should have bowled underarm. Less shame in that compared to what just happened.#Highlight83:Tweet doing the rounds: Mahela Jayawardene has now scored 14 ODI centuries. Until now, all of them have been in winning causes.#Highlight82:Mail Today’s Baidurjo Bhose says giving away 63 runs in the last five overs was a bit too much for the Indian team.#Highlight81:Mail Today’s Baidurjo Bhose says the pitch doesnt look too good and with a wizard in the Lankan team – Muttiah Muralitharan – things don’t look to good for Dhoni’s men.# Highlight80:Tweet doing the rounds: A lot has been made of how strong the Indian batting is! Time to prove it now lads!! Let’s chase this down!!# Highlight79:Abhishek Singh tweeted: Sri Lanka 274 for 6 after 50 overs in World Cup final(M Jayawardene 103*, T Perera 16*).# Highlight78:Akshay Khanna tweeted: Take a bow Yuvi. You have bowled your heart out in the World Cup.# Highlight77:Mail Today’s Baidurjo Bhose says Yuvraj has done it again. The man with the golden arm finished with two wickets as none of the other bowlers seem to be troubling the Lankan batsmen.# Highlight76:Media executive Sneha Rajani tweeted: Rajinikanth is in the stadium. Now how can India lose!!!??#Highlight75:Mandira Bedi tweeted: Zak the ripper does it again..!#Highlight74:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Splendid Zaheer’s wicket of Kapugudera swings advantage hugely India way. What a hero he has been! Struggle now for Lanka to play out 50 overs.#Highlight73:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Yuvi’s wicket of Samarweera couldn’t have been better time. Match delicately poised. For Lanka, Mahela has to bat through; for India, he must go ASAP.#Highlight72:Headlines Today’s Gaurav C Sawant tweeted: Love the review system. Outstanding call by Yuvraj Singh. This Indian team deserves to win the WC.# Highlight71:English cricketer Michael Vaughan tweeted: I hear Tails shout at the toss. Others hear Heads. Inconclusive on the replays. Could you ever believe that we have TOSS GATE at the Wankhede stadium.# Highlight70:First the time in the World Cup, Simon Taufel’s decision has been over-ruled by the TV umpire. Yuvraj traps Samaraveera LBW.# Highlight69:Harsha Bhogle tweeted: Jayawardene batting beautifully. India’s weak bowling coming back to haunt them? 270 on here.#Highlight68:Harsha Bhogle tweeted: Tendulkar filling in for Sreesanth overs. Looks like Yuvi could do with a bit of support too. Second spell from Zaheer?#advertisementHighlight67:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Mahela’s played one of the most pleasing half-centuries of this Cup; could this also turn out to be the most crucial?# Highlight66:The entire stadium erupts as little master Sachin Tendulkar comes in to bowl.#Highlight65:Harsha Bhogle tweeted: The moment a wicket falls Dhoni gets Sreesanth back. Trying to finish his overs? But could allow a new player to get set.# Highlight64:Mail Today’s Baidurjo Bhose says it is not often that we see Sachin Tendulkar diving to save a ball. Today, even he is doing it. Shows the desperation in him to win.# Highlight63:English cricketer Kevin Pietersen tweeted: SL winning the toss could cause an upset people. This is gonna be a cracker!! Should’ve gone & watched it! May the best team win.#Highlight62:Ayaz Memon tweeted: Mahela of the silken touch, playing very late, finding gaps, pulling his team out of trouble.# Highlight61:Mail Today’s Baidurjo Bhose says Rajinikath has come in to watch the final showdown. Even he couldn’t miss a piece of the history unfolding at the Wankhede Stadium.# Highlight60:Harsha Bhogle tweeted: Look what confidence does to you. Yuvraj is back to fielding as brilliantly as he did in the past.#Highlight59:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Sreesanth extremely high maintenance. Asks for big towel after every over. Drinks full energy drink.#Highlight58:Harsha Bhogle tweeted: How disappointing it must be to get out like that in a World Cup final. Dilshan was looking good.#Highlight57:Senior journalist Ayaz Memon tweeted: Crunch time for Lanka after Dilshan’s dismissal: lose either Mahela or Sanga early now and game could swing away irrevocably.#Highlight56:Shane Warne tweeted: My prediction – very close contest and whoever bats first has a big advantage. India by 17 runs or 5 wkts!!!#Highlight55:Shane Warne tweeted: I’m in Mumbai and the place is a real buzz – great atmosphere. Nice to be back in India – love the people & passion!#Highlight54:Actor Rajinikanth with his family and senior politician Manohar Joshi spotted in the stands.# Highlight53:Tweet doing the rounds: Friend says Sreesanth is modern day Krishna. He’ll protect Poonam Pandey’s modesty.# Highlight52:Actor Saif Ali Khan was spotted in the stands in all black – shades, T-shirt and jeans.# Highlight51:Yuvraj smiles as cameras pan in on his lookalike in the stands.#Highlight50:Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan at Wankhede to cheer for Team India.#Highlight49:Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal cheers as Bhajji scalps Dilshan.# Highlight48:Tweet doing the rounds: There seems no area of the ground & slightly above it, at least on my TV screen, where Yuvraj’s lunging arms can’t reach.# Highlight47:Mandira Bedi on Twitter – Zaheer: One classy act. 2 maidens in 3 overs.#Highlight46:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Wow! Indians fielding like I’ve never seen them before. Yuvi & co giving Jonty run for his money. Boy, are they charged up for the big game or what!#Highlight45:Twitter flooded with users praising the rejuvenated Indian bowling and fielding.# Highlight44:Tweet doing the rounds: Sreesanth heard the coach say – ‘Work on the ball’. But Sree took it as ‘Work on the ‘Baal’.# Highlight43:Tweet doing the rounds: Dear Sri Lankan batsmen… Please score anything above 100 so that Sachin scores his 100th 100.# Highlight42:BJP president Nitin Gadkari and senior leader LK Advani at the Wankhede to witness the match.#  Highlight41:Headlines Today Executive Editor Rahul Kanwal tweeted: Sreesanth gets to play in the World Cup finals. Surprised with Ashwin’s omission. Hope Sree redeems himself.# Highlight40:Balrampur (in UP) CJM orders FIR against model Poonam Pandey for her controversial statement that she will go nude if Team India wins the ICC World Cup.# Highlight39:Munaf Patel replaces Sreesanth after he gave away two boundaries in his last over.# Highlight38:Zaheer Khan strikes. Scalps Upul Tharanga. Tharanga edges to Sehwag at first slip.#Highlight37:Sreesanth gives away the first boundary of the final to Dilshan.# Highlight36:Mumbai, Delhi roads choked with heavy traffic as people head home to watch final.#Highlight35:President Pratibha Patil arrives in Wankhede stadium to watch the final.# Highlight34:Aleem Dar and Simon Taufel  are the on-field umpires for the final.#Highlight33:Actor Aamir Khan and Mumbai Indians’ co-owner Nita Ambani among host of celebrities at Wankhede.# Highlight32:Actor Shilpa Shetty to Team India: Think positive and let things happen.# Highlight31:Rahul Gandhi reaches Wankhede Stadium to watch the WC final.# Highlight30:Sreesanth will play in place of Nehra. Ashwin fails to find a place in the team.# Highlight29:Sreesanth back in the team. What will India do?# Highlight28:The toss happened twice as on the first occasion, the match referee and the two captains failed to hear the call.# Highlight27:Sri Lanka win toss and elect to bat against India in Mumbai.# Highlight26:This might be an indication that spinner R Ashwin will play instead of Sreesanth today.#Highlight25:A source from Taj Mahal Palace Hotel informs that S Sreesanth was seen roaming around late last night in the Hotel.#  Highlight24:Weather forecast for Mumbai. It will be sunny all day round.# Highlight23:Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha: Entire nation will watch the World Cup final. My best wishes for the team.#Highlight22:Sushma Swaraj: Winning the Cup on home turf will give a great feeling. I am not going to Mumbai. I will watch the match on TV.# Highlight21:Indian and Sri Lankan team buses reach Wankhede stadium.# Highlight20:Seniors motivate Team India before final. Sachin gives pep-talk.# Highlight19:SMS doing the rounds. With due apologies to Sri Lanka and its fans: “Sri Lanka kya jeetega. Salo ki aukat kya hai. India ka map lene jao, inka map free milta hai.”# Highlight18:Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia on Twitter: How uncanny.. The last time India picked up the World Cup was a Saturday. And today will be no exception!# Highlight17:Tweet doing the rounds: Last match was all about ‘Aman ki Asha’. Is today’s match all about ‘Poonam ki Asha’?# Highlight16:Liquor baron Vijay Mallya has been accused of instigating model Poonam Pandey to go naked if India win.#Highlight15:A lawyer, RK Pandey, has filed a case in Bhopal against Poonam, accusing her of depicting Brahmins in poor light by vowing to go naked.# Highlight14:Both the teams are expected to leave for the Wankhede stadium at 12.00 P.M.# Highlight13:The Taj Hotel, where the two teams are staying, has been heavily barricaded.#Highlight12:The Mumbai Police has barricaded all roads leading to the stadium and declared them a no-vehicle zone.#Highlight11:17 parking places have been designated for the public who visits the Wankhede to watch the match.#Highlight10:No electronic equipment, except mobile phones, will be allowed to be taken inside the stadium.#Highlight9:From Twitter: If you think you are nervous, imagine what Poonam Pandey must be going through.# Highlight8:Aggressive pacer S Sreesanth is likely to replace Ashish Nehra in the Indian XI.#Highlight7:India is also plagued by injury with pacer Asish Nehra unlikely to play due to a finger fracture.#Highlight6:Sri Lanka’s legendary off-spinner Muttiah Muralidharan is also a doubtful starter due to a quad strain.#Highlight5:Rookie off-spinner Suraj Randiv will replace paceman Angelo Mathews for Sri Lanka.#Highlight4:The good news for India is that Lankan pacer Angelo Mathews has been ruled out of the match due to a thigh muscle injury.#Highlight3:This is the third final outing for both India and Sri Lanka and if one of them wins, it will be their second World Cup victory.#Highlight2:The match is being played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai and is to be attended by the high and mighty from both countries.#Highlight1:Welcome to India Today’s coverage of the cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.#last_img read more

India vs England: 4th Test, Day 2- As it happened!

first_imgIndia won the toss and elected to bat first against EnglandWelcome to the coverage of Day 2 of the 4th Test between India and England from the Old Trafford Cricket stadium in Manchester.Scorecard | Day 1 It’s official, play has been abandoned for the day. The weather has come to India’s rescue, though there is still a lot of time left in the Test match. The forecast for tomorrow is fine, but Hurricane Bertha is apparently heading towards the UK on Sunday. Bhuvneshwar Kumar began the day well by accounting for nightwatchman Chris Jordan before dismissing a well set Ian Bell. Varun Aaron bowled exceptionally well and knocked over Moeen Ali. Joe Root and Jos Buttler though batted positively after lunch to increase England’s lead to 85. The rain came down heavily in the post-lunch session and flooded the outfield. Though it stopped spitting after a while, a lot of damage was already done near the boundary rope. The groundstaff tried their best but couldn’t quite ensure that it is bone-dry and safe enough for the players to continue play. Tomorrow is an important day for both sides and more important for the hosts considering that they have the upper hand at this stage. GOOD NEWS: It has stopped raining and the covers are coming off! We could have some play today, especially with the sun popping out. The umpires will have a pitch inspection at 17:00 local time. RAIN UPDATE: It is pouring down heavily at Old Trafford. The long delay is about to get longer. There are heavy puddles of water by the edge of the boundary. An arduous task awaits the groundsmen. advertisementBAD NEWS: It has started raining at the Old Trafford cricket ground. The umpires have decided to halt play and the players are walking off the field. Stay tuned for more updates!! With Jos Buttler(22) and Joe Root(48) at the crease, England are currently at 237/6 after 71 overs.NINE RUNS off the over!!66.3 overs: FOUR!! Joe Root goes for the drive and gets a bottom edge past the wicket-keeper for a boundary. That brings up the FIFTY-RUN PARTNERSHIP between these two!! With Jos Buttler(19) and Joe Root(31) at the crease, England are currently at 215/6 after 65 overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!!64.2 overs: FOUR!! Jos Buttler leans into the drive and sends it scurrying through covers for a boundary. That was SWEETLY TIMED by Buttler!! With Jos Buttler(14) and Joe Root(31) at the crease, England are currently at 210/6 after 64 overs.India’s first innings in #IndvsEng match~Total number of balls Faced by MS Dhoni is~ 133 BallsRemaining 10 Indian Batsman~ 147 Balls Shanaya (@Sinceere_Angel) August 8, 2014EIGHT RUNS off the over!! Ravindra Jadeja will bowl from the other end for India.With Jos Buttler(13) and Joe Root(24) at the crease, England are currently at 202/6 after 63 overs.ONE RUN off the over!! Joe Root and Jos Buttler are out in the middle for England while Pankaj Singh will start the proceedings for India.And, we’re back!! LUNCH: So India have won a session after Lord’s. Cue for wild celebrations in their camp! They had gone 16 sessions without winning one, since this one. It was all started off by Bhuvi who got the nightwatchman Jordan out with a short ball, then removed Bell with a beautiful outswinger. Aaron came to the party and produced a brute to dismiss Moeen Ali as India went on the attack, sensing blood and more wickets. But Buttler and Root have stayed firm since Moeen’s dismissal and have seen it through till lunch. The lead is 49 and India would be hoping to restrict it to as less a figure as possible. The post-lunch session should be another cracker, with overcast conditions still prevailing – which gives the bowlers a fair crack. With Jos Buttler(13) and Joe Root(23) at the crease, England are currently at 201/6 after 62 overs.ONE RUN off the over!!Ravindra Jadeja will bowl the FINAL OVER BEFORE LUNCH for India. FOUR RUNS off the over!!60.5 overs: FOUR!! Jos Buttler gets a stride forward and drills it past mid-off for a boundary. With Jos Buttler(7) and Joe Root(21) at the crease, England are currently at 193/6 after 58 overs.Just overheard dhoni saying “jaagega tu, do din hogaye” to sir jadeja on the stump mic! Gotta love this guy #IndvsEng #banter #dhoni Mandela Kiran (@mandela86) August 8, 2014THREE RUNS off the over!! FINALLY, Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack for India. Took him 57 overs though!! With Jos Buttler(3) and Joe Root(17) at the crease, England are currently at 185/6 after 55 overs.Indian bowlers don’t forget,you still have the ROOT cause of all problems there at the crease.There is buttler too.Get em out soon!#indvsengadvertisement Shikhar Saini (@shikharskr) August 8, 2014FIVE RUNS off the over!!54.6 overs: FOUR!! Joe Root hangs back and flays the cut shot past backward point for a boundary. That was BEAUTIFULLY TIMED by Root!! With Jos Buttler(1) and Joe Root(12) at the crease, England are currently at 178/6 after 53 overs.Pleased to know that @VarunAaron and @BhuviOfficial are upping the ante and causing serious damage to English batting! #bravo #IndvsEng 🙂 Sam Christy Varghese (@samchristyv) August 8, 2014TEN RUNS off the over!!Jos Buttler comes to the crease for England.That was FAST & FURIOUS from Aaron!!52.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Varun Aaron has bowled Moeen Ali on a fiery inswinger. Ali was a tad too early in the shot as the ball swings past his bat and pad to rattle the stumps. Moeen Ali departs after scoring 13 runs off 27 balls with two boundaries. Another BLOW for England!! With Moeen Ali(10) and Joe Root(9) at the crease, England are currently at 160/5 after 48 overs.TWELVE RUNS off the over!!i dont think mooen ali is struggling with short balls batting nicely #IndvsEng srextasagar (@srexta) August 8, 201447.6 overs: FOUR!! Moeen Ali rocks back and smacks it towards square leg for another boundary. BACK-TO-BACK BOUNDARIES for Ali!!47.5 overs: FOUR!! Moeen Ali leans forward and flicks it through midwicket for a boundary. With Moeen Ali(1) and Joe Root(4) at the crease, England are currently at 145/5 after 46 overs.Another wicket down #indvseng @BhuviOfficial showing his potential.. divyanshu rai (@the_divyanshu) August 8, 2014FOUR RUNS off the over!!44.2 overs: FOUR!! Joe Root picks the length early and steers it towards third man for a boundary. EASY PICKINGS for Root there!!That’s a WICKET MAIDEN by Bhuvi!!Moeen Ali comes to the crease for England.Bhuvneshwar Kumar is ON A ROLL here!!43.4 overs: OUT!! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has got Ian Bell out caught by the wicket-keeper. Bell was forced to play at it and gets an outside edge through to MS Dhoni behind the stumps. Ian Bell departs after scoring 58 runs off 82 balls with eight boundaries and a six. BIG WICKET for India!! With Ian Bell(58) and Joe Root(0) at the crease, England are currently at 140/4 after 43 overs.FOUR RUNS off the over!!Joe Root comes to the crease for England.Bhuvneshwar Kumar STRIKES AGAIN for India!!41.4 overs: That’s OUT!! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has got Chris Jordan out caught at midwicket. Jordan goes for the pull but gets a top-edge that goes straight towards Varun Aaron who takes it comfortably. Chris Jordan departs after scoring 13 runs off 22 balls with three boundaries.38.6 overs: FOUR!! Chris Jordan waits for it and steers it towards third man for a boundary.SIX RUNS off the over!!36.4 overs: FOUR!! Chris Jordan rocks back and clouts the pull towards deep square leg for a boundary.Pankaj Singh will bowl from the other end for India.FOUR RUNS off the over!!35.6 overs: FOUR!! Ian Bell goes on the backfoot and crashes the cut past backward point for a boundary. CRACKING SHOT from Bell!!advertisementIan Bell and Chris Jordan are out in the middle for England while Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the proceedings for India.Toss: India won the toss and elected to bat first against England.Changes: India have made three changes with Gautam Gambhir, Ravichandran Ashwin and Varun Aaron replacing Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Mohammed Shami. On the other hand, England have decided to play the same team from the last Test match.Teams(from):England: Alastair Cook, Sam Robson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler, Chris Jordan, Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.India: Murali Vijay, Gautam Gambhir, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Varun Aaron, Pankaj Singhlast_img read more

63 clauses of Motor Vehicle Act to be implemented from Sept 1

first_imgNew Delhi: The government on Wednesday said 63 clauses of Motor Vehicle Act, which includes higher penalties for traffic violation, will be implemented from September 1. “The bill (Motor Vehicles [Amendment] Bill, 2019) was passed (in Parliament). And we have decided to implement 63 clauses (of the act) from September 1,” Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari told reporters here. He was speaking after the launch of the new website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Ministry. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ “In these 63 clauses we have increased the penalties. In case of drunken driving, over speeding and overloading among others, the fine has been increased,” the minister said. Stating that the all the clauses have been sent to the law ministry for vetting, the minister expressed hopes that “they will come to us in two to four days.” Pointing out that road engineering was primarily responsible for road accidents in the country, the minister said that a Rs 14,000 crore project has been prepared by the government to identify accident black spots and plug gaps in highways to reduce casualties.last_img read more